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Jacket 36 — Late 2008 — Contents page

Feature: Barbara Guest

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

[»»] Matthew Cooperman: Envy and Architecture: On Barbara Guest’s Realisms

[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis: ‘The other window is the lark’: on Barbara Guest

[»»] Ken Edwards: Pageant of creativity

[»»] Catherine Kasper: Barbara Guest’s Career: Defensive Rapture

[»»] Erica Kaufman: On “The Location of Things”

[»»] Will Montgomery: Sound Leads to Structure: Dissonant lyricism in Barbara Guest’s «Miniatures»

[»»] Elizabeth Robinson: Direction

[»»] Marjorie Welish: Spaced Intertext

Also see the Barbara Guest
Feature in [»»] Jacket 10

This feature supplements Chicago Review’s Northern Summer 2008
[»»] feature on Barbara Guest.

New Russian Poetry

Russian movie poster, detail.

Peter Golub

Tatyana Golub

[»»] Peter Golub: A New Beginning: The Young Post-Soviet Poets

[»»] Peter Golub: Справочник: Who is Helping the New Russian Poetry?

[»»] Interview: Mikhail Aizenberg in conversation with Peter Golub

[»»] Oleg Dark: On Anastasia Afanasieva Tr. Marian Schwartz

[»»] Anastasia Afanasieva: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Olga Livshin:
          Nina Iskrenko (1951–1995):
          Lyricism at the End of an Era

[»»] Nina Iskrenko: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky

[»»] Nina Iskrenko: Tr. Olga Livshin

[»»] Maxim Amelin: Tr. Christine A. Dunbar

[»»] Aleksandr Anashevich: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky

[»»] Polina Andrukovich: Tr. Christine A. Dunbar

[»»] Nikolai Baitov: Tr J. Kates

[»»] Polina Barskova: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Sveta Bodrunova: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Dmitry Bushuev: Tr. Rebecca Gould and Peter Golub

[»»] Danila Davydov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Alexei Denisov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Nastya Denisova: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Elena Fanailova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler and Genya Turovskaya

[»»] Sergey Gandlevsky: Tr. Philip Metres

[»»] Dina Gatina: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Marianna Geide: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Pavel Goldin: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Dmitry Golynko: Tr. Eugene Ostashevsky

[»»] Lenor Goralik: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Anna Gorenko: T. J. Kates and Sibelan Forrester

[»»] Mikhail Gronas: Tr. Christopher Mattison with the author

[»»] Julia Idlis: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Viktor Ivaniv: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Vadim Kalinin: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Gennady Kanevsky: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Natalya Kluchareva: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Mikhail Kotov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Ilya Kriger: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Sergei Kruglov: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky

[»»] Sergei Kruglov: Tr. J. Kates

[»»] Ilya Kukulin: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Inga Kuznetsova: Tr. Chris Mattison

[»»] Zhenya Lavut: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Dmitry Lazutkin: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky

[»»] Valery Ledenev: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Olga Livshin: Original work

[»»] Anna Logvinova: Tr. Christopher Mattison

[»»] Gila Loran: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Stanislav Lvovsky: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Mara Malanova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler

[»»] Ksenya Marennikova: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Kiril Medvedev: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Tatyana Moseeva: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Valery Nugatov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Oleg Pashchenko: Tr. Peter Golub and Sibelan Forrester

[»»] Alexandra Petrova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler

[»»] Andrei Polyakov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Peter Popov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Dmitri Prigov: Tr. Chris Mattison and Philip Metres

[»»] Evgenii Proshchin (Egor Kirsanov): Tr. Sibelan Forrester

[»»] Eugenia Ritz: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Andrei Rodionov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Arseny Rovinsky: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Lev Rubinstein: Tr. Philip Metres

[»»] Anna Russ: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Boris Ryzhii: Tr. Tom Dolack

[»»] Sveta Sdvig: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Andrei Sen-Senkov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] Irina Shostakovskaya: Tr. Zachary Schomburg

[»»] Gleb Shulpyakov: Tr. Chris Mattison

[»»] Aleksandr Skidan: Tr. Genya Turovskaya and Natasha Randall

[»»] Maria Stepanova: Tr. Tatyana Golub and Rebecca Gould

[»»] Daria Sukhovei: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Fyodor Svarovsky: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Dmitry Tonkonogov: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Dmitry Vodennikov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich, Peter Golub, and Tatyana Golub

[»»] Olga Zonberg: Tr. Peter Golub

[»»] Nikolai Zvyagintsev: Tr. Peter Golub and Matvei Yankelevich

[»»] List of Translators



Maged Zaher

Maged Zaher

[»»] Three Egyptian Poets: edited by Maged Zaher:  — Osama El-Dinasouri —
Mohamed Metwalli — Ahmed Taha


2 nibs

[»»] A Document of Listening: H L Hix in conversation with Philip Metres, November 2007-May 2008

[»»] Clayton Eshleman in conversation with Paul Hoover and Maxine Chernoff: «Sulfur» and «New American Writing»: A Dialogue

[»»] Clayton Eshleman in conversation with Ian Irvine (late 2007-early 2008)

Barry Gifford

Barry Gifford

[»»] ‘The Truth is in the Work’: Barry Gifford in conversation with Noel King, Berkeley, California, 2007

[»»] Dennis Phillips in conversation with Sheila Murphy, 2008 (see below)

[»»] Hope: an excerpt from Dennis Phillips’ novel Hope.



[»»] Thomas Basboll: Decision and Desire: A ‘Rain-sparkling Crystogram’ in Nabokov’s «The Defence»

[»»] Art Beck: And Yet Another Archaic Torso — Why?

Archaic torso

Archaic torso


[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis: The Hole: Death, Sexual Difference, and Gender Contradictions in Creeley’s Poetry

[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis and William Watkin: “Draft 33: Deixis”/Notes on “Deixis”: a Midrashic Chain: an exchange of thoughts

[»»] Susan Briante: Coultas and Robertson Write the City from Surface to Detritus, from I to We

[»»] Emily Carr: Happily, Revision: Reading Rosmarie Waldrop’s «The Reproduction of Profiles»

[»»] Ian Davidson: Frank O’Hara’s Places

[»»] Seth Forrest: The Body of the Text: Cerebral Palsy, Projective Verse and Prosthetics in Larry Eigner’s Poetry

[»»] Andy Frazee: “Present-Absent”: The Dependence on/Transcendence of “Shakespeare” in Stephen Ratcliffe’s «[where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG» and Jen Bervin’s «NETS»

[»»] Paul Hoover: Black Painting Divided by a White Painting: Newlipo: Bringing Proceduralism and Chance-Poetics into the 21st Century.

[»»] Jane Joritz-Nakagawa: Essay: Mistaken Indemnities

[»»] Kent Johnson: Notes on Notes on Translation: ‘Translation must seek to bring over the strangeness, obvious or latent, of the original, and always guard against the temptation to familiarize it. It is this, after all, that is the gain of translation — the new surplus, semantic or grammatical, that languages can invest in the general economies of others.’

[»»] Basil King: Learning to Draw/A History: 14 Eyes — Desire: on Paul Blackburn

[»»] Graham Lyons: Citation as Explanation: Walter Benjamin and Louis Zukofsky, Colporteurs

[»»] Deborah Meadows: Lecture Notes on Icons and Iconoclasts

[»»] John Muckle: Hazlitt’s Paroxysms

[»»] David B. Olsen: People are Stranger: Listening to Graham Foust

[»»] Richard Owens: Gael Turnbull: The Bricklayer Reconsidered: Editing Gael Turnbull’s Collected Poems

[»»] Andrew Schelling: In Which Our Current Post Coyote Poetry Gets Tracked to the 1970s

[»»] Jeffrey Side: Empirical and Non-Empirical Identifiers

[»»] Jordan Stempleman: Still, Life Supports a Tending

[»»] J. Townsend: Spiritual Man, Modern Man: The Poetics of Frank Samperi

[»»] William Watkin: “Though we keep company with cats and dogs”: Onomatopoeia, Glossolalia and Happiness in the work of Lyn Hejinian and Giorgio Agamben

[»»] Donald Wellman: Seventies prosody: “the tone leading vowels”


Bosch, detail

[»»] Clayton Eshleman:
      Tavern of the Scarlet Bagpipe:
      On Bosch’s «Garden of Earthly Delights»

Denise Levertov
Editor: Kevin Gallagher

Denise Levertov, 192–997, photo by Jonathan Williams, 1957

Denise Levertov, 1923–1997: Photo by Jonathan Williams, 1957

[»»] Kevin Gallagher: Templum: Introduction to Denise Levertov Feature

[»»] Anne-Marie Cusac: Reading Levertov in Wartime

[»»] Anne Dewey: Gender Difference and the Construction of Social Space in Levertov’s Writing after the Duncan-Levertov Debate

[»»] John Felstiner: “that witnessing presence”: Life Illumined Around Denise Levertov

[»»] Sam Hamill: In Her Company: Denise Levertov

[»»] Donna Krolik Hollenberg: A Poet’s Revolution: The Life of Denise Levertov: An excerpt from Donna Krolik Hollenberg’s biography: from Part Two: Chapter Seven

[»»] Rachelle K. Lerner: Ecstasy of Attention: Denise Levertov and Kenneth Rexroth

[»»] Dick Lourie: Two poems

[»»] Mark Pawlak: Draft: From «Glover Circle Notebooks»

[»»] José Rodríguez Herrera: In Homage to Levertov: Translating Sands of the Well

[»»] Ron Silliman: Unerasing Early Levertov

[»»] Tino Villanueva: Poet in the World: A Tribute to Denise Levertov

[»»] Also see: Denise Levertov (poem): Eros, in Jacket 16

[»»] Also see: Robert J. Bertholf: From Robert Duncan’s Notebooks: On Denise Levertov, in Jacket 28

[»»] Also see: Robert J. Bertholf: The Robert Duncan / Denise Levertov Correspondence: Duncan’s View, in Jacket 28

Feature: George Oppen
Editor: Thomas Devaney

Mary Oppen, George Oppen, Swathmore, 1979. Photo Robert S. DuPlessis.

Mary Oppen, George Oppen, Swathmore, 1979. Photo Robert S. DuPlessis

[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Oppen from seventy-five to a hundred, 1983–2008

[»»] Pat Clifford: George Oppen, Buddhadev Bose and Translation

[»»] Stephen Cope: As if Objectivist: Oppen’s Political Epistemophelia

[»»] George Evans: Pacific

[»»] Al Filreis: Believing in the World Because It Is Impossible

[»»] Zack Finch: “I am / of that people the grass / blades touch”: Walt Whitman and the Aesthetics of Curiosity in George Oppen’s Critique of Violence

[»»] Kathleen Fraser: This in which I remember George Oppen

[»»] Bobbie Louise Hawkins: George Oppen, Mary Oppen and a Poem

[»»] Michael Heller: from «Oppen’s Thematics: [what are poets for?]» (a talk given at the Kelly Writers House celebration of George Oppen, April 7, 2008)

[»»] Eric Hoffman: Of Hours: George Oppen, Albert Camus and the Illuminated World

[»»] Geoffrey O’Brien: In Memory of Oppen

[»»] Bob Perelman: Oppen’s Poetics and Politics Today

[»»] Patrick Pritchett: Writing the Disasters: Late Modernism and the Persistence of the Messianic in George Oppen and Michael Palmer


Robert Adamson, 2/56 Terry Street, Rozelle, 5 July 1985, photo by John Tranter

Robert Adamson, 2/56 Terry Street, Rozelle, 5 July 1985
photo by John Tranter

[»»] Robert Adamson: «The Golden Bird: New and selected poems», reviewed by Joseph Donahue


[»»] Unexplained evidence: George Albon: «Momentary Songs», reviewed by Michael Cross

[»»] Textures of otherness: Charles Alexander: «Certain Slants», reviewed by Jonathan Stalling

[»»] Questions of Travel: Ana Bozicevic-Bowling: «Document», reviewed by Matthew Thorburn

[»»] A Gathering of Words: Michael Brennan: «Unanimous Night», reviewed by David McCooey

[»»] Julie Carr: «Equivocal», reviewed by Andy Frazee

[»»] Reflections on a Paper Mirror: Joel Chace: «Cleaning The Mirror», reviewed by John Olson

[»»] Jack Collom and Lyn Hejinian: «Situations, Sings» (collaborative poems), reviewed by Robert Grenier

[»»] Haunting: Brenda Coultas: «The Marvelous Bones of Time: Excavations and Explanations», reviewed by Jesse Morse

[»»] Our Best Failed Distinctions: Thomas Devaney: «A Series of Small Boxes», reviewed by John Emil Vincent

[»»] Stuart Dybek: «Streets in Their Own Ink», reviewed by Virginia Konchan

[»»] Geoffrey Gatza: «Not So Fast Robespierre», reviewed by Jared Schickling

[»»] «The Salt Companion to Lee Harwood » edited by Robert Sheppard (Salt, 2007) reviewed by Patrick James Dunagan

Harwood book cover

[»»] The voice of instinct: Christine Hume: «Lullaby», reviewed by Chris Glomski

[»»] Brenda Iijima: «Animate, Inanimate Aims», reviewed by Thomas Fink

[»»] Patrick Jones and Peter O’Mara: «How To Do Words With Things», reviewed by Astrid Lorange

[»»] Daniil Kharms: «Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms» Edited and translated by Matvei Yankelevich; reviewed by Larissa Shmailo

[»»] Strange meetings: Kent Johnson: «I Once Met», reviewed by Cralan.

[»»] Hank Lazer: Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996–2008, reviewed by Sue Walker

[»»] Greg McLaren: «The Kurri-Kurri Book of the Dead» reviewed by Nick Riemer

[»»] Escape from New York: Ange Mlinko: «Starred Wire» and «The Children’s Museum», reviewed by Dan Thomas-Glass

[»»]Love boats of rainbow alien barf’: Sharon Mesmer: «Annoying Diabetic Bitch» reviewed by Stan Apps

[»»] George Messo: Entrances, reviewed by Alistair Noon

[»»] Three books, reviewed by Micaela Morrissette: «The Glimmer Palace» by Beatrice Colin; «Tranquility», by Attila Bartis, translated by Imre Goldstein; and «Train to Trieste» by Domnica Radulescu

[»»] Jennifer Moxley: «The Line», Reviewed by Matt Gagnon

[»»] Bern Mulvey: «The Fat Sheep Everybody Wants», reviewed by Virginia Konchan

[»»] «Intersection, Sidewalks and Public Space». ed. Marci Nelligan & Nicole Mauro, reviewed by josé felipe alvergue

[»»] Gavin Selerie: «Roxy» and «Le Fanu’s Ghost», reviewed by Robert Hampson

[»»] “To educate desire,” “to repurpose kitsch”: Robert Sheppard: «Complete Twentieth Century Blues», reviewed by Todd Nathan Thorpe

[»»] My colonic is my confession: Eleni Stecopoulos: «Autoimmunity», reviewed by Thom Donovan

[»»] The tragic and the wacky: Gary Sullivan: «PPL in a Depot» reviewed by Stan Apps

Orangerie, Versailles

Orangerie, Versailles

[»»] “As if you could open a jar of sugar forever”: Cole Swensen: «Ours», reviewed by Donna Stonecipher

[»»] Flight from ‘The Ten Thousand Things’: Nathaniel Tarn: «Recollections of Being», reviewed by Martin Anderson

[»»] Carol Watts: «When blue light falls», reviewed by Robert Grenier

[»»] «The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen», reviewed by Laurie Duggan

[»»] The Lyricism of Sluts and Drunks: Meg Withers: «A Communion of Saints» reviewed by L.J. Moore

[»»] ‘Each evening he would write/ what had happened to him’ : Formality and occasionality in the poems of Mark Young : «Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959–2008» Poems by Mark Young, reviewed by Nicholas Manning.


[»»] Robert Adamson: Poem: At Rock River

[»»] Adam Aitken: Three poems: Pol Pot in Paris / Letter to Marguerite Duras / Lines from «The Lover»

[»»] Iain Britton: Two poems: The Ornamental Room / Still Fall the Clear Steel Nibs of Night

[»»] Janet Charman: Three poems: singer machine / debate / the forgetting option

[»»] Maxine Chernoff: Three poems: Oracular / And words for / What it contains

[»»] Tom Clark: Two poems: O Friend! / Fireside Chat

[»»] Chris Edwards: So Not Orpheus: Rilke Renditions 1–11

[»»] Phillip A Ellis: Emily Dickinson’s Birds

[»»] Stephen Emmerson: Two poems

[»»] Michael Farrell: Two poems: structures p / bad diction

[»»] Annie Finch: Three poems:
She That / Resolution / Night Rain

[»»] Norman Fischer: Felstentor

[»»] Barry Gifford: Three poems and a play: Monk’s Funeral / The Generalissimo Waves / Hey, Ludwig, Grab Yourself a Pigfoot / The Farm Team (A story in the form of a play)

[»»] Noah Eli Gordon: Diminishing Returns

[»»] Andrej Khadanovich: Three Poems. Translated by David Kennedy with the assistance of Valzhyna Mort

[»»] Michele Leggott: Four poems: ascensore / passaggiata / primavera / redentore

[»»] Rachel Loden: Two poems from «Dick of the Dead»: Cheney Agonistes / Autumn Daze

[»»] Nicolás Mansito III: Four poems from «On Third and Seventh»

[»»] Andrew Mossin: Nocturne

[»»] John Muckle: Two poems: I Should Be So Lucky / On Ebury Bridge Road

[»»] Sheila E Murphy and Douglas Barbour: Continuations LVIII

[»»] Stephen Vincent: Ocean Beach

Jacket 35 — Early 2008 — Contents page

“There are only 10 kinds of computer programmers: those who know binary and those who don’t.”

Feature: Sarajevo

Jacket 34 — Late 2007 — Contents page

Contemporary Turkish

Eda, cover

A selection of poems and essays drawn from Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry edited by Murat Nemet-Nejat, published by Talisman House, New Jersey, and available through Small Press Distribution.
Read the poems here.
       Read the essays here.
                Buy the book here!


link Post-Marginal Positions: Women and the UK Experimental/ Avant-Garde Poetry Community, moderated by Catherine Wagner

link ‘Between revelation and persuasion’: Eric Mottram and Robert Duncan: A Compilation by Amy Evans and Shamoon Zamir

link Lucas Klein: «Stèles» / 古今碑錄, Volumes 1 and 2, by Victor Segalen

book cover

About Now, by Joanne Kyger, Introduction by Linda Russo

For decades, Joanne Kyger has played a crucial role in California’s poetry scene. Her poetry has been influenced by her studies in Zen Buddhism and her connection to the poets of Black Mountain, the San Francisco Renaissance, and the Beat Generation. In this issue of Jacket:
link Linda Russo’s Introduction to the book,
link Jane Falk provides a reader’s response, and
link Dale Smith looks at Kyger’s developing poetics through her long career, and
link Robert Adamson presents two poems written for Joanne Kyger.
Note: link Jacket 11 contains a multi-voiced feature on Joanne Kyger edited by Linda Russo.

