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Jacket 01 — October 1997 — Contents page

Lionel Fogarty — Cyberpoetics — Roy Fisher — Others

Photo of Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Interview: link Lionel Fogarty +link Three poems

Feature: Cyberpoetics link Kurt Brereton

Special: link The ‘Ern Malley’ hoax poet feature has been greatly enlarged and moved to Jacket 17 — there you will find David Lehman's perceptive Introduction, the complete poems, a one-hour audio documentary, and excerpts from several books on the topic, all adding up to over one hundred pages of hope, fear, triumph, criminal prosecution for obscenity and dizzying disaster!

Interview: link English poet Roy Fisher — thirty pages of recollections about jazz, teaching, and writing and publishing poetry

Poems: link Charles Bernstein link Elaine Equi link Pam Brown link Alfred Corn link Joanne Burns link Tracy Ryan link Carl Rakosi link Peter Minter link Susan M.Schultz link Paul Hoover link Ron Koertge

link John Tranter reviews John Berger’s Photocopies
link John Redmond reviews Les Murray

Hedy Lamarr, Rocket Scientist

Supplement: link Martin Johnston: his passion for modern Greek poetry and Greek Folk poetry, Borges, the Renaissance, the life of the mind...

Ladies’ Lounge: link Hedy Lamarr, Rocket Scientist (photo, left)
(we’re serious; so was she!)

POst-MOdernism ...Steal or Borrow? link by Beth Spencer

Poetics at Buffalo link by Susan M.Schultz

Red Tree

Photo copyright © John Tranter 1997

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