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Jacket 19 — October 2002 — Contents page

Verse magazine co-production


link Edward Bartók-Baratta: The Girl, the Dog, and the Book

link John Beer: Two poems

link Charles Bernstein: In Particular

link Judith Bishop: The Birds reported from the South

link David Blair: You Are So Beguiling

link Charles Borkhuis: You'll Never See My Eyes

link Pam Brown: Two poems

link C.S. Carrier: When To Rest

link Cynie Cory: Two poems

link Ray DiPalma: Three poems

link Timothy Donnelly: Anything to Fill in the Long Silences

link Jordan Davis: Someone on the Carpet

link Lana Derkac: Botanical Fictions

link Lana Derkac: Medusa in a Meadow

link Michael Dumanis: Two poems

link Michael Farrell: preludes

link Graham Foust: Three poems

link Sarah Fox: Imagining Girls

link Ray Gonzalez: Two poems

link Johannes Göransson: The Seminal Union of Carvers

link Paul Guest: The God of Neglect, Overheard

link Judith Hall: Two poems

link David Hamilton: Four poems

link James Harms: My Dream of Bob Marley

link Bob Hicok: Three poems

link Ernie Hilbert: Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus

link Terence Huber: Thrice

link Marzanna Bogumila Kielar: ***

link Nancy Kuhl: The Affair of the Fire Eaters

link Steve Langan: Notes on Exile

link Radmila Lazic: Two poems

link David Dodd Lee: Curvature of the Spine

link James McCorkle: Two poems

link Jerry McGuire: Heat Strokes # 1

link Matthew Miller: The Circuit

link Mông-Lan: coyote

link Daniel Nester: Coy Apology

link James Norcliffe: Villon in Millerton

link Ethan Paquin: Two poems

link Kevin Prufer: Three poems

link Justin Quinn: Untitled

link Anna Rabinowitz: Windows

link Srikanth Reddy: Four poems

link Peter Redgrove: Preliminaries

link Rebecca Reynolds: Two poems

link Leonard Schwartz: Three poems

link B.T. Shaw: One More Name You Won’t Associate With Water

link Laurie Sheck: Two poems

link Penelope Shuttle: November x 2

link Bruce Smith: Every Water: A Letter to My Daughter

link Mark Strand: The Seven Last Words

link Cole Swensen: Two poems

link James Tate: Intruders

link Sam Truitt: Jalopy Life

link Nanos Valaoritis: Playing with the Pretorian Guard

link Jason Vincz: Two poems

link Lucy Wilks: Three poems

link Terence Winch: Three poems

link Dean Young: Three poems

link Ivana Zuzul: Two poems



link Nadia Herman Colburn: The Beauty of the Husband: a fictional essay in 29 tangos by Anne Carson

link Thomas Fink: With Strings by Charles Bernstein, and Source Codes by Susan Wheeler

link Thomas Fink: Arcady by Donald Revell

link Noah Gordon: Trouble Lights by William Olsen

link Lisa Gorton: Heroic Money by Gig Ryan

link Arielle Greenberg: Torn Awake by Forrest Gander

link Arielle Greenberg: The Body by Jenny Boully

link Dave Gunton: Freezing by Steve Langan, and Shiner by Maggie Nelson

link Omaar Hena: The Day Underneath the Day by C. Dale Young

link Omaar Hena: Mercury by Phillis Levin

link David Ingle: Doctor Jazz by Hayden Carruth

link Christopher Janke: Heartwall by Richard Jackson

link Andrew Johnson: Many Glove Compartments: Selected Poems by Oskar Pastior

link Jacques Khalip: Collected Poems by Donald Davie

link Paul Killebrew: A Border Comedy by Lyn Hejinian

link L.S. Klatt: Brief Moral History in Blue by Beth Roberts

link Brett Lauer: By and Large by Chris Wallace-Crabbe

link Andrew Neilson: The Nowhere Birds by Caitríona O’Reilly, and Dead Redhead by Tracey Herd