2 nibs


link From the Hither Side: Innovative Women Poets — Cynthia Hogue and Elisabeth Frost in conversation with Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Jackson Mac Low, New York City, 1997, photo John Tranter

Jackson Mac Low, 1997, photo John Tranter

link Jackson Mac Low in conversation: Making Poetry “Otherwise”, 28 January 2001

link Thirteen Ways of Looking At A Vermont Poet: Bob Arnold in conversation with Gerald Hausman

link Shanxing Wang in conversation with Nathan Brown


link What’s Really Going on in Persicos Odi? Art Beck on Horace.

link Jeff Derksen: “These Things Form Poems When I Allow It”: after John Newlove

link Laurie Duggan: On Gael Turnbull’s «Collected Poems», with a digression on his aleatory, kinetic and other off-the-page practices

link John Felstiner: “It looks just like the Cascades” — Gary Snyder’s Eye for the Real World

link Thomas Fink: The Poetry of Questions

link Noah Eli Gordon: Considering Chapbooks: A Brief History of the Little Book

link Noah Eli Gordon: Considering Chapbooks: Belladonna* books

link Philip Metres «d.a.levy & the mimeograph revolution», edited by Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg

Ezra Pound, 26 May 1945

Ezra Pound, 26 May 1945

link Jonathan Morse: The Startle Reflex: Some Episodes from the Lives of Ezra Pound’s Language

link Jennifer Moxley: Rimbaud’s Foolish Virgin, Wieners’s “Feminine Soliloquy,” and the Metaphorical Resistance of the Lyric Body

link Sandeep Parmar: Mina Loy’s ‘Colossus’ and the Myth of Arthur Cravan

link Brian M. Reed: ‘Lost Already Walking’: Caroline Bergvall’s ‘Via’

link Anthony Stephens: Reflecting tragedy: Nietzsche, Lacan, Narcissus

link John Temple: Haven of the Heart: The Poetry of John Wieners

link John Emil Vincent: Escaping the future: John Ashbery’s «Girls on the run»


link Robert Adamson: Two poems (for Joanne Kyger)

link Louis Armand: Six Parts for a Requiem

link Jen Crawford: sixteen

link Laurie Duggan: Two poems from ‘The skies over Thanet’

link Joel Deane: Tuk-tuk

link Jesse Glass: Two poems

link Scott Glassman and Sheila E. Murphy: from «Section 2»

link Philip Hammial: Two poems

link Ella Holcombe : The magazine

link Vincent Katz: Three poems

link Poems by Ko Un, translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taizé, Young-moo Kim, and Gary Gach

link Katy Lederer: In the Hole

link Philip Metres: The Old Haunts: A Guided Tour

link Carol Mirakove: Five poems

link Aryanil Mukherjee: Two Poems

link John Newlove: Three poems

link Benjamin Paloff: Four poems

link Tomaž Šalamun: Two poems, trans. Brian Henry

link Peter Dale Scott: Five poems

link Spencer Selby: Text From My Visual Book

link Elizabeth Smither: Practising scales

link Grzegorz Wróblewski: Two poems: Migraine; Jesse Owens and Luz Long

Mid-Century French Poets

Photo: John Tranter


Canadian Poetry: Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century
Editors: Jason Camlot & Todd Swift

link Jason Camlot and Todd Swift: Introduction to «Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century» Jacket Feature

link Robert Allen: Seven poems

link Oana Avasilichioaei: from «Gossip in the Valley»

link Stephanie Bolster: Six poems

link Asa Boxer: Four poems

link Jason Camlot: The Debaucher

link Angela Carr: Six Poems from the Rose Concordance

link Leonard Cohen: Three poems

link Mary di Michele: Four poems

link Endre Farkas: Four poems

link Raymond Filip: Three poems

link Jon Paul Fiorentino: Five poems

link artie gold: Five Jockey Poems

link Michael Harris: Five poems

link D.G. Jones: Six poems

link Steve Luxton: Four poems

link David McGimpsey: Four poems

link Donald McGrath: Five poems

link Stephen Morrissey: Three poems

link Erín Moure: Map of Calgary

link Robyn Sarah: Six poems

link David Solway: Five poems

link Carmine Starnino: Five poems

link Andrew Steinmetz: Five poems

link Nathalie Stephens: Four poems

link Todd Swift: Four poems

link Ruth Taylor: Five poems

link Peter Van Toorn: Six poems


Language Poetry by the Bay: James Sherry: «The Grand Piano» Project:
…an ongoing experiment in collective autobiography by ten writers identified with Language poetry in San Francisco. It takes its name from a coffeehouse at 1607 Haight Street, where from 1976–79 the authors took part in a reading and performance series. The writing project, begun in 1998, was undertaken as an online collaboration, first via an interactive web site and later through a listserv.
link «The Grand Piano» Part 3 reviewed

Earlier reviews of the project:
link «The Grand Piano» Part 1 — in Jacket 32
link «The Grand Piano» Part 2 — in Jacket 32

link Li Yun Alvarado: «How Long She’ll Last in This World», by María Meléndez

link Cristiana Baik: «DICTEE» by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

link Douglas Barbour: «The Goldfinches of Baghdad» by Robert Adamson

link Christopher Barnes: «Lemon Shark» by Luke Beesley

link Ben Lyle Bedard: «REAL» by Stephen Ratcliffe

link Joel Bettridge: «Mirrors for Gold», by Roberto Tejada

link Lisa Bower: «Erosion’s Pull», by Maureen Owen

link Lisa Bower: «Letter from the Lawn» by Bobbi Lurie

link Joseph Bradshaw: «Inbox: (A Reverse Memoir)», Noah Eli Gordon

link Norene Cashen: «Cleavage» by Chris Tysh

link Matthew Cooperman: «A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow», by Noah Eli Gordon

link Eugenia Demuro: Stet. by José Kozer. Trans. Mark Weiss.

link Mark Dickinson: «The Moon Sees the One» by Candice Ward

link Alexander Dickow: «I’m The Man Who Loves You», by Amy King

link Sarah Dowling: «The Material of Poetry: Sketches for a Philosophical Poetics», by Gerald Bruns.

link Michael Duszat: «An Elemental Thing», by Eliot Weinberger

link Curtis Faville: Aram Saroyan: «Complete Minimalist Poems», and Robert Grenier: «100 Sentences / 100 Phrases». Translated from English into French by Martin Richet with the Author.

link Forrest Gander: «A Worldly Country» by John Ashbery

link Alan Gilbert: «How to Read a Poem» by Terry Eagleton

link Daniel Godston: «Blue Lash» by James Armstrong

link Daniel Godston: «Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics» Number 5, 2006 (edited by Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich)

link Piotr Gwiazda: Professing Poetry: a review of «Poetry and Pedagogy: The challenge of the contemporary», edited by Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr

link Tom Hibbard: «Infinity Subsections» by Mark DuCharme

link Julia Istomina: «Rise Up», by Matthew Rohrer

link Tim Keane: «The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition», translated with commentary by Peter Green

link Astrid Lorange: «The Material Poem» edited by James Stuart

link Nicole Mauro: «Cornstarch Figurine» by Elizabeth Treadwell

link Carol Middleton: «About Writing, Seven Essays, Four Letters and Five Interviews», by Samuel R Delany

link Micaela Morrissette: «The Open Curtain», by Brian Evenson

book cover

link Micaela Morrissette: «Bornholm Night-Ferry», by Aidan Higgins

link Micaela Morrissette: «The Exquisite», by Laird Hunt

link Micaela Morrissette: «North & South», by Martha King

link Richard Owens: «Black Diamond Golden Boy Takes Bull By Horns» by Geoffrey Gatza

link Craig Santos Perez: «Puerta Del Sol» by Francisco Aragón

link Peter Robinson: «The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan» edited by Alice Notley with Anselm Berrigan and Edmund Berrigan, Introduction and Notes by Alice Notley

link Larissa Shmailo: «Letters from Aldenderry», by Philip Nikolayev

link James Stuart: «Mediated», by Carol Mirakove, and «The Arts of Islam: Treasures from the Nasser D Khalili Collection»

Jacket 33 — July 2007 — Contents page


link Gordon Ball: Unknown Collaborators: photos from the world of Allen Ginsberg and his many friends among the Beats, from 1969 to Ginsberg’s death in 1997

Herbert Huncke, Allen Ginsberg, near window of Ginsberg's E. 12th Street apartment, New Year's 1976.

Herbert Huncke, Allen Ginsberg, near window of Ginsberg’s E. 12th Street apartment, New Year’s 1976. Photo copyright © Gordon Ball.


link Pieces on «Pieces of Air in the Epic», by Brenda Hillman: Barbara Claire Freeman, Editor.

Brenda Hillman, photo by Star Black

Brenda Hillman
photo by Star Black

The generic convention of the book review is monologic; however nuanced and subtle, the constraints of the form typically allow the inclusion of only one perspective. This collection of short texts on the poems in Brenda Hillman’s Pieces of Air in the Epic intends first, to present a kind of collective ‘book review,’ that is, a form of writing about poems that demands a plurality of individual voices; and second, to provide a forum in which poets respond to and explore a particular poem.” — B.C.F.

link Introduction, by Barbara Claire Freeman
link Marjorie Welish
link Graham Foust
link Evie Shockley
link C.D. Wright
link Forrest Gander
link Carol Snow
link Robert Hass
link Michael Davidson
link Claudia Keelan
link Robert Kaufman
link Norma Cole
link Marjorie Perloff
link Geoffrey G. O’Brien
link Juliana Spahr
link Calvin Bedient
link Reginald Shepherd
link Cole Swensen
link Elizabeth Robinson
link Nathaniel Tarn
link Bin Ramke
link Donald Revell
link Patricia Dienstfrey
link Michael Palmer
Brenda Hillman was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1951. After receiving her B.A. at Pomona College, she attended the University of Iowa, where she received her M.F.A. in 1976.She has published seven collections of poetry: White Dress (1985), Fortress (1989), Death Tractates (1992), Bright Existence (1993), Loose Sugar (1997) and Cascadia (2001), Pieces of Air in the Epic (2005); all published by Wesleyan University Press. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area; she is married and has a daughter.


link Adam Aitken: «The Accidental Cage» by Michelle Cahill

link Stan Apps: «Folly», by Nada Gordon.

link Stan Apps: «My Angie Dickinson», by Michael Magee

link Cynthia Arrieu-King: «The Man Suit» by Zachary Schomburg

link Bridget Brooklyn: «Passion», by Brane Mozetič, translated by Tamara Soban

link Andrew J. Browne: «Don’t Ever Get Famous: Essays on New York Writing after the New York School», edited by Daniel Kane.

link Stephen Cope: «City Eclogue» by Ed Roberson

link Penelope Cray: «The Wanton Sublime:A Florilegium of Whethers and Wonders» by Anna Rabinowitz

link Mark Dickinson: «Leaves of Field»: with «Open Woods» and «Moving Woods».by Peter Larkin

link Patrick James Dunagan: «Remembering Joel Oppenheimer» by Robert Bertholf

link Martin Duwell: «Sugar Hits» by Philip Hammial

link Michael Farrell: «Phosphorescence» by Graeme Miles

link Cliff Fell: Eliot Weinberger, «What happened here» (second edition) and «Muhammad», both published by Verso, 2006.

link Norbert Francis: Tosa Motokiyu (edited by Kent Johnson and Javier Alvarez). «Also, With My Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords: Araki Yasusada’s Letters in English»

link Noah Eli Gordon and Erik Anderson: Conversational Noise: Some Talk on «Some Notes on My Programming», by Anselm Berrigan

link Anne Heide: «hidde violeth i dde violet», by Kathleen Fraser

link Cole Heinowitz: «Exchanges of Earth and Sky», by Jack Collom

link Tom Hibbard: «Somebody Blew Up America and Other Poems», Amiri Baraka

link Ben Hickman: «Remnants of Hannah» by Dara Wier

link Carlos Hiraldo: «Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems, 1978-2006» by Thomas Beckett

link Craig Johnson: «Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems» by Noelle Kocot

link Paul Kahn: «I Was Blown Back», by Norman Fischer

link Carl Kelleher: «Shake» by Joshua Beckman

link Jake Kennedy: «The Men» by Lisa Robertson

link Marc Kipniss: «The Bird Hoverer», by Aaron Belz

link Louise Landes Levi: «Sunswumthru a Building», by Bob Arnold

link Michelle Mahoney: «The Pajamaist», by Matthew Zapruder

link Jill M. Neziri: «Forth a Raven», by Christina Davis

link Michael Quattrone: «Overnight», by Paul Violi

link Dr Mark Seton: «The Kamikaze Mind», by Richard James Allen

link Rob Stanton: «A panic that can still come upon me» by Peter Gizzi

link Paul Stephens: «The External Combustion Engine» by Michael Ives

link James Stuart: «From Now» by Johanna Drucker

link Ezra Tessler: «The Stamp of Class: Reflections on Poetry and Social Class» by Gary Lenhart

link Dan Thomas-Glass: «Girly Man» and «World on Fire», both by Charles Bernstein

link Marjorie Welish: «The Totality for Kids», by Joshua Clover

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link Kathleen Fraser in conversation with Sarah Rosenthal, 2007:

Kathleen Fraser, 1964

Kathleen Fraser, 1964

“SR: Silence has been a central trope in your writing since early on. It carries a range of meanings, from erasure to grief and loss to the spaciousness of an open field. Perhaps we could trace some of the ways in which silence has come up in your work over time.”

George Bowering, 1970

link George Bowering in conversation with Rachel Loden: Like a Radio in the Dark: An Email Interview, 2007

[Photo: George Bowering, 1970]


link Alison Knowles in conversation with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, September 2006. Alison Knowles is a visual artist known for her soundworks, installations, performances, publications and association with Fluxus, the experimental avant-garde group formally founded in 1962.

link Eleni Sikelianos, author of The California Poem, in conversation with Jesse Morse

link Catherine Wagner in conversation with Nathan Smith, 13 April 2007


book cover

link James Wallenstein: Ninnies and the Critics: «A Nest of Ninnies» by John Ashbery and James Schuyler

link Geoffrey Cruickshank- Hagenbuckle with Alexander Nouvel: ZAP! (Zukofsky, Apollinaire, and the X Men)

link Vernon Frazer and Kirpal Gordon:
Who We Are Now:
A Retrospective of Michael Rothenberg
(60 pages)

link Aram Saroyan: Contretemps: A Minimalist Parable

Feature: Humor in Poetry

link The Dangerfield Conundrum: A Roundtable on Humor in Poetry — 80 pages of discussion edited from 200 pages of postings to the HumPo List by Rachel Loden and K. Silem Mohammad, and featuring the voices of:

George Bowering
Maxine Chernoff
Katie Degentesh
Gabriel Gudding
Rachel Loden
Ange Mlinko
K. Silem Mohammad
D. A. Powell
Ron Silliman
Gary Sullivan

link The Dangerfield Files, edited by Rachel Loden: poems from the HumPo List:

link Rachel Loden: Introduction
link George Bowering
link Maxine Chernoff
link Gabriel Gudding
link Rachel Loden
link Ange Mlinko
link K. Silem Mohammad
link D. A. Powell
link Ron Silliman
link Gary Sullivan


link Mark Weiss: José Martí: “José Julián Martí y Pérez (1853–1895) may not be unique as a political poet-martyr (one thinks of Byron and Lorca), but he must have been one of the most politically involved. The very model of the committed artist, he was 42 when he died in one of the first engagements of the second Cuban War of Independence, of which he had been chief propagandist and one of the principal planners. He had spent his entire adult life in exile, chiefly in Mexico City and New York.”


link Mary Jo Bang: Three poems

link Ken Bolton: Three poems: An Australian Suburban Garden; EUROPE; For various movie directors

link Michelle Cahill: Three poems: The Accidental Cage; Manhattan; Poppies

link Justin Clemens: «The Mundiad», Book IV

link Kelvin Corcoran: Three poems from ‘Ulysses in the Car’

link Alfred Corn: Two poems: Page and Cave; Trunk Show

link Wystan Curnow: poem: Max

link Norman Fischer: Formal Terms

link Robert Gibbons: Two poems: That Internal World; At the End of Writing

link Anna Gibbs: Culpable Blindness

link John Hennessy: Coney Island Pilgrims

link Katia Kapovich: Two poems: To Whom It May Concern; The Seventh String

link Burt Kimmelman: Two poems: House, Normandy; Crumbs upon the Table

link Rachel Loden: Three poems: Props to the Twentieth Century; Dick of the Dead; The Pure of Heart, Those Murderers

link Rupert Loydell: Two poems: The Secret Life of Mist; The Secret Life of Light

link Norman MacAfee: I Am Astro Place

link Mark Mordue: Things That Year

link John Muckle: Three Poems: Elizabeth Bishop; Nothing Wrong; Cyclomotors

link Marc Nasdor: Five poems

link Simon Robb: Excerpt from «Jane Fonda’s Temple of Literature»

link Sam Sampson: Three poems: The Ship Beautiful; Reel; Diagram

link Don Share: On being philosophical

link Jaya Savige: Two poems

link Mark Schafer translates five poems by David Huerta

link Jeffrey Side: Extracts from «Carrier of the Seed»

link Stephen Sturgeon: Two poems: Friday; Fired

link Paul Violi: Finish These Sentences

Jacket 32 — April 2007 Contents page
The Poetry of Response

Edited by Christopher Kelen

link Christopher Kelen: Introduction

link Peter Riley: Quotation: ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing’

link Tony Barnstone: The Cannibal at Work: Five Discourses on Translation, Transformation, Imitation, and Transmutation

link Gary Blankenship: After Wang Wei

link Forrest Gander: The Strange Case of Thomas Traherne

link Kent Johnson: Imitation, Traduction, Fiction, Response

link Oana Avasilichioaei and Erín Moure: C’s Garden

link chus pato, andrés ajens et al.: correspondencias (lalín, galicia – santiago, chile; iowa city/buenos aires, la paz, ciudad juárez/los angeles

link Christopher Kelen: conversation with Tang Poets: some notes on the practice

link [ More to come ]

red lnkbar The Holiday Album: Greeting Card poems for All Occasions
Edited by Elaine Equi

link Elaine Equi: Best Wishes (Introduction)

link Elaine Equi: Happy New Year

link David Lehman: Time Frame

link Wayne Koestenbaum: Short Subjects

Holiday Card image

Cover image — detail:
Dirk Rowntree

link Rae Armantrout: Address

link Nick Piombino: Valentine’s Day
 — Valentine’s Day — Feb. 14th

link David Shapiro: Colorful Hands
 — Holi: The Festival of Colors (Indian) — first weekend in March

link Tom Clark: Equinox
 — March 21/22

link Vincent Katz: Back From The Dead
 — The Veneralia (Roman) — April 1st

link Jeanne Marie Beaumont: Fête of the Little Boats
 — (French) — April 6th

link Martine Bellen: On John Ashbery Day — A Cento
 — April 7th

link Cathy McArthur: At the Wildlife Center
 — Bird Day — May 4th

link Jerome Sala: Mother’s Day

link Jeanne Marie Beaumont: Flower & Camera
 — Flower & Camera Day — June 29th

link Chris Martin: Independence Day

link Stacy Szymaszek: Hammock Day
 — July 22nd

link Erica Kaufman: admit you’re happy day
 — Aug. 8th

link Erica Kaufman: elvis week
 — Aug. 8-16th

link Fanny Howe: Our Lady of Knock, August 21, 1879

link Jerome Sala: Anniversary

link Gregory Crosby: Columbo Day
 — Oct. 12th

link Connie Deanovich: Happy Hamlet Day
 — Oct 15th

link Amy Gerstler: All Saints’ Day
 — Nov. 1st

link Joe Brainard: Thanksgiving

link David Trinidad: Doll Memorial Service
 — Doll Memorial Day — second Saturday in December

link David Shapiro: After Ryokan
 — Winter Solstice — Dec. 21st

East Village, NYC, 2005

John Tranter: East Village, NYC, 2005



Q: What are these weird little numbers, like the one just to the right?


A: With this issue, we have begun to provide paragraph numbers in some long articles so that scholars and reviewers can refer to a specific section of a document when they wish to give an accurate citation. They can’t refer to a page number, which is what they usually do with books. Page numbers as such do not really exist in HTML files like this one. Please see our style guide for a long explanation of that conundrum. These numbers are not hyperlinks, and they don’t “do” anything. The ones on this page are just samples.


