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Jacket 9 — October 1999 — Contents page

Special ‘Rich and Varied’ Issue

poet Ed Dorn

Ed Dorn

Tom Clark — EDWARD DORN (1929–1999)

‘Maybe it’s in part because he had a lonely and precarious beginning in life that later on Dorn always liked to surround himself with congenial company . . . The great honor of friendship he conferred on me was to number me as an outrider of that party of outriders, along with other diverse disparate friends.’


    Andrea Brady on John Wilkinson’s Reverses
    Robert Sheppard on Bob Cobbing, in honour of his 75th birthday
    Robert Sheppard on Ulli Freer
    Pete Smith on Jennifer Moxley
    Nathaniel Tarn reviews Selected Non-Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges,
          Eliot Weinberger (Translator), Esther Allen, Suzanne Jill Levine
    Mark Wallace on Carl Thayler’s Poems from Naltsus Bichidin


Angie Angel
Francisco Aragon
Louis Armand
Andrea Brady
Pamela Brown
Tom Clark
Henry Gould

Kate Lilley
Geraldine McKenzie
Ralph Monday
Alice Pero
Leonard Schwartz
Robert Sheppard
Carl Thayler



Outspoken Australian poet and playwright Dorothy Hewett interviewed by Nicole Moore


Yasusada image


New gif Seven early letters of Araki Yasusada
      Edited by Tosa Motokiyu

Robert Sheppard on Robert Sheppard: Twentieth Century Blues

J E R E M I A D :  Nathaniel Tarn —
      on Octavio Paz... and the Future of Poetry

Great Moments in Literature # 9

Old! image   Hiram Bamburger’s 1951 "Poetry Machine"

The Zinc Bar, New York City, October 1999, photograph copyright John Tranter 1999

Zinc Bar, New York City, October 1999 — photo: John Tranter

Graphics: — photo of poet Edward Dorn: from the back cover of Edward Dorn: Selected Poems photo copyright © Lynne Domash 1999

— the Zinc Bar, New York City, October 1999 photograph copyright ©John Tranter 1999

— Japanese man — graphic associated with ‘hoax poet’ Araki Yasusada

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