link Andrew Neilson: Voodoo Shop by Ruth Padel

link Travis Nichols: The Red Bird by Joyelle McSweeney

link Travis Nichols: Tremolo by Spencer Short

link Ethan Paquin: Twice Removed by Ralph Angel, and Pennsylvania Collection Agency by Michael Burkard

link Ethan Paquin: World: Poems 1991–2001 by Maxine Chernoff

link Christina Pugh: Hothouse by Tracy Ryan

link David Roderick: Brilliant Water, by Christopher Merrill

link Susan Rosenbaum: Blast from the Past: Stories, Poems, Song Lyrics & Remembrances, by Kenward Elmslie

link Mark Tardi: music or forgetting by E. Tracy Grinnell

link Ian Tromp: Unsleeping, by Michael Burkard

link Terence Winch: Jumping the Line by Ted Greenwald, and Protective Immediacy by Rod Smith, and Integrity & Dramatic Life by Anselm Berrigan

THIS ISSUE of Jacket is a co-production with Verse magazine, and is published in print form as Verse, Volume 19, Number 3 (2002).
      Founded in 1984 in Oxford, England, Verse was edited until 1994 by Robert Crawford, David Kinloch, and Henry Hart from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and the College of William and Mary in Virginia. The founding editors’ final issue, Talking Verse, a collection of interviews that originally appeared in the magazine, was published in 1994, and Verse was temporarily defunct until resurrected in 1995 by Brian Henry with the help of Nancy Schoenberger and Andrew Zawacki. Since 1998, Henry and Zawacki have co-edited the magazine, with various poets around the world acting as UK editors, contributing editors, assistant editors, and managing editors.
      Brian Henry is the author of three books — Astronaut (Arc, 2000/Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2002), Graft (Arc, 2002/New Issues, 2003), and American Incident (Salt, 2002). He reviews poetry for the New York Times Book Review, Boston Review, The Kenyon Review, and other publications, and he was in Australia in 1997-98 on a Fulbright Scholarship and was poetry editor of Meanjin that year. He lives in Athens, Georgia, and teaches in the English Department at the University of Georgia, where he also is Director of the Creative Writing Program.
      Andrew Zawacki is the author of By Reason of Breakings (University of Georgia Press, 2002) and the chapbook Masquerade (Vagabond Press, 2001), which won the Alice Fay diCastagnola Prize from the Poetry Society of America. His criticism appears regularly in Boston Review, the Times Literary Supplement, and other publications. A former Rhodes Scholar, he is a doctoral student in the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago, and he recently returned from a year in Australia on a Fulbright Scholarship.
      Verse focuses on contemporary English-language poetry and poetry in translation, and each issue includes interviews with poets and a range of poetry criticism — book reviews, essay/reviews, and essays. Although it publishes an array of work and ascribes to no single style, the magazine has become known for promoting the work of younger American poets working within or against the lyric tradition.
      Recent contributors to Verse have included John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Lee Ann Brown, Ales Debeljak, Mark Ford, Lisa Jarnot, John Kinsella, Kenneth Koch, Timothy Liu, Javier Marías, Medbh McGuckian, Heather McHugh, Marjorie Perloff, Tessa Rumsey, Tomaz Salamun, Reginald Shepherd, Charles Simic, Gustaf Sobin, James Tate, John Tranter, Joe Wenderoth, Dara Wier, and Charles Wright, among others.
      Special issues of Verse include a feature on Australian poetry, a women Irish poets issue, a triple issue with features on Mexican poetry and Indian poetry, a prose issue, and a younger American poets feature. Future issues will include a sequel to the prose issue, a contemporary Russian poetry feature, and an interview issue. Poems from Verse have appeared in the 1997, 1999, 2001, and 2002 editions of the Best American Poetry and have been awarded the Pushcart Prize.
      Verse is indexed in the American Humanities Index and is distributed in the U.S. by DeBoer’s. Subscriptions for individuals cost $18/year. Please inquire by email to for the cost of non-U.S. or institutional subscriptions.

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