What are these weird little numbers, like the one just to the right? [answer]


link Anthony Stephens: Cutting Poets to Size — Heidegger, Hölderlin, Rilke

Heidegger (front right), 1933

Martin Heidegger (front right), November 1933


link Gilbert Adair: “Child-Emporererer (vacncy)”: Apprehending U.S. Empire through Robert Fitterman’s «Metropolis»

link Andrea Brady: The Other Poet: John Wieners, Frank O’Hara, Charles Olson

link Stephen Fredman: Edward Dorn

link Steve Halle: Against Lightning Flashes: Inspiration in Kristin Prevallet’s «Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image-Text Projects», by Kristin Prevallet

link Douglas Messerli: What is to be Done?

link Clément Oudart: Genreading and Underwriting: A Few Soundings and Probes into Duncan’s «Ground Work»

link David Rosenberg: The Lost Poets of the Wild: The Influence of the First Writing Poets in Sumer

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link Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz: In Search of the Night: on translating Jaime Saenz: an Interview with his translators, Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander

link Wayne Koestenbaum in conversation with Tony Leuzzi, 22 October 2004, Le Gamin Coffee Shop, Chelsea, New York

link Deborah Meadows in conversation with Romina Freschi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006

Pressure to Experiment

link Introduction (Bloomfield et al.)

link Joan Retallack: What is Experimental Poetry & Why Do We Need It?

link Jena Osman: Is Poetry the News?: The Poethics of the Found Text

link Harriet Tarlo: Radical Landscapes: experiment and environment in contemporary poetry

link Caroline Bergvall: The Franker Tale (Deus Hic, 2)

link Caroline Bergvall: Short aside to ‘The Franker Tale’.

link Vincent Broqua: Pressures of Never-at-home

link Nikolai Duffy: The Poetics of Emergency

link Josh Robinson: ‘Innocence and incapability impose’: Towards an Ethic of Experimentation

link Luke Harley: Music as prod and precedent: Nathaniel Mackey’s niggling at the limits of language


Alice Notley, 2006

Alice Notley, 2006

link Raewyn Alexander: «Red the Fiend» by Gilbert Sorrentino

link Raewyn Alexander: «Sundays on the Phone», by Mark Rudman

link Raewyn Alexander: «Rain» by John Woodward

link James Belflower: «Harrow», by Elizabeth Robinson

link Marcelo Coelho: «Rapid Departures» by Vincent Katz, illustrations by Mario Cafiero

link Ian Davidson: «Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems 1970–2005», by Alice Notley

link Marcella Durand: «secure portable space», by Redell Olsen

link Clive Faust: «Language Is» by John Phillips

link Tom Goff: «Tap-Root: Poems» by Indigo Moor

link Michael Gottlieb: «The Anger Scale» by Katie Degentesh

link David Hart: Peter Redgrove: eight books

link Andrew Mossin: «Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work», by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

link Linda Russo: «Terminal Humming» by K. Lorraine Graham

link Linda Russo: «Crop» by Yedda Morrison

link Linda Russo: «Chantry»  by Elizabeth Treadwell

link Standard Schaefer: «Broken World», by Joseph Lease

James Sherry: «The Grand Piano» Project:
…an ongoing experiment in collective autobiography by ten writers identified with Language poetry in San Francisco. It takes its name from a coffeehouse at 1607 Haight Street, where from 1976–79 the authors took part in a reading and performance series. The writing project, begun in 1998, was undertaken as an online collaboration, first via an interactive web site and later through a listserv.
link «The Grand Piano» Part 1 reviewed.
link «The Grand Piano» Part 2 reviewed.

link Alan Sondheim: «The Flowers of Evil», by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Keith Waldrop, Wesleyan University Press, 2006

link Jason Stumpf: «Necessary Stranger» by Graham Foust

link Donald Wellman: «Figured Image» by Anne-Marie Albiach, trans. Keith Waldrop


link Iain Britton: Lemurs and Missing Links in Loops

link Bruce Covey: Two poems: ‘Still’; ‘Good & Plenty’

link Romina Freschi: Initials (2004/05)

link Michael Kelleher: Number Crunch

link Ronald Koertge: Three Haibun

link Kristin Prevallet: Tales of Caw

link Robert Sheppard: Sonnets from «September 12»

Jacket 31 — October 2006 Contents page
Feature: Robert Creeley (1926–2005)
Robert Creeley

Edited by
Michael Kelleher

button Robert Creeley, ‘Wow. I called it and why not:’ 7 letters, 1950–1961, edited by Rod Smith, Peter Baker and Kaplan Harris.

button Charles Alexander: Robert Creeley: The Speech that Seeks Company (two brief notes)


button Benjamin Friedlander: Reading in Pieces

button Susan Howe: Leaf   Flower in the Wind   Falling Blue  The Dark River

button From Words to Pieces: On Robert Creeley, A tape-essay by Tosa Motokiyu, Ojiu Norinaga, and Okura Kyojin, with an introduction by Kent Johnson and Javier Alvarez

button Alexander Jorgensen: Emails to a Younger Poet

button Margaret Konkol: Creeley in Age: Negative Poetics in Robert Creeley’s Late Work

button Ruth Lepson: “It Is All a Rhythm”: Robert Creeley and Steve Lacy

button Stan Persky: About Robert Creeley (1926–2005)

button Kyle Schlesinger: GETTING Behind the Word: Creeley’s TyPOGRAPHY

button Dale Smith: Space Suits: the Empirical Tradition in Robert Creeley’s «A Day Book»

button Joel Weishaus: A Poem Addressed to Robert Creeley on His Poem “Histoire De Florida.”

button Don Wellman: Creeley’s Ear

Robert Creeley
in earlier issues of Jacket:

Creeley book cover UCP

button Jacket 12 - Robert Creeley: Preface to /Against the Silences/, by Paul Blackburn

button Jacket 12 - Robert Creeley: Preface to 'Charles Olson...', by Tom Clark

button Jacket 14 - Robert Creeley: Scholar's Rocks (poem) — art by Jim Dine

button Jacket 15 - Robert Creeley: For Kenneth [Koch]

button Jacket 22 - Robert Creeley: In Memoriam Ric Caddel

button Jacket 25 - Robert Creeley — Simon Pettet’s Calling

button Jacket 25 - Robert Creeley in Conversation with Leonard Schwartz, 24 November, 2003

button Jacket 26 – Robert Adamson: Robert Creeley, 1926–2005

Feature: Letters to Poets

button Introduction: Dana Teen Lomax and Jennifer Firestone: Letters To Poets: Conversations About Poetics, Politics, and Community

button Kathleen Fraser and Patrick Pritchett

button Paul Hoover and Albert Flynn DeSilver

button Leslie Scalapino and Judith Goldman


button Charles Bernstein: Afterword to «The Holy Forest: Collected Poems of Robin Blaser» (Revised and Expanded Edition) Edited by Miriam Nichols

button Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Manhood and its Poetic Projects: The construction of masculinity in the counter-cultural poetry of the U.S. 1950s

button Jonathan Fedors: Writing Class in Kevin Davies’ «Comp»

button John Felstiner and David Goldstein: The Lure of the God: Robert Duncan on Translating Rilke

button Chris Glomski: Leafing The Now: «Depth Theology» by Peter O’Leary, «The Totality for Kids» by Joshua Clover

button Piers Hugill: «Fig» by Caroline Bergvall, and «Via: Poems 1994–2004», by Caroline Bergvall

button Tom Jones: «The Unconditional: A Lyric» by Simon Jarvis

button Poets Behaving Badly: Robert Sheppard: «Poetry Wars: British Poetry of the 1970s and the Battle of Earls Court» by Peter Barry: ‘What the Arts Council’s investigating team had failed to achieve in months I accomplished in seconds,’ boasts Osborne of the fateful meeting when the avalanche of resignations was triggered by chairman Jeff Nuttall. ‘They marched out of the room, and I asked the Secretary to be certain to record their resignations in the minutes, for fear they should come to what senses they possessed and march back in again. But they didn’t return. Was ever a victory so inadvertently achieved?’

button Anthony Stephens: Nietzsche’s Unease: The Ambiguity of Poetic Metaphor


button Caroline Bergvall: The Summer Tale (Deus Hic, 1)

button Sean Carey: Looking at Peter Porter after many years

button Sharon Dolin: Four poems: Missed Hummer / The Give, Seek, Am / This Scabbard’s Free / Lick-Over

button Landis Everson: Jack, My Vocabulary Said This

button Adam Fieled: Apparition Poems

button Alan Gilbert: from “Pretty Words Made a Fool Out of Me”

button rob mclennan: Four poems

button D.S. Marriott: the levees

button Geoff Page: Ugly Beauty

button Hazel Smith: In camera

button Mark Yakich: New Love Poem

button Jeffrey Yang: Bedsong for A — after Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925–2006)

button Todd Swift: Four poems: Confessions / The Serious Business / I’m In Love With A German Film Star / Hume

button John Tranter: Girl in Water

button Harriet Zinnes: Possibilities

button Grzegorz Wróblewski: Two poems: A Summation Scheme (About the Illness of John T.) / Black Head

The Low Countries

Editor: Karlien van den Beukel

Karlien van den Beukel, Rotterdam, 2005, photo by John Tranter

Karlien van den Beukel
Rotterdam, 2005
photo: John Tranter

button Karlien van den Beukel: Introduction [to come]

button Paul Bogaert: ADDRESS, translated by John Irons

button Arjen Duinker: Senses and Desires, translated by Jeltje Fanoy

button Hans Faverey: Poems from Three Cycles: translated by Francis R. Jones

button Astrid Lampe: 4 Poems from «Spuit je Ralkleur» (Spray your RAL Colour)

button Lucebert: Four Poems, translated by Diane Butterman

button Erik Spinoy: Three poems, translated by John Irons

button Dirk van Bastelaere: Wwwhhhooossshh (The Opera Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings), trans. Willem Groenewegen

button F. van Dixhoorn: Two Poems: ‘All at sea’ and ‘Big batten’, trans. Astrid Alben, with a note on the translation

button …more to follow


button Andrew Duncan: «The Last to Leave» by Dirk van Bastelaere

button Douglas Messerli: Three reviews: Hugo Claus, Remco Campert, Hans Faverey

button Eliot Weinberger: «Preface Against the Forgetting: Selected Poems» by Hans Faverey, trans. by Francis Jones

2 nibs


button Janet Cardiff in conversation with Anthony Easton

button The Romantic Objectivist: Hugh Seidman in conversation with Molly Nason, 2006

Die 1

More on Flarf

button Michael Gottlieb: Googling Flarf

button Rick Snyder: The New Pandemonium: A Brief Overview of Flarf


button Erik Anderson: Cockerels and Testicles: «Exchanges of Earth & Sky» by Jack Collom

button Martin Anderson: «New and Selected Poems» by Kelvin Corcoran

button Scott Bentley: «Perspective Would Have Us» by Erica Carpenter

button Clive Bush: «Myne. New and Selected Poems and Prose, 1976–2005» by Frances Presley

button John Couth: «Inside to Outside» by Christopher Gutkind

button Ian Davidson: «Collected Poems» by Lee Harwood

button Thomas Fink: «The Secret Lives of Punctuations, Vol. 1» by Eileen R. Tabios

button Kass Fleisher: «Nightbirds» by Garin Cycholl

button Tom Goff: «Must Be Present to Win», poems by Meg Withers

button Henry Gould: «Breeze» by John Latta

button Lisa Guidarini: «Jagged With Love» by Susanna Childress

button Edmund Hardy: «The Places As Preludes» by Gustaf Sobin

button Edmund Hardy: «Ancestors and Species: New & Selected Ethnographic Poetry» by Tom Lowenstein

button Tim Kahl: «Mulberry», by Dan Beachy-Quick

button David Kennedy: Ken Bolton, «At The Flash & At The Baci» — Four Coffees with Ken Bolton

button Michael Leddy: Homer: «Iliad» 12 CDs and «Odyssey» 10CDs, translated and read by Stanley Lombardo: ‘…I have been reading and teaching the Iliad and the Odyssey in Lombardo’s translations for several years, and I’m delighted by the ways in which listening to these readings allows nuances of the poems to register.’

button Ben Lerner: «Curves to the Apple», by Rosmarie Waldrop

button Nicole Mauro: «Twin Towers» by Basil King

button Nicole Mauro: «Gogol in Rome» by Katia Kapovich

button Bridie McCarthy: «Strange Attractors», by Louis Armand

button Tim Morris: «Word is Born», by Michael Kindellan and Reitha Pattison

button Robert Mueller: «Ledger» by Susan Wheeler

button Paul Nelson: «Lost in the Chamiso» by Amalio Madueño

button Paul Nelson: «Fulcrum» Number Four 2005

button Craig Perez: «Involuntary Lyrics» by Aaron Shurin

button Gilbert Wesley Purdy: «Concerning The Book That Is The Body Of The Beloved» by Gregory Orr

button Brian Richards: «Epigramititis: 118 Living American Poets» by Kent Johnson

button Peter Riley: «Blue Grass» by Peter Minter

button Dale Smith: «Solution Simulacra» by Gloria Frym

button Rob Stanton: «Open Clothes» by Steve Benson

button James Stuart: «The Trees: Selected Poems 1967–2004» by E. Montejo and «Walking to Point Clear» by David Brooks

button Ezra Tessler: «The Collected Fiction of Kenneth Koch», by Kenneth Koch

button Carolyn van Langenberg: «The Hoplite Journals» by Martin Anderson

button Mark Wallace: «Industrial Poetics: Demo Tracks for a Mobile Culture» by Joe Amato:
‘… That such forums continue to exist in a society often so hostile to them gives Amato at least a degree of optimism on which to conclude a book that spends most of its time detailing a vast industry of unfreedom and the anguish it causes.’

button Ivan Weiss: «Gagarin Street» by Piotr Gwiazda

button Marjorie Welish: «Spinoza in Her Youth» by Norma Cole

Credit: Creeley jacket photo: The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley, 1975–2005, University of California Press, 1976.


People strike sparks off each other; that is what I try to note down. But mark well, they only do this when they are talking together. After all, we don't write letters now, we telephone. And one of these days we are going to have TV sets which lonely people can talk to and get answers back. Then no one will read anymore.

 — British novelist Henry Green

(to Terry Southern, Paris Review interview, 1958)

Jacket 30 — July 2006 Extra  — Contents page
Zukofsky — Chile — Flarf
Louis Zukofsky

Louis Zukofsky

Feature: Zukofsky

button Introduction by Michael Golston:
The Louis Zukofsky Centennial Conference
at Columbia University and Barnard College

button Charles Bernstein: Introduction to Louis Zukofsky: Selected Poems, American Poets Project of the Library of America (2006)

button Hélène Aji: Useless, Usable, Useful: Louis Zukofsky’s American Designs

button Bruce Andrews: What’s the Word: An Essay on Reading, for Louis Zukofsky’s Centennial, words from his «‘A’ 1 – 24» and «Complete Short Poetry»

button Rachel Blau DuPlessis: "A Test of Poetry" and Conviction

button Robert Fitterman: 1-800-FLOWERS: Inventory as poetry in Louis Zukofsky’s 80 Flowers,an essay in verse

button Benjamin Friedlander: FOR ZUKOFSKY/100

button Robert Grenier: A letter to Peter Quartermain

button Abigail Lang: The Remembering Words or «how zukofsky used words»

button Bob Perelman: Zukofsky at 100: Zukofsky as a Body of Work

button Peter Quartermain: Thinking with the Poem

button Jerome Rothenberg: Louis Zukofsky: A Reminiscence

button Steve Shoemaker: Modern Times: “Objectivist” Movies and Thinking Matter in Louis Zukofsky’s Poems of the Thirties, Or, The Behavior of Objects in the Gas Age

button Paul Stephens: Zukofsky, Aristotle, Objectivism, Biology

button Benoît Turquety: ‘ Our St. Matthew Passion:’ Louis Zukofsky & Film

button Tim Woods: Zukofsky at Columbia

Feature: Chile

button Forrest Gander and Kent Johnson:
«Ni Pena ni Miedo:» A Sentimental Education in Chile


Feature: The Romantic- Modern Lyric

link Dale Smith: «The Romantic-Modern Lyric»: Poetry for the Non-poet

link Chris Stroffolino reviews «The Romantic-Modern Lyric» by Dale Smith

link Dale Smith: A Measure of Poetry


button David J. Alworth: Robert Fitterman’s "Metropolis XXX" and the Politics of Appropriation

button Edmund Hardy: Grass Anti-Epic: Charles Reznikoff’s «Testimony»

button James Keery: The Zone of Thermal Death (on Andrew Duncan’s «The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry» Salt, 2003)

button Marjorie Perloff: The Palm at the End of the Mind: Thomas Hines’s Wilshire, Ed Ruscha’s Sunset, Robbert Flick’s Pico

button Eliot Weinberger: Niedecker/ Reznikoff


button Nicholas Birns: «Look Slimmer Instantly» by Jerome Sala

button Nicholas Birns «A Question of Gravity» by Elizabeth Smither

button Ryan Daley reviews «Also, With my Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords,» by Araki Yasusada et al.

button Jennifer K Dick: «Anabranch» by Andrew Zawacki

button Patrick F. Durgin: «Dancing on Main Street» by Lorenzo Thomas

button T. Hibbard: «Haze» by Mark Wallace

button T. Hibbard: The Endless Crossing: Michael Rothenberg and the ejournal «Big Bridge»

button Fred Johnston: «Because Why: Poems» by Sarah Fox

button Tim Kahl: «My Devotion» by Clayton Eshleman

button Daniel Kane: «Meteoric Flowers» by Elizabeth Willis

button Jon Leon: «Vaudeville» by Allyssa Wolf

button Greg McLaren: «James Stinks (and so does Chuck)» by Nick Riemer

button John Most: «The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and Other Poems» by Pablo Picasso

button Aram Saroyan: «Where X Marks the Spot» poems by Bill Zavatsky.

button Dale Smith: "The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings 1985-2003" by Bill Berkson The Blender of Art

Feature: Flarf

button Gary Sullivan: Introduction

button Anne Boyer: Three Poems: A Vindication of the Rights of Women / Mom’s Undiminished Lamb Jacket / Everything Nice Has a Crafted Satin Finish

button Chickee Chickston: Three Poems: My Mary Oliver / Truckin’ Poem / My Kangaroo

button Jordan Davis: Three poems: On an 87 Ford Taurus Left Taillight / Poems About Me / Pablo Escobar Shopping T-Shirt

button Katie Degentesh: Three poems: I Loved My Father / No One Cares Much What Happens to You / I Sometimes Tease Animals

button Benjamin Friedlander: Three Poems: Galang / Why Do Jews Reject Jesus as Their Savior? / When a Cop Sees a Black Woman

button Drew Gardner: Three poems: I Am «So» Stupid / Norman Mailer / Dividing My Time

button Nada Gordon: Three poems: Abnormal Discharge / Lick My Face / ‘A Gumby episode’

button Rodney Koeneke: Three poems: The Adorno Corollary / Europe. Memory. Squid Parts. Grace. / Otto of Rose and Lavender

button Michael Magee: Two excerpts: from My Angie Dickinson / Fascist Fairytales #6

button Sharon Mesmer: Two poems: Juan Valdez Has a Little Juan Valdez (i.e., Energy Cannon) in His Pants / Squid Versus Assclown / At Princess Olga’s

button K. Silem Mohammad: Three Poems: ‘The swans come hither in great numbers’ / Goldmine / Anti-Ass

button Tim Peterson: Three Poems: Unmade Arts / From the Gecko / Biggest Dichter

button Rod Smith: Three poems: What’s happening to My Bottom (part 3) / What is Happening to My Bottom? (s’appelle Charles the Bald) / The Exposition of the Question of the Meaning of Being

button Christina Strong: Two Poems: Don’t prufrock me! / You need a valium (or «bored with blogs»)

button Gary Sullivan: Two plays: Gray Matter / PPL in a Depot

button Tarzan: Tarzan Workshop


button Ian Davidson: The Body Con

button Thomas Devaney: Deliberate — «After Lorenzo Thomas»

button Liam Ferney: Two poems: A Stolen Letter / Blonde on Blonde

button Daniel Kane: Ostentation of Peacock (I counted eighty-five tail feathers)

button John Kinsella: Graphology 590: Peak

button John Latta: Two poems: Kid / Qualms

button Gregory O’Brien: Solidarity with the anchovy

button Simon Perril: daylight robbery

button George Wallace: Purple Eggplants in the Rain, for Stanley Kunitz

Jacket 29 — April 2006 — Contents
Flarf — Schuyler — Mallarmé — Poland — Avison —
Dan Dactyl comic
Feature: Gilbert Sorrentino
Edited by Ken Bolton

Sad news: Gilbert Sorrentino died on May 17.
The Center for Book Culture has a press release.

link Ken Bolton: Gilbert Sorrentino: an Introduction

link John O’Brien: Gilbert Sorrentino: Some Various Looks

link Eric Mottram: The Black Polar Night: The Poetry Of Gilbert Sorrentino

link Donald Phelps: Extra Space

link Gilbert Sorrentino in conversation with Barry Alpert, 1974

link Daniel Green: A Strange Commonplace, by Gilbert Sorrentino

Barbara Guest

link Douglas Messerli: The Countess of Berkeley: on Barbara Guest
Barbara Guest died on February 15, 2006 in Berkeley, California.
Her funeral was held in Oakland on February 24.

link Charles Bernstein: Composing Herself: Barbara Guest

2 nibs

link Bill Berkson in Conversation with Robert Glück, August 2005

link Setting the World on Fire: Charles Bernstein in conversation with Leonard Schwartz, 2004

link On the Nature of the Lyric: Tom Clark in conversation with Ryan Newton

link My Motto Is: ‘Translation Fights Cultural Narcissism’ — Chris Daniels in conversation with Kent Johnson, on Fernando Pessoa, Brazilian Poetry, and the Task of the Translator, 2005

Feature: James Schuyler
Edited by Pam Brown

link James Schuyler: Letters from Italy, Winter 1954–55, to Frank O’Hara (a selection, ed. William Corbett)

link Simply, Freely, Clearly: David Kennedy reviews

Just the Thing: Selected Letters of James Schuyler 1951-1991, edited by William Corbett. 470pp. Turtle Point Press. US$21.95 / £13.99. 1885586302. Paper.

