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Jacket 7 — April 1999 — Contents page

Jack Spicer, Kenward Elmslie, Philip Whalen, etc

Jack Spicer Feature

Guest Editor: Christopher W.Alexander

Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer

Introduction by Christopher W. Alexander

Christopher W. Alexander: Looking Back on Spicer: a double-take

Christopher W. Alexander: Looking Back on Spicer: a double-take

Excerpt from Jack Spicer’s 3rd Vancouver Lecture, 1965:
      Peter Gizzi, Introduction   ¶  Jack Spicer, the Lecture
      Peter Gizzi, Afterword: Textual Mirroring

Graham Foust: Jack Spicer and the fiftieth anniversary issue of Poetry (Chicago)
James Herndon: Jack Spicer and the art of Fran Herndon
Kevin Killian and Lewis Ellingham: excerpt from Poet Be Like God
Anya Lewin: ‘Things do not connect; they correspond’
Laura Moriarty’s poem ‘Spicer’s City
Kristin Prevallet: Jack Spicer’s Hell in ‘Homage to Creeley’
Linda Russo: Joanne Kyger and the San Francisco Renaissance, 1957-65
Rob Wilson: Tracking Jack Spicer: The ’Afterlife’ of a US Counter-Poetics

T I M E L I N E : Historical events and the writings of Jack Spicer


Elaine Equi - Unspeakable Ambitions

Poet Kenward Elmslie, 1975

Kenward Elmslie, from the cover of Tropicalism


Alice Notley on Kenward Elmslie
Andrew Joron on Peter Gizzi
Dale Smith on Lewis MacAdams
Juliana Spahr on Bernadette Mayer’s book Sonnets

Philip Whalen, 1960s

Philip Whalen

Tom Clark on Philip Whalen’s Overtime — Selected Poems — ‘While Kerouac heads out, Whalen tends to circle around slowly and return to certain obsessive themes and rhythms. His formal universe, as he advises John Cage in the poem quoted above, is not really unbounded space, but, like a tuned piano’s, a “closed system”.’



John Kinsella and Rod Mengham — an Introduction to the poetry of J.H.Prynne
Leslie Scalapino — Secret Occurrence
Garrie Hutchinson — on Australian painter Arthur Boyd
Libbie Rifkin on Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer and the Gender of an Avant-Garde Institution — ‘Freed from the regulatory processes that would render larger-scale institutions at least marginally accountable to some measure of diversity, institutions in this mold could be more capricious and vehement in their exclusions than their mainstream counterparts. Of the last years of Black Mountain College, for instance, Martin Duberman has noted that “the hierarchy could be as rigidly exclusive, as impassable to the uninitiated — and more male chauvinist — than anything found on a traditional university campus”.’


Hazel Smith [prose poem]     David Baratier     Gabriel Gudding     Joel Lewis

Stephen Oliver    Leslie Scalapino    Brian Kim Stefans    Rob Wilson


 For readers of Jacket # 4 who attempted to identify the quotes in the Green Quiz, but failed to do so because of an incapacity due to sloth, delirium tremens or incompetence, the answers are given here.

Photo of Kenward Elmslie (above, right)
copyright © 1975, 1999 Gerard Malanga
Photo of Philip Whalen, 1960s (above) by Ken Walden

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