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Jacket 10 — January 2000 — Contents page

Guest, O’Hara, Bunting

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

Barbara Guest Feature

Charles Bernstein – Introducing Barbara Guest
Susan Gevirtz – on Barbara Guest
Barbara Guest – from The Confetti Trees
Sara Lundquist on The Countess From Minneapolis
Wendy Mulford on Barbara Guest’s The Blue Stairs
Ramez Qureshi on Barbara Guest’s Rocks on a Platter
John Tranter – poem – The Twilight Guest
Geoff Ward reviews Barbara Guest’s If So, Tell Me
Marjorie Welish: "The Lyric Lately" (a work-in-progress)

Also see the Guest Feature in Jacket 36

Frank O'Hara and Barbara Guest at the Cedar Bar, New York, 1963

Frank O’Hara, Barbara Guest (center) at the closing of the Cedar Bar, New York, 30 March, 1963, detail, photo copyright © Fred W.McDarrah, 1963, 2000

Frank O’Hara Feature

. . . Perhaps, despite the pejorative flavor of the word, it might be more accurate to call them a ‘coterie’ — if we define as coterie a group of writers rejected by the literary establishment who found strength to continue with their work by what the anarchists used to call ‘mutual aid’.

 — John Bernard Myers

Russell Ferguson -
      Frank O’Hara and American Art
Lytle Shaw -
      On Coterie: Frank O’Hara
Ron Koertge -
      prose poem – Homage
John Latta -
      poem – Elogio di Frank O’Hara
David Lehman -
      poem – Ode to Modern Art

photo of Basil Bunting

Basil Bunting, 1980

Reviews, Interviews, et cetera:

Richard Caddel: Introduction to Basil Bunting’s Complete Poems
You can listen to Basil Bunting reading ‘At Briggflats meetinghouse’ in RealAudio format

Visit the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre in Durham

Thomas Bell: on McCaffery and Rasula’s Imagining Language

Kent Johnson: interviews Henry Gould

Norman Finkelstein: reviews Armand Schwerner


Joe Amato
Stephen Burt
Denise Duhamel
Chris Emery
Ulli Freer
John Kinsella
Kate Lilley
Peter Minter

Lytle Shaw
Dale Smith
Pete Spence
Nathaniel Tarn
Tony Towle
Geoff Ward
Charles Harper Webb
Marjorie Welish

Adult Books
photo of medical scanner

Great Moments in Literature

Belgrade researchers pinpoint location of ‘Poetry Gland’

Letters to the Editor

image of French postage stamp

Michael Rothenberg, Red Slider


Jacket carried this notice in January 2000:

Does poetry really eMatter? The strangely-named Fatbrain electronic publishing company is featuring poetry on a special, highlighted section of its MightyWords site this April. Here’s the editor, the melodiously-named Ximena O’Reilly: ". . . we would like to invite all poets to submit their collections or individual poetry to sell on our site as eMatter. The publishing process and royalty structure is described in detail on our site.... but I would happy to answer any questions. I can be reached at”
Jacket doesn’t specifically recommend this site, but it may well be worth a look.
Is this the future, and is it here already?

Well, the future peeped over the horizon, and then went away again. Two years later, the MightyWords site posted this notice: ‘We regret to inform you that MightyWords has ceased operations effective January 12, 2002. We greatly appreciate your business and would like to thank you for supporting MightyWords.’

So much for the Internet as a business model for poetry publishing: or should that be ‘so much for poetry as an income-enhancer’?

Graphics: ¶ Photo of Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968, photographer unknown, copyright © Barbara Guest 1968, 2000
¶ Photo of Frank O’Hara and Barbara Guest at the closing of the Cedar Bar, New York, 30 March, 1963, detail, photo copyright © Fred W.McDarrah, 1963, 2000
¶ Photo of Basil Bunting beside the River Rawthey, Cumbria, 1980, detail, copyright © Jonathan Williams, 1994, 1998
¶ Photo "Adult Books", New York City, October 1999, copyright © John Tranter 1999
¶ Photo of poetry gland research courtesy Belgrade Neurolinguistic Institute Audio-Visual Unit

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