James Schuyler: Selected Art Writings, edited by Simon Pettet. 310pp. Black Sparrow Press. US$17.50. 157423076X. Paper.

link On editing James Schuyler: Simon Pettet and William Corbett and Nathan Kernan in conversation with Pam Brown

The editors of Jacket thank Darragh Park and The Estate of James Schuyler, William Corbett and Turtle Point Press for their generosity in permitting Jacket to publish a selection from the book The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank O’Hara (edited by William Corbett) forthcoming in the USA from Turtle Point Press in fall 2006. Photo: James Schuyler, after lunch at Fairfield Porter’s home in Southampton, Summer 1956; photo John Button, courtesy John Ashbery.

Mallarmé revisited

link Chris Edwards: A Fluke
‘A Fluke’ is a mistranslation into English of Stéphane Mallarmé’s 1897 poem ‘Un coup de dés...’ with parallel French text.

link Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 73: Vertigo — a response to Mallarmé’s work.

link David Brooks: Le Panier Fleuri: The Text and Texture of Les Déliquescences of Adoré Floupette

link Christine North: Translations of two poems by Mallarmé: ‘Withheld from nude...’ and ‘When darkness threatened...’

link John Tranter: Desmond’s Coupé
A partly homophonic mistranslation into English of ‘Un coup de dés’, using a nice, sensible even left margin.

link John Tranter: a review of Musicopoematographoscope, by Australian poet Christopher Brennan, a manuscript parody of ‘Un coup de dés’ written within a few months of Mallarmé’s poem being published in the May 1897 issue of the Paris journal Cosmopolis.


Poems from Altered State — The New Polish Poetry. Edited by Rod Mengham, Tadeusz Pióro and Piotr Szymor. Todmorden, UK: Arc Publications, 2003. Price: £10.95. This selection was chosen by Rod Mengham and John Tranter. Visit the publisher’s website.

link Marcin Baran: Hot embitterments

link Julia Fiedorczuk: November on the Narew

link Darek Foks: Farewell, Haiku

link Mariusz Grzebalski: Slaughterhouse / Then

link Krzysztof Jaworski: I used to be a slender guy

link Bartłomiej Majzel: Scrumping

link Maciej Melecki: Summer, getting away from yourself

link Andrzej Niewiadomski: Retineo

link Edward Pasewicz: Bird bones

link Tadeusz Pióro: Bug hour

link Marta Podgórnik: Final destination

link Krzysztof Siwczyk: Metaphors and comparisons

link Krzysztof Śliwka: Sestina

link Dariusz Sośnicki: Washroom / Leaves / How to walk downstairs

link Andrzej Sosnowski: A song for Europe / For children

link Marcin Świetlicki: Battlefield / So long ago, so distinctly / McDonald’s

link Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki: XII Moon rises over the Vistula / Dernier cri / LII (‘We drink…’) / LXXX Heat / XC (‘We’d just wept… ’)

link Adam Wiedemann: Aesthetics of the word

link Grzegorz Wróblewski: Tangerines / Argument from Enghave Station / I put off the knife from my hand till tomorrow

Supplement, 2006:

link Maciej Melecki: Cases and Variants / Three Colours

link Tadeusz Pióro: Some Methods of Crowd Control

link Andrzej Sosnowski: Closer / On the Hoof / Founding a Colony

link Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkalo: Event

link Grzegorz Wróblewski: Eight Poems

link Adam Zdrodowski: Sestine Mon Amour / Like a Tourist in a Milk Bar / Poem Written During Office Hours / Telling Fortunes

On Flarf

link Dan Hoy: on Flarf: The Virtual Dependency of the Post-Avant and the Problematics of Flarf: What Happens when Poets Spend Too Much Time Fucking Around on the Internet

link The Flarflist Collective: Actual Interview with a Six-Year-Old on the Topic of Flarf

Margaret Avison

link Eight poems: The World Still Needs / End of a Day or I as a Blurry / Needy / Christmas Approaches, Highway 401 / The Hid, Here / A Small Music on a Spring Morning / Cycle of Community / The Fixed in a Flux

link Mary di Michele: Stuffing the World in at Your Eyes: Margaret Avison and the Poetics of Seeing and Believing; a review of Always Now, The Collected Poems, Three Volumes, by Margaret Avison


link David Brooks: “Petit Testament”: A Reading [on the Ern Malley hoax]

link Stephen Kirbach: Resisting the power museum with and beyond Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Wichita Vortex Sutra’

link Thomas Lisk: William Bronk’s Path Among the Forms

link Michael Palmer: Ground Work: on Robert Duncan

link John Welch: Getting it Printed: London in the 1970s

link Barry Wood and Bill Luckin: Catch the Music as it Fades: The Poetry of Jack Beeching

Dan Dactyl panel
Comic Strip

link John Tranter: Dan Dactyl and the Mad Jungle Doctor

A 95-frame black and white comic strip that traces the adventures of adventurer Dan Dactyl and his pals as they search the South American jungles for the mysterious French poet Doctor Verlaine. First published in Chain (US), Poetry Review (London) and Southerly magazine (Sydney).


link Erik Anderson: Join the Planets, by Reed Bye

link Jasper Bernes: The Hounds of No by Lara Glenum and A Defense of Poetry by Gabriel Gudding

link Michael Cross: Rumored Place by Rob Halpern

link Elaine Equi Light and Shade: New and Selected Poems, by Tom Clark

link Michael Farrell reviews "Hyper Taiwan: Art Design Culture", by Kurt Brereton

link Thomas Fink: 60 lv bo(e)mbs, by Paolo Javier

link John Hall: Whisper ‘Louise’, A double historical memoir and meditation, by Douglas Oliver

link David Koehn reviews: Profane Halo by Gillian Conoley

link Michael Leddy: More Winnowed Fragments by Simon Pettet

link David McCooey: Compared to What: Selected Poems 1971-2003 and The Ash Range by Laurie Duggan

link Jill Magi reviews Fantasies in Permeable Structures by Laura Elrick

link Nicole Mauro: The Kindly Ones, by Susan Hampton

link Marianne Morris: Embrace, by Andrea Brady

link Chris Murray: Small Works by Pam Rehm

link John Olson: What He Ought To Know, New and Selected Poems by Edward Foster

link Gerald Schwartz: Drunken Sailor by John Montague

link Erik Sweet: American Music by Chris Martin

link Erik Sweet: Father of Noise by Anthony McCann

link Eileen Tabios: The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems by Jesse Glass

link Nathaniel Tarn: Red Sky Café by Geoffrey O’Brien

link Ed Taylor: The Beautifully Worthless, by Ali Liebegott


link Andrés Ajens: Translucinating Forrest Johnson [to American-Spanish]

link Dustin Collis: Two poems: Title Poem / Light Plucked

link Alfred Corn: Rip at the Half Moon

link Wystan Curnow: Three poems from Modern Colours

link Denise Duhamel and Stephen Paul Miller: from ‘Hurricanes’: 2. B-Boy / 4. Desperate Young Americans / 6. If RFK had become President

link Luciano Erba: Twelve poems from Remi in barca [Shipping the Oars] translated by Peter Robinson

link Jon Fosse: The train in one's heart: English version by May-Brit Akerholt

link Bill Freind: Four poems: Serenade for Intercom and Tardy Chorister / Dispensationalist Foxtrot / Deportation Celebrant / Chillun of the Hods

link John Hall: An essay on lyric ethics

link Anthony Hawley: Six poems: ‘Awhile’ — Field Guide for Voices / Five poems from P(r)etty Sonnets

link Brian Henry: Three poems: Poem for the Man / Dead Aesthetic / Jesus/Stick

link Kent Johnson: Prosodic Structure (A bit after Barbara Guest)

link Kent Johnson: Julian in Nicomedeia — after Cavafy

link Andrew Johnston: Mauve

link Peter Larkin: Urban Woods (Section 1 of Open Woods)

link Norman MacAfee: The Coming of Fascism to America

link Nicholas Messenger: The Pleasures of Reading

link John Muckle: Speed Dating

link Philip Nikolayev: Two poems: Three Stars / Litmus Test

link Ron Padgett and Yu Jian: Five poems: Shoe Cloud / Poem 8 / Poem 9 / Poem 16 / Poem 11

link Christopher Salerno: Two poems: The Republic, Book X / Not Dying

link Ouyang Yu: Nine Poems: Listening to the ex-Chinese-woman-soldier / Listening to the Pakistani Taxi-driver / Listening to the Big Bus Guy in London / Listening to the poet talk about himself / Listening to the Lebanese Taxi-driver / Listening to my woman patient / Listening to the 80 year old telling me a story / Listening to the Bangladeshi taxi-driver / Listening to the Chinese audience

link Maged Zaher: my software mission

Jacket 28 — October 2005 — Contents

Robert Bertholf’s Robert Duncan — Kenneth Cox — Bowering — and more

Robert Bertholf’s Robert Duncan

link Robert J. Bertholf: Introduction

link Robert Bertholf: Robert Duncan: A Biographical Sketch

link Robert Duncan, Ten Poems, 1940 to 1980

link Robert Duncan, Ten Letters, 1939 to 1960

link Robert Duncan, Ten Prose Pieces, 1945 to 1978

link Robert J. Bertholf: Robert Duncan’s ‘The Venice Poem’ and Symphonic Form

link Robert J. Bertholf: The Robert Duncan / Denise Levertov Correspondence: Duncan’s View

link Robert J. Bertholf: From Robert Duncan’s Notebooks: On Denise Levertov

link “Here at the last minute”: Letters from Robert Duncan to Chris Edwards, 1977–1980 (excerpts)

link Robert J. Bertholf: Preliminary Checklist of Robert Duncan’s Reference Library

link Robert Bertholf: The Poetry Collection at the State University of New York at Buffalo: A Sketch

link Information about the Robert Duncan Conference at Buffalo in April 2006

Kenneth Cox 1916–2005

Edited by Jenny Penberthy

link Introduction: Jenny Penberthy: Kenneth Cox 1916–2005

link August Kleinzahler: Kenneth Cox

link Kenneth Cox: Donald Davie’s History ( a review of Donald Davie, Under Briggflatts: A History of Poetry in Great Britain 1960–1988. Manchester: Carcanet, 1989.)

link Kenneth Cox: Basil Bunting reading Wordsworth

link Kenneth Cox: Laforgue

link Kenneth Cox: Lorine Niedecker’s Poetry

link Sorley Maclean: Raasay Woods (“Englished by Kenneth Cox”)

link Kenneth Cox on Translating

link Eliot Weinberger: Kenneth Cox

link Michael O’Brien: About Kenneth Cox

link Michael Hamburger: Ave Atque Vale

link Roger Guedalla

George Bowering Feature

Edited by rob mclennan

link rob mclennan: Introduction: George Bowering at 70

link George Bowering: Three poems: His Friend Waiting / Q&A / The Figure of outward

link George Bowering in conversation with Eric Eggertson, 1979

link Jonathan Ball: “Is winter my country”: Bowering’s Kanada

link rob mclennan: Changing on the Fly, The Best Lyric Poems of George Bowering

link rob mclennan: from variations: plunder verse (book 3 of the other side of the mouth): six variations on George Bowering’s “Do Sink”

link Tim Conley: Reading Bowering Fearfully

link Rob Budde: Curiouser: George Bowering

link Aaron Belz: Five poems: There is Bowering / Bowering / George on a Bike / Mountains are Somebody’s Back Yard / Baseball

link Kent Johnson: I Remember Once, Years Ago

link Lionel Kearns: Calling

link David W. McFadden: Two poems: Chinese / Saskatoon

link rob mclennan: George Bowering Bibliography (selected)

Two nibs


link ‘The Wedding Dress: Meditations On Word and Life’: Fanny Howe in conversation with Leonard Schwartz

link ‘Making Things Difficult’: Douglas Messerli in conversation with Charles Bernstein

link ‘Bumper-car effect’: Rodrigo Toscano in conversation with Leonard Schwartz

Reviews and Articles

link Joel Bettridge: Surfaces by John Tipton

link Ken Bolton: The Roads by David Kennedy

link Daniel Borzutzky: Immanent Visitor: Selected Poems of Jaime Saenz, translated by Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander

link Kerry Brown: A Tragic Honesty: The Life and Works of Richard Yates, by Blake Bailey

link Colin Browne: ‘Shadowtime’, Composer: Brian Ferneyhough; Librettist: Charles Bernstein; North American premiere: Lincoln Center Festival 2005, July 21 and 22, 2005; Shadowtime, by Charles Bernstein: Green Integer Books

link Sophie Calle and Grégoire Bouillier: Questionnaire, translated by Bill Berkson, answered by Harry Mathews, then by Andrei Codrescu

link Cyrus Console: The Lichtenberg Figures, by Ben Lerner

link Stuart Cooke: Music — Prose and Poems by Martin Harrison

link Jon Curley: Uncertain Poetries — Selected Essays on Poets, Poetry and Poetics, by Michael Heller

link Jim Feast: Poems From the Prison Diary of Ho Chi Minh, translated by Steve Bradbury

link Adam Fieled: Wordsworth @ McDonald’s

link Thomas Fink: Incessant Seeds, by Sheila E. Murphy

link Lyman Gilmore: William Bronk and Cid Corman

link Noah Eli Gordon: Folding Ruler Star, by Aaron Kunin

link Noah Eli Gordon reviews 23 recent American chapbooks

link Timothy Gray: ‘Fictions Dressed Like Water’: Aqueous Imagery in the Poetry of Barbara Guest (15,000 words)

link T.Hibbard: Avenue Noir by Vernon Frazer

link Brenda Hillman: Nathaniel Tarn’s Selected Poems 1950–2000

link Piers Hugill: Shut Up Shut Down, by Mark Nowak with an afterword by Amiri Baraka

link Paul Foster Johnson: Fourier Series, by Joshua Corey

link Paul Kahn: three books by James Koller: Snows Gone By — New & Uncollected Poems — 1964-2002 / Looking For His Horses / Crows Talk To Him

link Ben Lerner: Migration: New and Selected Poems by W.S Merwin

link James Maynard: Precipitations — Contemporary American Poetry as Occult Practice, by Devin Johnston

link Kim Minkus: American Standard/Canada Dry, by Stephen Cain

link Jim O’Donoghue: Chronicles, Volume One by Bob Dylan, and Dylan’s Visions of Sin by Christopher Ricks

link Richard Owens: Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz — Eleven Submissions to the War, by Kent Johnson

link Liz Parsons: ode ode by Michael Farrell

link Lance Phillips: Growing Still by Deborah Meadows

link Chris Pusateri: To Tell the Lamp, by Lisa Lubasch

link Larry Sawyer: The Vermont Notebook by John Ashbery and Joe Brainard

link Laura Sims: Emptied of All Ships by Stacy Szymaszek

link Madeline Tiger: Somehow (Poems) by Burt Kimmelman

link Jim Wanless: The Compete Love Elegies of Sextus Propertius, translated by Vincent Katz

link John Welch: Being There: the literary life in London

link Laura Wright: The Bear River Massacre and the Making of History, by Kass Fleisher


link Louis Armand: Croatoan

link Aaron Belz: Three poems: Tim Burton Explodes / In Bed with Meryl Streep / Gary Cooper in the Intellectual Graveyard

link Stephen Bett: For the Nine Guys

link Bill Berkson: Exhibit A

link Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 66: Scroll

link Tom Clark: All: for Robert Creeley (1926-2005)

link Joshua Clover: Three poems: Triple Sonnet / Early Style / Whiteread Walk

link Clayton Eshleman: Two poems: An Arsenal In Seattle / Monumental

link Landis Everson: Woof

link Annie Finch: Excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Scotland, Section 4: ‘Feeding the Admiral’s Pussycat’

link Vincent Katz: Three poems: Psalm / The Regattas at Sainte-Adresse / Hell

link Philip Hammial: Three poems: Grammar / France / Kamikaze

link Lawrence Joseph: The Bronze-Green Gold-Green Foreground / On That Side / The Pattern-Parallel Map Or Graph

link David Lehman: To You

link Joel Lewis: Eight Poems From "Anhedonia"

link Steve McOrmond: Happy Hour

link Ange Mlinko: Two Poems: Femme Fatale Geography / Everything’s Carousing

link Chus Pato: CHARENTON (excerpt), translated from the Galician by Erín Moure

link Erín Moure: Extract from ‘The Fall’

link Stephen Ratcliffe: Poems from HUMAN / NATURE

link Peter Robinson: from Other Trespasses

link Linda Russo: ‘I was a doctor...’ / perfecto fiesta / gender mark-down / It’s a boy and It’s a girl / “Photoillustration of Martha’s last laugh” and “post-attack” / ‘Here is love and peace’ / ‘My biggest problem’ / ‘don’t do or say that to that’

link Lisa Samuels: Two poems: I’m not waiting for anything / Riddle of the covering cherub

link Anamaría Crowe Serrano: Pitter patter

link Peter Jay Shippy: Tristan & Isolde

link Spencer Selby: Three poems: Patex Ont / Please Wireless / Original Veneer

link Pete Spence: Heading...For a fall

link Erik Sweet: Two poems: 8 Tender Buttons / Double a World

link Rodrigo Toscano: Truax Inimical

link César Vallejo: Two poems, translated by Clayton Eshleman: The Book Of Nature / Let the Millionaire Walk Naked

link John Wilkinson: Crown of Nettles

link Lewis Warsh: Reversible Destiny

Jacket 27, April 2005 Contents
Pam Brown is the Guest Editor of this issue of Jacket:
link Pam Brown Author page
Feature: Anne Waldman

Edited by Alan Gilbert and Daron Mueller

Anne Waldman, Berlin 2002 -- Photo by John Tranter

Anne Waldman, Berlin 2002, photo: John Tranter


link Introduction: by Alan Gilbert and Daron Mueller

link Maria Damon: Making the World Safe for Poetry (or, How Is Anne Waldman Different from Woodrow Wilson?)

link Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Anne Waldman: Standing Corporeally in One’s Time

link Alan Gilbert: Anne Waldman Changing the Frequency

link Lorenzo Thomas: Anne Waldman: Finding Poetry’s Public Voice

link Anselm Hollo: Anne’s School

link Akilah Oliver: Hold the Space: The Poetics of Anne Waldman

link Laura Bardwell: Anne Waldman’s Buddhist “Both Both”

link Kristin Prevallet: Navigating the New Chaos: Anne Waldman’s Collaborations with Visual Artists

link Jena Osman: Tracking a Poem in Time: The Shifting States of Anne Waldman’s ‘Makeup on Empty Space’

link Andrei Codrescu: Who’s Afraid of Anne Waldman?

link Joanne Kyger: Anne Waldman: The Early Years... 1965—1970

link Eleni Sikelianos: The Lefevre-Sikelianos-Waldman Tree and the Imaginative Utopian Attempt

Jennifer Maiden

link Jennifer Maiden in conversation with Catherine Kenneally, December 2004

link Jennifer Maiden: Three poems: Tactics / The Problem of Evil (Part four) / Madeleine Albright Wears Two Lapel Pins

link Martin Duwell: Two essays on Jennifer Maiden


link Rae Armantrout: Cosmology and Me

link George Bowering: Diamond in the Rain (on Vancouver)

link Michael Brennan: In absentia: Mourning and Friendship

link Michael Brennan: Last words: Tranter and Rimbaud’s silence.

link Kate Fagan and Peter Minter: Murdering Alphabets, Disorienting Romance: John Tranter and Postmodern Australian Poetics

link Brian Henry: Bloom’s Kinsella: The Politics of Selection in Peripheral Light

link Paul Hoover: The System: A Logic

link Pierre Joris: A short good-bye for Jacques Derrida

link Brian Reed: Locating Zaum: Mnatsakanova on Khlebnikov

link Susan M. Schultz: Most Beautiful Words: Linh Dinh’s Poetics of Disgust

link Ron Silliman: “As to Violin Music”: Time in the Longpoem


link Mei-mei Berssenbrugge: in conversation with Laura Hinton (three conversations, 2003)

link Ken Bolton: in conversation with Peter Minter, 2004 and 2005

link Jeanne Heuving: in conversation with Dodie Bellamy, 2004


link Steve Evans: Rousseau’s Boat by Lisa Robertson

link Michael Farrell: Pierre Joris, The Rothenberg Variations

link Marcelle Freiman: Goddess of Mercy by S. K. Kelen

link Anna Gibbs: Jeanne Heuving’s Incapacity

link Paul Kane: The Imageless World, by Michael Brennan

link Greg McLaren:, by Adam Aitken

link Peter Minter: Struggle and radiance: ten commentaries by Jill Jones

link Angela Rockel: Mangroves, by Laurie Duggan

link Angela Rockel: smoke encrypted whispers, by Samuel Wagan Watson

Poems / Prose

link Adam Aitken: Force Zero / To my Double

link Rae Armantrout: Clear / Close

link Anselm Berrigan: To protect my piracy / To the earth

link Edmund Berrigan: Throwaway

link Ken Bolton: (Pinkham) / Good Friday at the EAF / Hindley Street Today, with a view of Michael Grimm / Poem (“the ice in my glass”) / Some Thinking

link Michael Brennan: Who is Alibi Wednesday? / The disaster of grace

link Maxine Chernoff: [the world owes more than the world can pay] / [that time gives it its form]

link Gillian Conoley: Advent

link Laurie Duggan: from Blue Hills

link Kate Fagan: from ‘Book of Hours for Narrative Lovers’

link Michael Farrell: Prayer positions / DUDE DONT go

link Jane Gibian: Suspended / nhó : (verb) to miss; to remember

link Keri Glastonbury: Triggering Town: a sequence of prose pieces

link Carla Harryman: from ‘Open Box’

link Brian Henry: Clam of Reason / Route 25, Plymouth-Wentworth, NH / Sidewalk Cachet

link Two poems by Friedrich Hölderlin, translated by Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover: The Ister / The Titans

link Paul Hoover: Edge and Fold

link Jill Jones: To Sleep Inside Rain / Broken hour / All that surrounds you

link Pierre Joris: Eight poems

link Claudia Keelan: Camera Lucida / Gateway to the West / Tide Table / Via Americana

link S.K.Kelen: Ba Vi / Empery / Extreme Orient / The Information Superhighway / One Year Sentence

link John Kinsella: Graphology — Six poems

link Noelle Kocot: Death in Ohio / Positive Monsters / Resurgence of the Purple

link Michele Leggott: Journey to Portugal

link Cassie Lewis: Higher Maths / Strand / Green Apple

link Kate Lilley: Cento [Around Vienna] / Miltonic / My Bad

link Geraldine McKenzie: Using a line from another poem / Village life / blurt

link Peter Minter: Political Economy & Raphael’s ‘Madonna of the Pinks’

link Jennifer Moxley: Experience / The Line / Mystical Union / Categories

link Eileen Myles: That Country

link Ted Nielsen: hibiya lines / own

link Alice Notley: In the Circuit / My Lady Shadow / The Main Offense

link Ron Padgett: Mir / Coffee Corner / Fantasy Block / Bastille Day / Night Jump / I Remember Lost Things / The Way You Wear Your Hat / This for That / Bargain Hunt /

link Lisa Robertson: Wooden Houses

link Gig Ryan: Cracked avenues / Kangaroo and Emu

link Susan M. Schultz: At the Tanning Salon / Former Child Star / Local Politician / The Conspiracy Theorist

link Amanda Stewart: Trading Centres

link John Tranter: By Blue Ontario’s Shore

link Karen Weiser: 2.4.04 / 2.5.04 / 2.1.04 / 2.3.04

link Susan Wheeler: The Dream of Someone Spitting in Her Mouth

John Tranter and Pam Brown, Berlin, 2001

John Tranter and Pam Brown, Berlin, 2001. Photo taken by Jane Zemiro.

Jacket 26, October 2004 Contents

Jack Beeching * Robert Duncan * Landis Everson * Tom Raworth * Norwegian Audio * Etc

Robert Creeley, 1926–2005

link Robert Adamson: Robert Creeley, 1926–2005 with Poem: ‘Letter to Robert Creeley’ (2001)

Feature: Jack Beeching

link Jack Beeching: Five poems

link Bill Luckin and Barry Wood: Poet as Expatriate: Jack Beeching, 1922–2001

link David Kennedy: Alum Raptures — in memoriam Jack Beeching 1922–2001

Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan, 1985, photo by John Tranter

Robert Duncan, 1985, photo by John Tranter

link Lisa Jarnot’s biography: The Young Robert Duncan — a 20-page excerpt

link Robert Duncan in conversation with John Tranter, San Francisco, 1985

link Robert Duncan: A metaphysical quotient —
Michael Davidson in conversation with John Tranter, recorded in 1989, with a postscript, 2005

link Robert Adamson: Eurydice Reads ‘Roots and Branches’

link Stephen Collis: A Duncan Etude: Dante and Responsibility

link Dale Smith: Here I Go — 1999–2002

link Peter Gizzi: Often I am Allowed These Messages

link Gabriel Gudding: Poem About My Strabismus, for Robert Duncan

link Jeff Hamilton: Wrath Moves In the Music: Robert Duncan, Laura Riding, Craft and Force in Cold War Poetics (30 pages)

link John Latta: Two poems: To Robert Duncan, A Notebook of First Permission

link Maureen N. McLane: years/ catches for robert duncan

Landis Everson
Landis Everson

link Landis Everson: Six poems from 1960

link Landis Everson: Five New Poems

link Landis Everson, interviewed by Kevin Killian in 2004 °

link Kevin Killian: Fulcrum number three,
with commentary on Landis Everson °

link Thirteen photographs of Landis Everson

About Tom Raworth

link Introduction

link Robert Adamson: Letter to Tom Raworth

link Robert Adamson: Wow, Those Symbolists

link Bruce Andrews: Dang Me

link Charles Bernstein: This Poem Intentionally Left Blank

link Nicole Brossard: Prose poem

link Clint Burnham: Three sonnets

link Richard Caddel: Little Winter Suite: For Tom Raworth

link Graca Capinha - a comet (after Tom Raworth)

link Andrew Carrigan: Firmament

link Miles Champion: poem (‘stuffed chair...’)

link Cris Cheek: poem

link Claudio Cometta: A Tom, albero raro

link William Corbett: On West Broadway

link Michael Davidson: Vacant Weather

link Ken Edwards: from Glory Boxes

link William R. Fuller: A Sailor’s Life

link Anselm Hollo: from Guests Of Space

link Árni Ibsen: In a Different Language Zone

link Trevor Joyce: Dark Senses Parallel Streets

link Robert Kelly: For Raworth, A translation from Middle High Cat

link Esther Roth: A Simple Melody for Tom (graphic)

link Keith Tuma: '‘till mute attention Struck my listning Ear’

Translate O’Hara? This / Norwegian Would...

link Frank O’Hara: ‘Den dagen Lady døde’ — vocals and Norwegian translation of ‘The Day Lady Died’ by Jan Erik Vold: text, MP3 and RealAudio tracks of the 1986 reading by Jan Erik Vold of ‘Den dagen Lady døde’, with Red Mitchell’s jazz accompaniment

Articles and Reviews
Templeton prison scene 4

link Caroline Bergvall: Fiona Templeton’s Cells of Release °

For six weeks, in 1995, the poet and performer Fiona Templeton locked herself up in the lugubrious corridors of the abandoned Eastern Penitentiary of Philadelphia to write. Why would she do this? Why would one do this? But this she did, “over six weeks”, writing by hand with an indelible marker, no return no edit, “I wrote without the possibility of erasure”, on one long string of paper, “where a spool of paper ran out, I sewed on the next one”, guiding it through one prison cell per day, and for as long as it would take to work through the thirty-eight cells that make up this one corridor of the dreadful panopticon.

link Ken Bolton: The Poetry of John Forbes: An Introduction °

link Robert Bond: No Traveller Returns, by Vahni Capildeo °

link Mark DuCharme: Extremes and Balances by Jack Collom °

link Jim Feast: The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski [etc.] by A.D. Winans °

“...Freud must select a schema from a foreign discipline, while Winans has to compose his (stealth) autobiography around not his own but another man’s life.”

link John Hawke: In the Year of Our Lord Slaughter’s Children, by Philip Hammial °

link David Kennedy — British Poetry Never Was; or, Some Observations of Andrew Duncan’s ‘The Failure of Conservatism in Modern British Poetry’ °

link Kevin Killian: Fulcrum number three, with commentary on Landis Everson °

link No: Ben Lerner in conversation with Kent Johnson

link Deborah Meadows: The Poetics of Drifting Devotions: The poetry of Reina María Rodríguez

link Meredith Quartermain: Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling by Kathleen Fraser

link Tad Richards: Calendars, by Annie Finch

link Francis Raven: Dancing in Odessa, by Ilya Kaminsky

link Peter Riley: W.S. Graham, New Collected Poems, edited by Matthew Francis:

“...It had by 1940 become a clearly identified position in poetry, increasingly seen as an extremist one, as the far left in a dichotomising politics of poetry which ran through the later 1940s, and it was so incessantly and viciously attacked in poetical journalism that by the 1950s it seemed to cave in under the pressure. But in the first years of the 1940s it was a flourishing concern and Graham leaped wholeheartedly into it with no holds barred... ”

link Shivaji Sengupta: After Taxes by Thomas Fink

link Laura Sims: the false sun recordings by James Wagner

link Eileen Tabios: four poetry books by Basil King

link Michael Thornhill: Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film by Michael Ondaatje.

— ‘What are you up to these days?’
— ‘I’m doing Orson Welles’s cut of Touch of Evil.’
— ‘You’re not doing anything, I hope, to the beginning of the film.’
— ‘That’s the first thing I’m changing.’

link Tony Towle: The Escape, by Jo Ann Wasserman


link Francisco Aragón: Three poems

link Louis Armand: Port Lights Shadows & Particles

link Iain Britton: Two poems: — Scenes of Stanley Spencer cooking; — Night-time activity

link Liam Ferney: jurisprudence

link Alec Finlay (and others): ‘The Hidden Gardens’ — Hyakuin renga

link John Hennessy: New Corinthian — Letter to Paul

link Kent Johnson: ‘Even though he’s known as a Language poet, I want to write like Norman Fischer’

link Aaron McCollough: Two prose poems

link Stephen Ratcliffe: poems from CLOUD / RIDGE

link Michael Palmer: Dream of a Language that Speaks

Photo Credits:
— Robert Duncan, May 1985, by John Tranter — Landis Everson, Coronado, California, February 1950:
    photograph by his father — Philadelphia prison cell by Bill Jacobson
From Jacket 26, a degree sign ° indicates that a book review or interview has been entered into the relevant Jacket database

Jacket 25, February 2004 Contents
Donald Allen 1912–2004

— Robert Glück - Donald Allen (1912-2004)

— Kevin Killian: Donald Allen (1912–2004)

— Marjorie Perloff: In Memoriam: Donald Allen (1912–2004)

— Aaron Shurin: Donald Allen (1912–2004)

Photo of Carl Rakosi

Carl Rakosi

Carl Rakosi 1903–2004

— Carl Rakosi in conversation with Tom Devaney, with Olivier Brossard

— Carl Rakosi: audio recordings at U Penn (a note from Al Filreis, University of Pennsylvania)

— Jane Augustine: For Carl Rakosi’s 100th Birthday Celebration

— Robert Creeley: For Carl, Again & Again

— Laurie Duggan: An invitation (poem)

— Michael Heller: For Carl

— Kent Johnson: Prosody and the Outside: Some Notes on Rakosi and Stevens

Photo of Carl Rakosi, San Francisco, March 1989, by John Tranter

Barbara Guest and Kathleen Fraser
Photo of Barbara Guest, 1992

Barbara Guest, 1992

— Barbara Guest and Kathleen Fraser
— in conversation with Elisabeth Frost and Cynthia Hogue

— Sara Lundquist: ‘Two voices, one joking’': the Metapoetic Comedy of Barbara Guest’s Poetry

— Barbara Guest reads from The Red Gaze
— Thirty MP3 audio recordings from PennSound

— David Howard: Resurrection (for Kathleen Fraser)

— Nicole Mauro: Ode to Barbara Guest — ‘Full Noon’

— Patrick Pritchett: White Blink — On Kathleen Fraser’s ‘Wing’

Off-site: Paul Kane has a review of Miniatures and Other Poems. Barbara Guest. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2002; and By Reason of Breakings. Andrew Zawacki. Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press, 2002. In the Notre Dame Review, as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, at this URL:

Photo: Barbara Guest, 1992
Bolivia: Jaime Saenz
Saenz image for index page

— Forrest Gander and Kent Johnson:

Jaime Saenz — An Introduction to The Night

      ...notes from Bolivia, June 20-30, 2004

Gael Turnbull 1928–2004

— Gael Turnbull - ‘At Least Once...’

— Laurie Duggan on Gael Turnbull: Recollections of the Lakes and the Lake Poets

— John Lucas: ‘Tea and Sympathy’ — i.m. Gael Turnbull


— Robert Creeley in Conversation with Leonard Schwartz, 24 November, 2003

— Unprotected Text: Tom Beckett in Conversation with Richard Lopez

Peter Robinson

— Peter Robinson in conversation with Steve Clark

— Peter Robinson — Six Poems:
      — ‘Furniture Music, Musical Chairs’; — ‘A Quiet Day’; — ‘Hearing Difficulties’;
      — ‘Raubkunst’; — ‘In a Fog’; — ‘Leaving the Country’

Simon Pettett

— Robert Creeley: Simon Pettet’s Calling

— Simon Pettet in conversation [ to come ]

— Simon Pettet — six poems and a photo:
      — ‘The sheer mass of available information..’;
      — ‘There is a cruel messianic...’; — ‘Sleep fitful wake grumpy...’;
      — ‘Peter Stupid...’; — ‘If we had our copper vessel’; — ‘The Sentence’.

— Dale Smith: Words Inside Out: a Note on the Poetry of Simon Pettet

Tony Towle

— Leo Edelstein: Memoir 1960–63 and Nine Immaterial Nocturnes, by Tony Towle
— Tony Towle in conversation with Leo Edelstein

— Tony Towle — Five poems:
— Digression, 5/10/03; — Bagatelle;
— Anthropomorphic Etiquette; — Hypotheses; — Ethnicity

Robin Hyde, 1932

Robin Hyde, 1932

Robin Hyde

— Susan Ash: Young Knowledge: The Poems of Robin Hyde, edited by Michele Leggott

— Michele Leggott: Introduction (excerpt) to Young Knowledge: The Poems of Robin Hyde

Photo: Robin Hyde, 1932

Articles and Reviews

— Wilson Baldridge: Juniper Fuse: Upper Paleolithic Imagination by Clayton Eshleman

— Dan Beachy-Quick: ‘Co-Temporary/ Contemporary’ — on Martin Corless-Smith

— Scott Bentley: On the Day the Blood Let Fall: The Mastery of Mystery in Fanny Howe’s [SIC] and Forged

— Sally Carthew on physicist and remarkably productive British poet Mario Petrucci, author of a prize-winning book of poems about the victims of Chernobyl

— Stephen Collis: The Midnight, by Susan Howe

— Laurie Duggan: Unhurried Vision, by Michael Rothenberg

— Elaine Equi: The Poetry of Ed Ruscha

— Logan Esdale: As In Every Deafness, by Graham Foust

— Lara Glenum: ‘I see’ ‘with my voice’: The Performance of Crisis in Alice Notley’s The Descent of Alette

— Thomas Fink: The Frequencies: a poem by Noah Eli Gordon

— Thomas Fink: Vanishing Points of Resemblance, by Tom Beckett

— Camille Guthrie: The Habitable World, by Beth Anderson

— Tom Hibbard: Marijuana Soft Drink, by Buck Downs

— Tom Hibbard reviews Collages of Guy R. Beining

— Tom Hibbard: The Same Old Things — The poetry of Larry Eigner

— Ilya Kaminsky: Fulcrum magazine, Number 2, 2003

— Suzanne Kiernan: Paolo Bartoloni, Interstitial Writing. Calvino, Caproni, Sereni and Svevo

— Philip Metres: Nets, by Jen Bervin

— Sheila E. Murphy: Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei by Pain Not Bread

— Patrick Pritchett: Exigent Futures: New and Selected Poems, by Michael Heller

— Chris Pusateri: Leave the Room to Itself, by Graham Foust

— Meredith Quartermain: Writing in the Dark, by Richard Caddel

— Meredith Quartermain: Around Sea, by Brenda Iijima

— Meredith Quartermain: Paravane: New and Selected Poems 1996–2003 by Frances Presley

— Meredith Quartermain: Word Group by Marjorie Welish

— Peter Riley: Some Values of Landscape and Weather, by Peter Gizzi

— Randy Roark: Unhurried Vision, by Michael Rothenberg

— Joe Safdie: Ed Dorn and the Politics of Love

— Barry Schwabsky: Winter Sex, Poems by Katy Lederer

— Peter Simpson: How To Occupy Ourselves, poems by David Howard and photographs by Fiona Pardington

Maria Sabina, detail

María Sabina, detail

— Laura Sims: Bright Turquoise Umbrella by Hermine Meinhard

— Dale Smith: Shake Hands, by Carl Thayler

— Rob Stanton: Up to Speed, by Rae Armantrout

— Nathaniel Tarn: María Sabina: Selections, Edited by Jerome Rothenberg with texts and commentaries by Álvaro Estrada and Others (see photo, right)

— Nathaniel Tarn: Partly a monologue, partly also a dialogue with Stephen Watson about his The Other City: Selected Poems 1977–1999

— Tony Tost: The Miseries of Poetry: Traductions from the Greek, by Alexandra Papaditsas and Kent Johnson


— James Cummins: — The Poets March On Washington

— Clayton Eshleman: — Sheela-na-Gig

— Alec Finlay: Two poems: — Night For Day; — Day For Night

— Albert Flynn DeSilver: — The Bumper Sticker Wars

— Brian Henry: Two poems: — Dusty or Not, This Girdle; — Notes for a Missive

— John Latta: — To my Readers in the Year 2099; — Kingdom and Itch

— Ben Lerner: Three prose poems from "The Angle Of Yaw"

— Ethan Paquin: Two poems: — Scathologue; — Why do I Wait for the Thunder Nightly

Jacket 24, November 2003 Contents page

The poetry of J.H. Prynne:
over 150 pages of critical analysis, edited by Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan:
Capital Calves: Undertaking an Overview

Steve Clark:
Prynne and The Movement

Andrew Duncan:
Response to Steve Clark’s ‘Prynne and the Movement’

James Keery: ‘Schönheit Apocalyptica’:
An Approach to The White Stones by J.H. Prynne

Simon Jarvis: Clear as mud:
J.H. Prynne’s Of Sanguine Fire

Neil Reeve: Twilight Zones:
J.H. Prynne’s The Land of Saint Martin

Simon Perril: Hanging on Your Every Word:
J.H. Prynne's Bands Around The Throat

Simon Jarvis:
The Incommunicable Silhouette

Jacket 23, August 2003 Contents page
Jacket 23 — Alfred Leslie / Frank O’Hara

link Olivier Brossard: The film The Last Clean Shirt by Alfred Leslie and Frank O’Hara.
Still, below: from The Last Clean Shirt The Last Clean Shirt - still

Jacket 23 — Feature: Kenneth Rexroth

When We With Rexroth: A Jacket Tribute, edited by Kevin Gallagher

Kenneth Rexroth, 1957

Kenneth Rexroth, 1957

link Kevin Gallagher: Introduction: Natural Numbers

link Audio: Poetry and Jazz at the Blackhawk

link Sam Hamill: The Poetry of Kenneth Rexroth

link Lise Haines: Dower House

link Homero Aridjis: Los Espacios Azules de la Iluminacion

link Anastasios Kozaitis: Rexroth Today

link Jerome Rothenberg and David Antin: Unpublished Interview with Kenneth Rexroth: April, 1958:

Rexroth: the social fabric is falling apart
so fast, it makes your head swim.

link Jerome Rothenberg: Variations & Visions, from a poem by Rexroth

link Eliot Weinberger: At the Death of Kenneth Rexroth

link Eliot Weinberger: Rexroth From the Chinese

link Steve Bradbury: Reading Rexroth Rewriting Tu Fu in the ‘Permanent War’

link Mark Lamoureux: On Kenneth Rexroth’s 100 Poems from the Chinese

link Samuel B. Garren, The Influence of Kenneth Rexroth’s Bird in the Bush and Assays on North American Poetry in the 1960s

link Beatrice Farwell Duncan: The Paintings of Kenneth Rexroth

link Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno: Rexroth Memories

link Link to Ken Knabb’s Kenneth Rexroth Archive, a rich trove of connections and resources (Note: This link is off-site):

Jacket 23 — David Shapiro

link Thomas Fink: David Shapiro’s ‘Possibilist’ Poetry

link David Shapiro (in conversation with John Tranter, 1984)

link David Shapiro: Six poems (from A Burning Interior, 2000)      link The Weak Poet
      link Light Bulb      link After Three Chinese Poems      link A Poet Named Open
      link Henry Hudson Looks at the Hudson      link After Poetry

link Carl Whithaus: Immediate Memories — (Nostalgic) Time and (Immediate) Loss in the Poetry of David Shapiro

link Nathan Hauke: Meditations on David Shapiro: Memory and Lateness

link Kent Johnson: Poem Upon a Typo Found in an Interview of Kenneth Koch, Conducted by David Shapiro

Jacket 23 — Interviews

link Film and Literature: Michael Wood (in conversation with Noel King)

link Leslie Scalapino (in conversation with Sarah Rosenthal)

link Nada Gordon (in conversation with Tom Beckett)

link Lytle Shaw (in conversation with Gary Sullivan)

Jacket 23 — Articles and Reviews

link Douglas Barbour: Fq, Alan Brunton’s final book

link Douglas Barbour: Inside Out: an autobiography, and Mulberry Leaves: New & Selected Poems 1970-2001, by Robert Adamson

link Thomas Fink: Ugh Ugh Ocean, by Joanna Fuhrman

link Skip Fox: Edward Dorn: A World of Difference, by Tom Clark

link Brian Henry: Dear Deliria: New and Selected Poems, by Pam Brown

link Tom Hibbard: Affordable Poetry, a brief chapbook of poems by Larry Sawyer

link Subhash Jaireth: Poetry, Resistance and City-Space: Reclaiming the City through Poetry (poetry in Moscow under the Soviets)

link Hank Lazer: Lavish Absence: Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabès by Rosmarie Waldrop

link Geraldine McKenzie: Calques, by Javant Biarujia

link Ben Mazer: Monkey Time, by Philip Nikolayev

link John Olson: Everwhat, poems by Clayton Eshleman

link Marjorie Perloff: The Oulipo Factor — The Procedural Poetics of Christian Bök and Caroline Bergvall

link Patrick Pritchett: Apprehend, by Elizabeth Robinson

link Patrick Pritchett: The Monster Lives of Boys and Girls, by Eleni Sikelianos

link Gilbert Wesley Purdy: Ca Dao Viet Nam transl. by John Balaban

link Gilbert Wesley Purdy: Between Zero and a Hard Place

      (on Roland Barthes’ Writing Degree Zero)

link Larry Sawyer: AsEverWas: memoirs of a beat survivor, by Hammond Guthrie

link Michael Scharf: Cable Factory 20 and The Lobe by Lytle Shaw

link Gerald Schwartz: Engravings Torn From Insomnia by Olga Orozco

link Eileen Tabios: Serious Pink by Sharon Dolin

link Mark Wallace: Writer and Self in the Work of Nick Piombino

Jacket 23 — Poems

link Christopher Barnes: — After Rabi Paneloux’s Reading of the Torah;
      — Rue du Coq D’or, Paris

link Bruce Covey: — Nurse’s Song; — 10 Pins, 10 Frames

link Katia Kapovich: — A Komsomol Act; — They Called Them ‘Blue’; — Christmas

link Denis Gallagher: — the habit of irony

link Joel Lewis: — Snowstorm looming; — Poem; — Entering Whitehall Terminal

link Chris Martin: — G; — Q

link Geraldine McKenzie: — Currency

link Mark Pallas: — Scopolamine

link Eleni Sikelianos: — from The California Poem

link Evan Willner: — Fluity

Jacket 22, May 2003 Contents page

link Caroline Bergvall
link Pam Brown
link Clark Coolidge

Bruce Andrews
Bruce Andrews, The Ear Inn, New York; photo John Tranter

Bruce Andrews, The Ear Inn, New York; photo John Tranter

Edited by Nick Lawrence

link Bruce Andrews: Strike Me, Lightning

link Joel Bettridge - Bruce Andrews’s Language of Belief

link Gregg Biglieri: Invitation to a Misreading:
Andrews’ Lip Service

link Sherry Brennan: On Lip Service to Paradise

link Louis Cabri: Mere Essay at Bruce Andrews’ ‘Social’

link Barbara Cole: Bruce Andrews’s Venus:
Paying Lip Service to Écriture Féminine

link Bill Freind: Modernism, Advertising, and 'Lip Service'

link Alan Golding: Visual Materiality in Bruce Andrews

link Bob Perelman: This Just In: Past Haunts Lip Service

link Roberto Tejada: Becoming Bruce Andrews: A User’s Guide to Starting Over Stars

link OFF-SITE: a link to Brian Stefans’ magazine Arras, featuring Bruce Andrews’ Introduction to his POLI SCI: the political science writings

Robin Blaser

link Meredith Quartermain: Lyric Capability: the Syntax of Robin Blaser (a review of Miriam Nichols, ed., Even on Sunday: Essays, Readings, and Archival Materials on the Poetry and Poetics of Robin Blaser)

David Bromige

Edited by Susan Gevirtz

link Susan Gevirtz: Poetic Intermission: editor’s Note

link Robert Grenier: For David Bromige (from As In T as in Tether)

link David Bromige: Ten poems (from As In T as in Tether)

link David Bromige: In Place of a Preface (from As In T as in Tether)

link Kathleen Fraser: Perturbed dialogues in Bromige’s ‘Six of One, Half-a-Dozen of the Other’

link Gary Sullivan: My David Bromige

link Doug Powell interviews David Bromige

link Barbara Weber: David Bromige, an Annotated Bibliography

link Carla Hall and Heather Woods: David Bromige, an Annotated Bibliography

In memoriam Ric Caddell 1949–2003

Edited by Peter Quartermain

link Start here: the master file, with its own Contents List and all the contributions

link Harry Gilonis, Obituary from The Independent

link Tony Baker, Memoir from the Northern Review

link David Annwn, poem: Celadon

link Jane Augustine, prose memoir

link Tony Baker, two poems: Poem without end, and Variants before a theme

link David Banks, poem: OE Bread Recipe

link William Corbett, poem: Ric Caddel

link Kelvin Corcoran, prose memoir

link Martin Corless-Smith, poem excerpt: from ‘For the Fallen’, in memoriam Ric Caddel

link Cid Corman, poem

link Robert Creeley, prose memoir, and poem: For Ric, who Loved this World

link Leszek Engelking, Two poems from The Calligraphy Mistress, and Translated from the Polish

link George Evans, prose memoir

link Alec Finlay and others, poem: Writing in the dark ( a nijuin renga in Spring)

link Allen Fisher, poem: Shimmy

link Roy Fisher, prose memoir

link Kathleen Fraser, prose memoir

link Harry Gilonis, poem: [long after the old Welsh of the Canu Taliesin]

link Bill Griffiths, prose memoir

link Harry Guest, poem

link Alan Halsey, poem

link Robert Hampson, prose memoir

link Michael Heller, poem: Visiting briggflats with ric

link Árni Ibsen, poem: Prelude

link Adriaan Jaeggi, poem: Appointment in Amsterdam

link Pierre Joris, prose:
The Quiet Wit of Richard Caddel

link Laurynas Katkus, prose memoir

link John Kinsella, poem: In memoriam, Ric Caddel

link Peter Makin, prose memoir

link Anthony Mellors, poem: Get a grip

link Petr Mikeš, poem: the Lord / of the bees

link Billy Mills, poem: three for Ric

link Frances Presley, poem: The elephant trees

link Patrick Pritchett, poem: Six Malts and a Knell

link Meredith Quartermain, poem: Tulip glass

link Carl Rakosi, poem: In Memory of Richard Caddel

link Tom Raworth, poem: The spaghetti tree

link Peter Riley, prose memoir

link John Seed, poem: From Ric Caddel’s back kitchen window

link Gavin Selerie, poem: Forty-nine comes Clare

link Aidan Semmens, two poems: Lamentation, and Upon the death of John Barleycorn

link Robert Sheppard, poem: (haiku for piano

link Peterjon Skelt, collage Pete Smith, poem: What in the world we see

link Jüri Talvet, poem: Building chairs is science

link Harriet Tarlo, poem: title necessary?

link Paul Taylor, prose memoir

link Lawrence Upton, prose memoir

link Scott Watson, poem: Ghost dance

link Bibliographical Note

link Peter Quartermain, Closing note

link Ric’s Japanese Seal (illustration)

On a separate page:

link Catherine Walsh, poem: Pomepleat 1

Reviews and Articles

link Linda Russo: Mostly Experimental: Recent Writings By and About Contemporary Women Poets and Writers; a review of

link Caroline Bergvall: A Conversation with David Antin, with David Antin and Charles Bernstein
link Caroline Bergvall: BODY & SIGN: Some thoughts around the work of Aaron Williamson, Hannah Weiner, and Henri Michaux
link Stephen Burt: Without Evidence (remarks on reading contemporary poetry and on reading about it)
link Peter Campion: Collected Studies in the Use of English by Kenneth Cox
link Terence Diggory: Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O'Hara, by Hazel Smith
link Tyler Doherty: Tea Shack Interior: New & Selected Poems by Andrew Schelling
link Carrie Etter: Method by Mark Salerno
link Geraldine McKenzie: Poetry and the Innovative Necessity — Essays by Kathleen Fraser
link Deborah Meadows: Platform by Rodrigo Toscano
link Philip Metres: Morning Constitutional by Michael Magee
link Mark Neely: 'Steal Away: selected and new poems by C.D. Wright
link John Newton: Kin of Place by C.K. Stead
link Patrick Pritchett reviews Drafts 1–38, Toll, by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
link Susan M. Schultz: Eleven 747 Poems by Pam Brown
link Dale Smith: Evidence of the Paranormal, by Ron Padgett and others
link Dale Smith: Under the Sun by Rachel Levitsky
link Nathaniel Tarn: Robert Duncan and the Poetry of Illness by Peter O'Leary


link J.P. Auxeméry: Odyssey 1 to 8, trans. Nathaniel Tarn
link Joel Bettridge: As We Would Say
link Iain Britton: Three poems
link Pam Brown: — Moments; — Weeds; — Lightbulbs
link Carrie Etter: Three poems
link David Kennedy: On Reading John Kinsella’s Peripheral Light
link Leevi Lehto: Four poems
link John Muckle: Nathaniel Hawthorne
link Tenney Nathanson: Home on the Range (excerpt)
link Simon Perril: — à Grand Hotel de L’Univers
link Nathaniel Tarn: from ‘Dying Trees’

Jacket 21, February 2003 Contents page
Edwin Denby in Venice

Edwin Denby in Venice

Feature: Edwin Denby, 1903–1983
— edited by Karlien van den Beukel

link Rudy Burckhardt: ‘And then I met Edwin...’: Rudy Burckhardt talks to Simon Pettet
link Yvonne Jacquette Burckhardt: Edwin Denby
link Jacob Burckhardt: Martens Bar (with photo of Martens Bar and MP3 audio file of Edwin Denby reading ‘Disorder, mental, strikes, me; I’)
link ‘The Cinema of Looking’: Rudy Burckhardt and Edwin Denby in conversation with Joe Giordano
link Lynne Hjelmgaard: Ten poems
link Vincent Katz: Poem: Edwin Sitting
link Nicole Mauro: Ode: To Edwin Denby
link Alice Notley: Intersections with Edwin's Lines
link Simon Pettet: poem: ‘Fortunate proximity of lives...’
link Noel Sheridan: Remembering Edwin Denby
link Simon Smith and Ron Padgett: A conversation about Edwin Denby
link Brian Kim Stefans: poem: A california submerged
link Anne Waldman interviews Edwin Denby, 1981
link Edwin Denby interviews artist Neil Welliver
link Audio links: Edwin Denby reads five of his poems
link Vincent Katz’s site curated for the New York Studio School on ‘Rudy Burckhardt’s Maine’ contains eight sonnets by Edwin Denby: ‘The sonnets he wrote later in life, in Maine, where he spent summers with Burckhardt’s family, show his characteristic compression and opacity taken to new extremes.’ [This link takes you off the Jacket site. Use your ‘Back’ button to return.]

Feature: link Across the Line

Across the Line / Al otro lado The Poetry of Baja California
edited by Harry Polkinhorn and Mark Weiss
with an Introduction by Mark Weiss, and including poems by:

Raúl Antonio Cota
Francisco Morales
Estela Alicia López Lomas
Raúl Jesús Rincón Meza
Víctor Soto Ferrel
Luis Cortés Bargalló
Javier Manríquez
Roberto Castillo Udiarte
Edmundo Lizardi
Rosina Conde
Gilberto Zúñiga
Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz
Elizabeth Algrávez
Carlos Adolfo Gutiérrez Vidal
Heriberto Yépez
Juan Reyna
Dante Salgado

John Wieners, 1934–2002

link Pamela Petro: The Hipster of Joy Street
link Jack Kimball: John and the Four Dunn(e)s
link John Wilkinson: Ladders

Novel: Swinging London, 1966

link Tom Clark’s novel Who is Sylvia? Chapters one, three and four


link Tom Clark interviewed by Beat Scene editor Kevin Ring

link Michael Leddy interviews Stanley Lombardo, Professor of Classics at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, translator of Homer’s Iliad (recipient of the Byron Caldwell Book Award) and Odyssey, Hesiod’s Works and Days and Theogeny (National Translation Center Award), and Poems and Fragments of Sappho.

link Stanley Lombardo: Translations from the Greek:
    link Odyssey 23.156–253    link Iliad 19.379–end    link Sappho

link Rachel Loden interviewed by Kent Johnson

link Kenneth Goldsmith in conversation with Marjorie Perloff

The Laurel Wreath

John Tranter
link The United States Poet Laureate — some background, with an adumbration of a brace of Controversies, and a list of the Consultants in Poetry from 1937 to 2002.

Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen
link Nina Zivancevic reviews Poems from the Akashic Record
link Ira Cohen interviewed by Nina Zivancevic


link Jane Augustine: Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works, edited by Jenny Penberthy
link Stephanie Baker: Bread & Fish by Mark Terrill
link Tom Clark: ‘Double Take: Creeley’s New Poems’
link Tom Devaney: Chinese Whispers, by John Ashbery
link Patrick F. Durgin: Page, by Hannah Weiner
link Chris Emery: Noctivagations, by Geraldine Monk
link Noah E. Gordon reviews Hocquard and Gevirtz
link Brian Henry: Anthem by Jean Donnelly
link Tom Hibbard: The Makeshift, by Ethan Paquin
link Geraldine McKenzie: Days, by Hank Lazer
link Jane Sprague: Miniatures and Other Poems, by Barbara Guest
link Jane Sprague: The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers, by Bhanu Kapil Rider
link Nathaniel Tarn: Castaways of the Image Planet, by Geoffrey O'Brien
link Harriet Zinnes: Chinese Whispers, by John Ashbery


link Tom Clark and Anne Waldman: Zombie Dawn


David Lehman: link The Murder Mystery, Film Noir, and Poetry

Poems and Prose

link Tom Clark, thirteen poems
link Patrick F. Durgin, Four poems
link michael farrell, Two poems
link Kevin Gallagher, Two poems
link Stanley Lombardo, from the Greek
link M. F. McAuliffe, Workroom
link Ben Mazer, Four poems
link Deborah Meadows, from ‘The Theory of Subjectivity in Moby-Dick
link Sheila E Murphy and Douglas Barbour, Continuations 30
link Sam Sampson, Hearsay
link Tom Savage, Four poems
link Peter Riley, Second Sett
link Bob Slaymaker and Joe Sorge, Beginning Poets
link Chris Tysh, Two poems

Veronica Forrest-Thomson

Veronica Forrest-Thomson

Jacket 20, December 2002 Contents page

Cambridge England issue

Photo: Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Cambridge, 1972
copyright © Jonathan Culler 1972, 2001

Feature: Veronica Forrest-Thomson, 1947–1975

link Brian Kim Stefans: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and High Artifice — NOTE: This article is in Jacket 14
link J.H. Prynne: Veronica Forrest-Thomson: A Personal Memoir (1976)
link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: five poems
link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: Swinburne as Poet: a reconsideration (an unpublished essay)
      link Swinburne Chronology — 1837 to 1909
link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: A letter to G.S. Fraser
link George Fraser: poem: A Napkin with Veronica’s Face, not Christ’s
link James Keery: ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and the Levels of Artifice: Veronica Forrest-Thomson on J.H. Prynne — a fifty-page analysis of VF-T’s analysis of J.H. Prynne’s poem ‘Of Sanguine Fire’

link Peter Robinson reviews Veronica Forrest-Thomson: On the Periphery (from Perfect Bound magazine, Cambridge, Number 1, 1976.)
link Robert Sheppard: poem: Parody and Pastoral
link Suzanne Raitt reviews Alison Mark, Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Language Poetry
link John Tranter: poem: Address to the Reader

The Aspidistra Cult: Articles and Reviews

link Andrew Duncan: A Various Art and the Cambridge Leisure Centre
link Andrew Duncan reviews Trevor Joyce, a body of work 1966–2000
link Andrew Duncan reviews Paul Holman, Helen Macdonald, and DS Marriott
link Paddy Fraser: G.S. Fraser, A Memoir... ‘Like many Scotsmen, George had strong appetites and an even stronger sense of guilt about indulging them.’
link Jérôme Game: Anti-Freeze, by Keston Sutherland
link John Kerrigan: Paul Muldoon’s Transits
link John Kinsella: Cambridge Notes (1996)
link Rod Mengham: Bourgeois News: Humphrey Jennings and Charles Madge (‘We are [...] working out a complete plan of campaign, which will be possible when we have not fifty but 5,000 observers. The following are a few examples of problems that will arise: Behaviour of people at war memorials. Shouts and gestures of motorists. The aspidistra cult...’)
link Kate Price: Experiment magazine, 1928–31 — William Empson, William Hare, Jacob Bronowski, Hugh Sykes Davies and Humphrey Jennings.
link Peter Quartermain: CADDEL

Hugh Sykes-Davies

Hugh Sykes-Davies

Hugh Sykes Davies — ‘a lioness in the sidecar’

link George Watson — ‘Remembering Prufrock’ — Hugh Sykes Davies 1909–1984

link Hugh Sykes Davies, Four Poems:

      ‘Decline of Phæthon’ (1929)
      ‘Sententiæ’ (1931)
      ‘In the stump of an old tree...’ (1936)
      ‘It doesn't look like a finger...’ (1938)

Hugh Sykes Davies, Prose:
link Sympathies with Surrealism (1936)
link Review of Narration, by Gertrude Stein (1936)
link Cambridge Poetry (1955)

link John Kerrigan: Checklist of the publications of Hugh Sykes Davies

Five poets link from Quid magazine, Cambridge

Editor: Keston Sutherland
link Durs Grünbein, from ‘Variation auf kein Thema’
link Peter Manson, ‘Envoy’
link Tim Morris, ‘Dramatis Personæ’
link Keston Sutherland, ‘Ten Past Nine’
link John Wilkinson, ‘The Line of Definition’

link Tom Clark: Letters home from Cambridge, (1963–65)

Feature: Parataxis magazine (Cambridge, UK)

Editors: Drew Milne & Simon Jarvis
link Andrea Brady: Song (for Florida)
link Clark Coolidge: Two poems
link Fanny Howe: excerpt from Reconstruction
link Simon Jarvis: Quality and the non-identical in J.H.Prynne’s ‘Aristeas, in seven years’
link Grace Lake: Three poems
link Rod Mengham: Down in the Mouth
link Drew Milne: Agoraphobia, and the embarrassment of manifestos
link Drew Milne reviews Poets on Writing: Britain, 1970–1991, Ed. Denise Riley
link Dell Olsen: from Corrupted by Showgirls
link Neil Reeve and Richard Kerridge: Deaf to Meaning: On J.H.Prynne's The Oval Window
link Denise Riley: Knowing in the real world
link Keston Sutherland: Ritalin Daiquiri
link John Wilkinson: Getting Shot Of It

Parataxis magazine feature: link Contemporary Chinese poetry

Poems:   link Che Qianzi   link Zhou Yaping   link Yi Cun
           link Huang Fan   link Hong Liu
Prose: link Zhou Yaping: Letter to J.H. Prynne
link Huang Fan: Poetry’s new shore: Language
link Biographical Notes
link Jeff Twitchell: Note on the translations
link J.H. Prynne: Afterword

Feature: Perfect Bound magazine, 1976 to 1979

link Interview: Nate Dorward talks to editor Peter Robinson about Perfect Bound magazine, issued from Cambridge from 1976 to 1979
link Contents list: Over twenty pages of writing from Perfect Bound magazine:
link J. H. Prynne: The Land of Saint Martin
link John James: After Christopher Wood
link Peter Robinson: Veronica Forrest-Thomson: On the Periphery
link Tom Raworth: Magnetic Water
link John Matthias: After the Death of Chekhov
link Rod Mengham: from Beds & Scrapings
link John Wilkinson: Political Health
link Aidan Semmens: The Strange Geometry
link Adam Clarke-Williams: The Ambassadors: Raymond Williams in Cambridge, Christmas in Portsmouth.
link Douglas Oliver: Fun House
link Wendy Mulford: Chinese Postcard Sequence
link J.H. Prynne: Reader’s Lockjaw
link Pierre Reverdy: Poem
link Peter Riley: Digest of the Poetical Works of Dora Oliver
link Denise Riley: A Nueva York
link Geoffrey Ward: It’s My Town (But I Had to Leave It)
link Elaine Feinstein: Two Lyrics From ‘An England Sequence’
link Marcus Perryman: from Outposts
link Peter Robinson: Looking Up
link Gael Turnbull: The Borders Revisited
link John Welch: Grieving Signal


link Bob Cobbing and Robert Sheppard: ‘Blatent blather/virulent whoops’
link Robert Hampson: ‘the beacon’, ‘no signal detected’, and ‘eroded marks’
link Lawrence Joseph, ‘Stop Me If I've Told You’
link David Kennedy, ‘Minster’, or ‘Liber Lathomorum’
link John Kinsella: Four (Cambridge) poems
link Tony Lopez, ‘About Cambridge’
link David Marriott, ‘De L’autocritique’
link Drew Milne, from ‘Ill at these numbers’
link Peter Robinson, ‘Pressure Cooker Noise’ and ‘Living in the Workroom’

Cambridge Scenic Vignettes by John Tranter

Jacket 19, October 2002 Contents page

Verse magazine co-production


link Edward Bartók-Baratta: The Girl, the Dog, and the Book
link John Beer: Two poems
link Charles Bernstein: In Particular
link Judith Bishop: The Birds reported from the South
link David Blair: You Are So Beguiling
link Charles Borkhuis: You'll Never See My Eyes
link Pam Brown: Two poems
link C.S. Carrier: When To Rest
link Cynie Cory: Two poems
link Ray DiPalma: Three poems
link Timothy Donnelly: Anything to Fill in the Long Silences
link Jordan Davis: Someone on the Carpet
link Lana Derkac: Botanical Fictions
link Lana Derkac: Medusa in a Meadow
link Michael Dumanis: Two poems
link Michael Farrell: preludes
link Graham Foust: Three poems
link Sarah Fox: Imagining Girls
link Ray Gonzalez: Two poems
link Johannes Göransson: The Seminal Union of Carvers
link Paul Guest: The God of Neglect, Overheard
link Judith Hall: Two poems
link David Hamilton: Four poems
link James Harms: My Dream of Bob Marley
link Bob Hicok: Three poems
link Ernie Hilbert: Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus
link Terence Huber: Thrice
link Marzanna Bogumila Kielar: ***
link Nancy Kuhl: The Affair of the Fire Eaters
link Steve Langan: Notes on Exile
link Radmila Lazic: Two poems
link David Dodd Lee: Curvature of the Spine
link James McCorkle: Two poems
link Jerry McGuire: Heat Strokes # 1
link Matthew Miller: The Circuit
link Mông-Lan: coyote
link Daniel Nester: Coy Apology
link James Norcliffe: Villon in Millerton
link Ethan Paquin: Two poems
link Kevin Prufer: Three poems
link Justin Quinn: Untitled
link Anna Rabinowitz: Windows
link Srikanth Reddy: Four poems
link Peter Redgrove: Preliminaries
link Rebecca Reynolds: Two poems
link Leonard Schwartz: Three poems
link B.T. Shaw: One More Name You Won’t Associate With Water
link Laurie Sheck: Two poems
link Penelope Shuttle: November x 2
link Bruce Smith: Every Water: A Letter to My Daughter
link Mark Strand: The Seven Last Words
link Cole Swensen: Two poems
link James Tate: Intruders
link Sam Truitt: Jalopy Life
link Nanos Valaoritis: Playing with the Pretorian Guard
link Jason Vincz: Two poems
link Lucy Wilks: Three poems
link Terence Winch: Three poems
link Dean Young: Three poems
link Ivana Zuzul: Two poems


link Nadia Herman Colburn: The Beauty of the Husband:
      a fictional essay in 29 tangos
by Anne Carson
link Thomas Fink: With Strings by Charles Bernstein, and
      Source Codes by Susan Wheeler
link Thomas Fink: Arcady by Donald Revell
link Noah Gordon: Trouble Lights by William Olsen
link Lisa Gorton: Heroic Money by Gig Ryan
link Arielle Greenberg: Torn Awake by Forrest Gander
link Arielle Greenberg: The Body by Jenny Boully
link Dave Gunton: Freezing by Steve Langan, and Shiner by Maggie Nelson
link Omaar Hena: The Day Underneath the Day by C. Dale Young
link Omaar Hena: Mercury by Phillis Levin
link David Ingle: Doctor Jazz by Hayden Carruth
link Christopher Janke: Heartwall by Richard Jackson
link Andrew Johnson: Many Glove Compartments: Selected Poems by Oskar Pastior
link Jacques Khalip: Collected Poems by Donald Davie
link Paul Killebrew: A Border Comedy by Lyn Hejinian
link L.S. Klatt: Brief Moral History in Blue by Beth Roberts
link Brett Lauer: By and Large by Chris Wallace-Crabbe
link Andrew Neilson: The Nowhere Birds by Caitríona O’Reilly, and
     Dead Redhead by Tracey Herd
link Andrew Neilson: Voodoo Shop by Ruth Padel
link Travis Nichols: The Red Bird by Joyelle McSweeney
link Travis Nichols: Tremolo by Spencer Short
link Ethan Paquin: Twice Removed by Ralph Angel, and
     Pennsylvania Collection Agency by Michael Burkard
link Ethan Paquin: World: Poems 1991–2001 by Maxine Chernoff
link Christina Pugh: Hothouse by Tracy Ryan
link David Roderick: Brilliant Water, by Christopher Merrill
link Susan Rosenbaum: Blast from the Past: Stories, Poems,
      Song Lyrics & Remembrances
, by Kenward Elmslie
link Mark Tardi: music or forgetting by E. Tracy Grinnell
link Ian Tromp: Unsleeping, by Michael Burkard
link Terence Winch: Jumping the Line by Ted Greenwald, and
     Protective Immediacy by Rod Smith, and
     Integrity & Dramatic Life by Anselm Berrigan

THIS ISSUE of Jacket is a co-production with Verse magazine, and is published in print form as Verse, Volume 19, Number 3 (2002).
      Founded in 1984 in Oxford, England, Verse was edited until 1994 by Robert Crawford, David Kinloch, and Henry Hart from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the College of William and Mary in Virginia. The founding editors’ final issue, Talking Verse, a collection of interviews that originally appeared in the magazine, was published in 1994, and Verse was temporarily defunct until resurrected in 1995 by Brian Henry with the help of Nancy Schoenberger and Andrew Zawacki. Since 1998, Henry and Zawacki have co-edited the magazine, with various poets around the world acting as UK editors, contributing editors, assistant editors, and managing editors.

Jacket 18, August 2002 Contents page


Henry J.-M. Levet (1874-1906)

Henry J.-M. Levet (1874-1906)

link David Hadbawnik interviews Diane di Prima
link Corinna Hasofferet interviews Vénus Khoury-Ghata
link Y. T. Wong interviews Steven Ford Brown

Feature: Henry J.-M. Levet (1874–1906)
link Postcards: ten poems by Henry J.-M. Levet
translated by Kirby Olson

Articles and Reviews
link Charles Alexander reviews The Pretext by Rae Armantrout
link Aaron Belz, Flood Editions: The Conversation
link Brooke Bergan reviews A Book of the Book
link Joel Bettridge reviews On the Cave You Live In, by Philip Jenks
link Sharon Dolin reviews Darkling: A Poem, by Anna Rabinowitz
link David Hess reviews 4, by Noelle Kocot
link Tom Hibbard reviews Dovecote, by Heather Fuller
link Tom Hibbard reviews The Good House, by Rod Smith
link David Lehman: The Mysterious Romance of Murder
link Rachel Loden reviews World, by Maxine Chernoff
link Deborah Meadows reviews Revenants, by Mark Nowak
link Ramez Qureshi reviews Your Name Here by John Ashbery, and The Promises of Glass by Michael Palmer
link Jenny Penberthy: Introduction to Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works
link Marjorie Perloff reviews John Tranter and Paul Hoover
link Libbie Rifkin reviews Disobedience, by Alice Notley
link Linda Russo reviews Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde by Libbie Rifkin, and Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing by Ann Vickery
link Larry Sawyer reviews a purchase in the white botanica, by Piero Heliczer
link Larry Sawyer reviews Swimming in the Ground: Contemporary Hungarian Poetry
link John Wilkinson reviews Versary, by Kate Lilley
link Michelle Woods reviews The Good Soldier Švejk (Book One), trans. Sadlon and Joyce

Philip Whalen

Philip Whalen

link Michael Hrebeniak: In Memoriam Philip Whalen

link Murray Edmond: Alan Brunton, 1946–2002: A Memoir

link A Tribute to Agha Shahid Ali

Photo: Philip Whalen, 1960s, photo Ken Walden,
from the back cover of On Bear’s Head, 1969,
courtesy Dale Smith


link Ingeborg Bachmann, Three poems, translated by Johannes Beilharz
link Miguel Barnet, Four poems, translated by Mark Weiss
link Erwin Einzinger, Six poems, translated by Johannes Beilharz
link Fred Johnston, Two poems
link Daniel Kane, Two poems
link José Kozer, Four poems, translated by Mark Weiss
link Sheila Murphy, Additional Rehearsals
link Philip Nikolayev, Lights Out
link Todd Swift, Two poems

link Prose: Hilton Obenzinger, From Satan’s Asshole, Chapter Three

link Postcard: Arthur Rainbow’s house in Harar, Ethiopia

Some Canadian poets, edited by rob mclennan
link Rob Budde   link Stephen Cain   link Chris Chambers   link Gil McElroy
link rob mclennan   link George Murray   link K.I. Press   link nathalie stephens
link Julia Williams   link rob mclennan interviews Douglas Barbour
link Donato Mancini interviews Dorothy T.Lusk
link Shane Rhodes reviews The Natural Selection by Christopher Dewdney

link Feature: Professor Winkelschnippe’s diagram of the structural dynamics of the typical late-twentieth-century North American poetry career

Jacket 17, June 2002 Contents page

Special Hoax issue

Ern Malley

Ern Malley

Ern Malley Feature
The Ern Malley Story... poster

The Ern Malley Story... poster

Press Clippings from 1944:

Faking Literature: Patrick Herron: Ken Ruthven’s Faking Literature (and Ern Malley)

Faking Literature: The Bibliography Ken Ruthven: 25 pages of rare and hard-to-find source materials (including Ern Malley)

Girls on the Run: Michael Leddy: John Ashbery and Henry Darger (and Ern Malley)

Hans Magnus Enzensberger’sPoetry Machine’: A three-page Introduction to this poetry-writing computer is given in English; a twenty-page paper by Enzensberger explaining the theory and operation of the machine is published (in German) in this issue of Jacket: Einladung zu einem Poesie-Automaten.

Catherine Daly: Marjorie Allen Seiffert and the ‘Spectra’ Hoax

Schuldt: ‘Homi Bhabha and the Forty Words’

Free Grass magazine: an electronic edition of the only extant number of Free Grass, a five page mimeographed magazine, which splashed into the pond of little ‘underground’ magazines in Australia in 1968. Free Grass had a secret...

Cover of Angel Hair anthology
Jacket 16, March 2002 Contents page

Angel Hair magazine: The Sixties and Seventies

A sampler of writing selected by Jacket editor John Tranter from the 630-page Granary Books anthology of material from the collection of Angel Hair magazine and books edited by Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman (photo, left) between 1966 and 1978.

Introduction — Anne Waldman
Introduction — Lewis Warsh
Jack Anderson, American Flag
John Ashbery, The Hod Carrier
Bill Bathurst, To Marthe
Bill Berkson, Sheer Strips
Ted Berrigan, from To Clear the Range
Ted Berrigan, Two prose poems
Ted Berrigan, For You
Clark Coolidge, ‘though in should’
Edwin Denby, ‘Out of Bronx subway...’
Robert Duncan, At the Poetry Conference: Berkeley / After the New York Style
Kenward Elmslie, Feathered Dancers
Larry Fagin, Little Hand
Mary Ferrari, Eternity
Barbara Guest, Homage
Dick Gallup, Guard Duty
Lee Harwood, The Seaside
Allan Kaplan, Hey
Denise Levertov, Eros
Frank O’Hara, Two poems: ‘A Raspberry Sweater’, and ‘To John Ashbery’
Tony Towle, Poem (‘The lead drains...’)
Anne Waldman, The De Carlo Lots
Lewis Warsh, Inside Long Treks
Philip Whalen, Coming Forth by Day

Cover photo (above) of Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh (in front of Angelica and Tom Clark’s house, Nymph Road, Bolinas, 1968) © Tom Clark 2001

Feature: Joe Brainard, 1942–1994
Photo of Joe Brainard

Joe Brainard

Bill Corbett, Introduction
Anselm Berrigan, ‘I remember hearing Joe read’
Lee Ann Brown, ‘Joe Over Easy’
Tom Carey, ‘Joe B.’
Maxine Chernoff, ‘Sonnet: Some Things I Miss About Joe’
Tom Clark, ‘My Joe Brainards’
Elaine Equi, ‘A Freshly Painted Poem’
Paul Hoover, ‘Winter (Mirror)’
Nathan Kernan, ‘Premonition’
Wayne Koestenbaum, ‘Two Little Elegies for Joe Brainard’
David Lehman, ‘For Joe Brainard’
Ange Mlinko, ‘Boston Flower Market’
Eileen Myles, ‘Worst Seat in the House’
Charles North, ‘Romantic Note 1’
Ron Padgett, About S
Jerome Sala, ‘I’m Glad I Don’t Understand the Writing of Joe Brainard’
David Trinidad, ‘9 Cigarettes’
Anne Waldman, ‘& color changed...’
Bill Berkson: Working with Joe
Kristin Prevallet: interviews Kenward Elmslie
Kristin Prevallet: Joe Brainard & Poetry

Overland magazine feature — Guest Editor: Pam Brown

Pam Brown: Introduction
Ken Bolton reviews New and Selected Poems, by Tony Towle
Murray Edmond: No Paragraphs (Meditations on Noh, Poetry, Theatre and the Avant-garde)
Poems: Maxine Chernoff  ¶   Gillian Conoley  ¶   Lidija Cvetkovic  ¶   Mary di Michele  ¶   Linh Dinh  ¶   Laurie Duggan  ¶   Michael Farrell  ¶   Denis Gallagher  ¶   Jane Gibian  ¶   Noelle Kocot  ¶   Bronwyn Lea  ¶   Michele Leggott  ¶   Kate Lilley  ¶   Rachel Loden  ¶   Geraldine McKenzie  ¶   Eileen Myles  ¶   Ted Nielsen  ¶   Alice Notley  ¶   Brendan Ryan  ¶   Ron Silliman  ¶   Sam Wagan Watson  ¶  

Kent Johnson: Photograph of Emily Dickinson — for John Wieners
Poet John Wieners died on 1 March 2002 in Boston, USA.

Feature: New Zealand

Smoking JacketPhilip Mead reviews the Big Smoke anthology, and books by Michele Leggott and David Howard
Terence Diggory: The Red Wheelbarrow Goes Global — The Value of the Local in William Carlos Williams and Postmodern Art — featuring the art of German Wolfgang Kaiser and the video art of New Zealander Bridget Sutherland
Peter Robinson reviews Bill Manhire
Poems:: Alan Brunton: In the Wilderness of Being
Janet Charman: Two Poems  ¶   Murray Edmond: Three Ballads
Michele Leggott: milk and honey taken far far away (i)
Pooja Mittal: Three poems  ¶   Ian Wedde: Epistle: to John Dickson
Yang Lian: Two poems  ¶   Mark Young: 3 Poems

Ed Dorn: Epilogue – The Last Range

Excerpt from Tom Clark’s biography of Ed Dorn


Kent Johnson interviews Eliot Weinberger
Toh Hsien Min interviews Bob Perelman
John Tranter interviews Chris Emery, of Salt Publications
Nina Zivancevic in Paris interviews Jerome Rothenberg


George Evans: A Working Boy’s Whitman

Sister Sites:

Ram Devineni interviews Ravi Shankar, editor of Drunken Boat

Michael Hrebeniak: — In Memoriam Fielding Dawson, 1930–2002


Miekal And  ¶   Johannes Beilharz  ¶   Tom Clark (i.m. Philip Whalen)  ¶   Maria Damon  ¶   Sharon Dolin  ¶   Chris Emery  ¶   Edwin Honig  ¶   Ron Koertge  ¶   Rebecca Lu Kiernan  ¶   Pura López-Colomé   ¶   Jeni Olin  ¶   Peter Porter  ¶   Spencer Selby  ¶   Andrzej Sosnowski

Jacket 15, December 2001 Contents page
Kenneth Koch, New York, 1989

Kenneth Koch, New York, 1989
Photo by John Tranter

A Tribute to Kenneth Koch

Kenneth Koch died on July 6, 2002, after a battle with leukaemia. This issue of Jacket was published some months before he died.
Words to Comfort

A selection of poems and photographs from the benefit readings to support the World Trade Center Relief Fund on Wednesday October 17, 2001.


Ian Hamilton Finlay

Feature: Ian Hamilton Finlay

Brian Kim Stefans on Ian Hamilton Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay interviewed by Nagy Rashwan

Drew Milne: ‘Adorno's Hut’ — Ian Hamilton Finlay's neoclassical rearmament programme

Mark Scroggins: The Piety of Terror: Ian Hamilton Finlay, the Modernist Fragment, and the Neo-classical Sublime


Keston Sutherland: The Trade in Bathos

Craig Dworkin and Michel Delville: Conference, May 18-20, 2000, Universidad de Salamanca


Homero Aridjis
Aaron Belz
Peter Boyle
Chris Edwards
John Hawke
J.Nicole Hoelle

John Kinsella
Helen Lambert
David Lehman
Cassie Lewis
Geraldine McKenzie

Mark Mahemoff
Ange Mlinko
Chris Tysh
Ethan Paquin
Yang Lian


Steven Clay of Granary Books interviewed by Olivier Brossard
Alice Notley interviewed by Brian Kim Stefans
Dale Smith interviewed by Kent Johnson
C.D.Wright interviewed by Kent Johnson —
     with Deborah Luster's remarkable photographs
     of inmates from Louisana prisons
C.D.Wright: excerpt from her poem sequence Deepstep Come Shining

Jacket 14, July 2001 Contents page

This issue of Jacket is a co-production with SALT magazine
Salt is edited from Cambridge England by John Kinsella


Charles Bernstein: Poetry and/or the Sacred

Graham Foust: Wallace Stevens’s Manuscript: As If in The Dump

Marjorie Perloff: on Wittgenstein and Duchamp

Lyn Hejinian: Continuing Against Closure

Susan M. Schultz: Of Time and Charles Bernstein’s Lines: A Poetics of Fashion Statements

Brian Kim Stefans: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and High Artifice

Tricolor Flag image Feature: France — Edited by Tracy Ryan

Judith Bishop: on Yves Bonnefoy

Pamela Brown: Paris, France

Maryline Desbiolles trans. Tracy Ryan

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Lorand Gaspar trans. Peter Riley

Franck André Jamme trans. Olivier Brossard and Lisa Lubasch

Vénus Khoury-Ghata, trans. Marilyn Hacker

Harry Mathews: Rue de Rochechouart

Michael Scharf: The Hills of Dublin and Czernowitz . . .

John Tranter: In Paris


Chris Andrews
Jan Baeke
Mary Jo Bang
Douglas Barbour
Anselm Berrigan
Richard Caddel
Alfred Corn
Bei Dao
Catherine Daly
Marcella Durand
Elaine Equi
michael farrell
Bob Harrison
Coral Hull
Kate Lilley
Victor Hugo Limón
Drew Milne
Peter Minter
Ted Nielsen
Kevin Nolan
Ian Patterson
Gig Ryan
Michael Scharf
Joanna Smith Rakoff
Office for Soft Architecture
Candice Ward
McKenzie Wark
Mark Weiss
Marjorie Welish
Susan Wheeler


Carla Harryman: From Gardener of Stars — a novel


Juliana Spahr reviews Rob Wilson, Reimagining the American Pacific
Maria Damon reviews Joseph Lease, Human Rights
Lucy Sheerman reviews Jennifer Moxley, Grace Lake and John Forbes

Poetry and Sculpture:

Robert Creeley: Scholar’s Rocks: + sculpture by Jim Dine

Jacket 13, April 2001 Contents page
Photo of Clark Coolidge

Clark Coolidge

This issue of Jacket is a co-production with New American Writing magazine.

Clark Coolidge feature, edited by Nate Dorward

Clark Coolidge: ten poems
Tom Orange: An Interview with Clark Coolidge
Tom Orange: Arrangement and Density: A Context for Early Clark Coolidge
Alan Halsey: From a Diary of Reading Clark Coolidge
Michael Gizzi: XIV: In the Namewakes


Linh Dinh: Our Newlyweds
Mark McMorris: Journals from The Café at Light (A Selection)


Founded in 1986, New American Writing is a literary magazine with an emphasis on contemporary American poetry. Edited by Paul Hoover, poet and editor of Postmodern American Poetry (W. W. Norton, 1994), and Maxine Chernoff, poet and author of the works of fiction Bop and American Heaven, it appears once a year in early June from 369 Molino Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941, USA.

Jacket 12, October 2000 Contents page
Paul Blackburn
Esther Williams - Pagan Love Song poster
Reviews and Articles
Feature: Jorge Carerra Andrade, edited by Steven Ford Brown
Kenneth Patchen

Larry Smith — Kenneth Patchen — Poetry and Jazz days, 1957-1959 — From the book Kenneth Patchen: Rebel Poet in America by Larry Smith

Pacific Time

Rob Wilson: From the Sublime to the Devious:
Writing the Experimental/ Local Pacific —
      I. "Two Postmodernisms"
     II. Hawai’i: Becoming Miss Universe?
     III. More Panic Poetics, As Such
Joe Amato — a response to Rob Wilson’s "Writing the Experimental/ Local Pacific"

Poems et cetera

Rae Armantrout — Mary Jo Bang — Aaron Belz — Caroline Bergvall — Joanne Burns — Gary Catalano — Tom Clark — poems and illustrations from Cold Spring: A Diary — Timothy Donnelly — Michael Farrell — Dorothy Hewett — Brian Henry — John Latta — Cassie Lewis — Duane Locke — Rachel Loden — eight poems —  from Hotel Imperium — Anthony Macris — The Olympia (prose) — Rod Mengham — Ethan Paquin — Gary Sullivan — Carl Thayler — Hugh Tolhurst — George Wallace — Chris Wallace-Crabbe — Mark Weiss — Max Winter

From Issue # 11, this Catalog page provides links to take you directly to each article in the issue. Click on the green button to visit the Contents Page for Issue # 11, or click on an individual link below to go to an individual article. Earlier issues do not have these direct links.

Jacket 11, April 2000 Contents page
Joanne Kyger Feature, edited by Linda Russo
Joanne Kyger

Joanne Kyger

Linda Russo: Introduction
Joanne Kyger — poem — "Man" from Man/Women
Kevin Killian — The "Carola Letters"
Charlie Vermont — "Form/id/able" and Joanne Kyger
Linda Russo — an interview with Joanne Kyger
Andrew Schelling on Joanne Kyger’s Portable Poetics
Stephen Vincent — The Work of Joanne Kyger
Dale Smith — an interview with Joanne Kyger
Joanne Kyger — poem — "Phillip Whalen’s Hat"
Dan Coffey — on Joanne Kyger’s Phenomenological
Jonathan Skinner — The Travel Poems
Anne Waldman — Introduction to Joanne Kyger’s Japan and India Journals
Joanne Kyger’s "Letter to Nemi April 10 1962" from The Japan and India Journals

" . . . Peter Orlofsky locks himself in the bathroom all night and smokes opium and then vomits all the next morning so we travel slowly."

Philip Whalen Feature, edited by Dale Smith
Philip Whalen

Philip Whalen

(October 20, 1923 – June 26, 2002)

Introduction — Dale Smith
Philip Whalen — About Writing and Meditation
Philip Whalen — Interviewed by David Meltzer
Anselm Berrigan — on Philip Whalen’s Overtime
Bill Berkson — a note about Whalen and Mallarmé
Daniel Bouchard — An Hour with Philip Whalen
Paul Christensen — "To hunt for words under the stones"
Tom Devaney — reading the poetry of Philip Whalen
Norman Fischer — reviews Philip Whalen’s Overtime
Lewis MacAdams — What do I love about Philip Whalen’s poems?
Michael Rothenberg — a poem for Philip Whalen
Tensho David Schneider — "Looking things up with Philip Whalen"
Lew Welch — reviews Whalen’s On Bear’s Head, 1969

Martin Johnston Feature, edited by John Tranter
Martin Johnston

Martin Johnston

Special — Eliot WeinbergerRenga

...ten linked prose pieces: ". . . Sitting in the last row of the plane next to a Belizean woman of uncertain age. The choice for lunch was pasta, fish, or chicken, but by the time the meal cart reached us, there was only pasta or fish. My seatmate smiled sweetly at the stewardess and said, ’Next time you’ll have to kill more chickens’."

Poetry and Criticism

From the conference on "Poetry Criticism: What is it for?" in New York early in 2000, Kristin Prevallet’s report and papers by Michael Scharf and Stephen Burt.


Peter Riley talks to Keith Tuma
Maureen Owen talks to Marcella Durand


— Joe Amato: Cary Nelson’s Anthology of Modern American Poetry
— John Bennett reviews M.T.C.Cronin
— Andrew Crozier reviews Tony Lopez: False Memory
— Thomas Epstein reviews John High’s The Desire Notebooks
— Geraldine McKenzie — Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red (" . . . One is tempted to say this is not even good prose, let alone good poetry.")
— Mark Scroggins — reviews Norman Finkelstein’s Track
— Brendan Lorber reports on the Issue Zero conference in New York City (March 10-12, 2000) — thirty little magazine editors and one hundred and fifty fans!


Michael Brennan / Marcella Durand / Kate Fagan / Allen Fisher / Martin Harrison / Ron Koertge / : "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", with special background story on Livy’s The Rape of the Sabine Women / Cassie Lewis / Tony Lopez / Ian McBryde / Geraldine McKenzie / Leith Morton / John Wilkinson

Great Moments in Literature # 11 — Hilbert Trogue’s "Pants Poem" a knockout!

Gift Idea: Has your new book received an unkind review? Send your favorite critic this "screaming rat" toy — a gift to remember!

Jacket 10, January 2000 Contents page
photo of Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968, photographer unknown

Barbara Guest Feature

Charles Bernstein — Introducing Barbara Guest
Susan Gevirtz — on Barbara Guest
Barbara Guest — from The Confetti Trees
Sara Lundquist on Barbara Guest’s The Countess From Minneapolis
Wendy Mulford on Barbara Guest’s The Blue Stairs
Ramez Qureshi on Barbara Guest’s Rocks on a Platter
John Tranter — poem — The Twilight Guest
Geoff Ward reviews Barbara Guest’s If So, Tell Me
Marjorie Welish: "The Lyric Lately" (a work-in-progress)

Frank O’Hara Feature
photo of Frank O'Hara

Frank O’Hara

Russell Ferguson — Frank O’Hara and American Art
Lytle Shaw — On Coterie: Frank O’Hara
Ron Koertge — prose poem — "Homage"
John Latta — poem — "Elogio di Frank O’Hara"
David Lehman — poem — "Ode to Modern Art"

". . . Perhaps, despite the pejorative flavor of the word, it might be more accurate to call them a ‘coterie’ — if we define as coterie a group of writers rejected by the literary establishment who found strength to continue with their work by what the anarchists used to call "mutual aid". — John Bernard Myers

Reviews, Interviews, et cetera
photo of poetry gland research

Jacket’s "Great Moments in Literature" No. 10 — Belgrade researchers pinpoint location of "Poetry Gland"


Joe Amato  ¶  Stephen Burt  ¶  Denise Duhamel  ¶  Chris Emery  ¶  Ulli Freer  ¶  John Kinsella  ¶  Kate Lilley  ¶  Peter Minter  ¶  Lytle Shaw  ¶  Dale Smith  ¶  Pete Spence  ¶  Nathaniel Tarn  ¶  Tony Towle  ¶  Geoff Ward  ¶  Charles Harper Webb  ¶  Marjorie Welish

Letters to the Editor — Michael Rothenberg, Red Slider (New!)

Photo of Frank O’Hara (wearing bow tie), New York, 1966, © George Cserna

Jacket 9, October 1999 Contents page
Tom Clark’s obituary

for EDWARD DORN (1929–1999)

"Maybe it’s in part because he had a lonely and precarious beginning in life that later on Dorn always liked to surround himself with congenial company . . . The great honor of friendship he conferred on me was to number me as an outrider of that party of outriders, along with other diverse disparate friends."


— Andrea Brady on John Wilkinson’s Reverses
— Robert Sheppard on Bob Cobbing, in honour of his 75th birthday
— Robert Sheppard on Ulli Freer
— Pete Smith on Jennifer Moxley
— Nathaniel Tarn reviews Selected Non-Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges, Eliot Weinberger (Translator), Esther Allen, Suzanne Jill Levine
— Mark Wallace on Carl Thayler’s Poems from Naltsus Bichidin


¶ Angie Angel ¶ Francisco Aragon ¶ Louis Armand ¶ Andrea Brady ¶ Pam Brown ¶ Tom Clark ¶ Henry Gould ¶ Kate Lilley ¶ Geraldine McKenzie ¶ Ralph Monday ¶ Alice Pero ¶ Leonard Schwartz ¶ Robert Sheppard ¶ Carl Thayler


— poet and playwright Dorothy Hewett interviewed by Nicole Moore


— Seven early letters of Araki Yasusada by Tosa Motokiyu
Robert Sheppard on Robert Sheppard: Twentieth Century Blues
JEREMIAD — Nathaniel Tarn — on Octavio Paz and the Future of Poetry
Great Moments in Literature # 9 — Hiram Bamburger’s 1951 "Poetry Machine"

Jacket 8, July 1999 Contents page
photo of Lee Ann Brown

Lee Ann Brown

Poems — Stephen Bett, Ken Bolton, Lee Ann Brown (left), M.T.C.Cronin, Henry Gould, Griffin Hansbury, Hsia Yü, Garrie Hutchinson, John Latta, Katherine Lederer, David Lehman, Simon Perchik, David Prater, Rodney Pybus, Gerald Schwartz, Andrea Sherwood, Guy Shahar, Chris Wallace-Crabbe


Jaime Saenz — five poems / Also — excerpts from the long poem "Immanent Visitor" / translations by Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander...

Bolivian poet Jaime Saenz (1921-1986) is Bolivia’s leading writer of the 20th century. Prolific as poet, novelist, and non-fiction writer, his baroque, propulsive syntax and dedication to themes of death, alcoholism, and otherness make his poetry among the most idiosyncratic in the Spanish-speaking world.

Report — The 1999 Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry

Jacket 7, April 1999 Contents page
Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer Feature

Guest Editor — Christopher W.Alexander

Comment  / Elaine Equi — Unspeakable Ambitions

Reviews — Alice Notley on Kenward Elmslie — Andrew Joron on Peter Gizzi — Dale Smith on Lewis MacAdams — Juliana Spahr on Bernadette Mayer’s book "Sonnets" — Tom Clark on Philip Whalen’s "Overtime — Selected Poems" — Garrie Hutchinson on Australian painter Arthur Boyd

Articles — Libbie Rifkin on Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer and the Gender of an Avant-Garde Institution — J.H.Prynne — John Kinsella and Rod Mengham: an Introduction to the poetry of J.H.Prynne — Leslie Scalapino — Secret Occurrence

Prose Poem — Hazel Smith   /   Poems — David Baratier, Gabriel Gudding, Joel Lewis, Leslie Scalapino, Stephen Oliver, Brian Kim Stefans, Rob Wilson

Jacket 6, January 1999 Contents page
Indian Prince mask

Indian Prince mask

Frank O’Hara — WHAT’S WITH MODERN ART? — reviews of art shows from Art News, 1953–55 — and a rare O’Hara photo by Renate Ponsold Motherwell

Paul Hoover — THE PLOT AGAINST THE GIANT — a review of David Lehman’s The Last Avant-Garde

Eliot Weinberger: What Was Formalism?

John Kinsella: commentary on a poem by J.H.Prynne

Poems : — Richard Caddel — Maxine Chernoff — Bill Griffiths  — Lisa Jarnot  — Robert Kelly  — John Kinsella  — Jennifer Moxley — Sheila Murphy — J.H. Prynne — Michael Rothenberg — Douglas Rothschild   — Ron Silliman   — Nathaniel Tarn   — Adrian Wiggins 

Notices : You can read a report by Robert Archambeau on the Post-War American Poetry Conference in Liège, Belgium, held in March 1999 —  and check out the Women’s Poetry conference at Barnard College in New York City April 8 to 10, 1999 — and the 9th Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry to be held at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, in late April 1999 — and the 22nd Festival Franco-anglais de Poésie in Paris from 10 to 15 May 1999 - the theme is LANGAGES DU TEMPS MOBILE and you can read all about it at "La Traductière", the Internet site for the literary translation magazine edited by the indefatigable Jacques Rancourt in Paris

Jacket 5, October 1998 Contents page
Mina Loy

Mina Loy

Mina Loy Feature

Introductory Chapter to "Becoming Modern — the Life of Mina Loy", by Carolyn Burke / Carolyn Burke interviewed by Pam Brown / excerpts from reviews of "Becoming Modern" / Marjorie Perloff on ENGLISH AS A "SECOND" LANGUAGE: Mina Loy’s "Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose" / Keith Tuma reviews Mina Loy, "The Lost Lunar Bædeker"

Other Features — Charles Bernstein : The Value of Sulfur / "Very Rapid Acceleration" — Kenneth KOCH interview / David Lehman — Introduction to "The Last Avant-Garde" — on the New York School of poets

On Yasusada — Eliot Weinberger’s original "exposé", with a postscript / On Larsen and YASUSADA : Kent Johnson interviewed by Norbert Francis / On YASUSADA : Kent Johnson letter to American Book Review

Douglas Oliver : The School of Bedlam from "Whisper Louise", a work-in-progress / Steve Evans reviews Emmanuel HOCQUARD and Bill LUOMA / Dale Smith : Reading Philip Whalen

Poems — Thomas Bell, Bill Berkson, Bill Freind, Pierre Joris, John Kinsella, Kate Lilley, Kevin Nolan, Alice Notley, Haki Pok, Chris Stroffolino

Jacket 4, July 1998 Contents page
Get Ready!

...includes the new Jacket QUIZ, David Lehman on Postmodernism, Eliot Weinberger on the mysterious ghosts of Iceland, a review of Enzensberger’s "Kiosk" by Lawrence Joseph, John Tranter: Mr Rubenking’s "Breakdown" — on computers and writing (with a Real Audio reading of a computer-assisted poem by robot poet Joy H.Breshan), Caddel and Quartermain : OTHER British and Irish Poetry since 1970, Forrest Gander’s review of Yasusada : DOUBLED FLOWERING, Noel King’s interview with Pete Ayrton, publisher of Serpent’s Tail books, Tom Clark’s "White Thought" reviewed by Dale Smith . . . and, as usual, a lather of photographs and other visuals, as well as glittering poems by Adam Aitken, Charles Alexander and Sheila Murphy — a collaboration, John Anderson, Gary Catalano, Maxine Chernoff, Bernard Cohen, M.T.C.Cronin, Elaine Equi, Coral Hull, David Lehman, Tony Lopez, Rod Mengham, Ian Patterson, Roger Pellett, Gig Ryan, Keston Sutherland, and Robert Vandermolen, and much more!

Jacket 3, April 1998 Contents page
John Forbes

John Forbes

... is dedicated to the memory of Australian poet John Forbes, 1950-1998 : JOHN FORBES — poem — Speed, a Pastoral / Gig Ryan — in memoriam John Forbes / some pieces by his friends . . . Ken Bolton / Carl Harrison-Ford / Rae Desmond Jones / John Kinsella / Nigel Roberts / Tracy Ryan / Ken Searle portrait / Keston Sutherland / Hugh Tolhurst / John Tranter / Karlien van den Beukel . . .

PLUS other writing by . . .Harry Mathews / Tom Clark / John Wilkinson / Ron Padgett / Russell Chatham of Clark City Press, Montana, interviewed by Noel King / Joel Lewis / Eliot Weinberger on Omar Cáceres / Michele Leggott / Andrea Brady / Mark Ford / Kris Hemensley / Johanna Drucker / Hugh Tolhurst / Drew Milne / Satire : Thank God for the Bourgeoisie / Reviews: Rimbaud in Africa and Wilkinson’s Sarn Helen / Peter Gizzi / Enzensberger — Four Poems / Jacket’s Photo Tip No 1 and Great Moments in Literature No 3 / and more...

Jacket 2, January 1998 Contents page
John Ashbery (right)

John Ashbery (right)

Special ASHBERY issue

¶ Eliot Weinberger on James Laughlin (1914-1997)

¶ David Lehman — more on the Ern Malley hoax

¶ Yasusada — hoax, deception, or work of art?
¶ Bob Perelman’s "The Marginalization of Poetry" discussed by Silliman, Lauterbach, Spahr, Evans, Perelman, and Kate Lilley...
¶ poems by August Kleinzahler, Eileen Myles, Forrest Gander, Robert Adamson, S.K.Kelen, John Kinsella, Lisa Jarnot, Michael Heller, Jennifer Moxley, Peter Riley, Lee Ann Brown, Tim Davis, Denis Gallagher
¶ Eliot Weinberger — Letter from New York: "Vomit"
¶ TYPE — John Tranter — Lost Things in the Garden of Type
¶ ... and other poems and articles.

Photo: (l. to r.) Patsy Southgate, Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery, photo copyright © Mario Schifano, 1964. Patsy Southgate died on 18 July 1998 at the age of seventy.

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr

Jacket 1, October 1997 Contents page
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