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Jaime Saenz — Simon Perchik


This is Jacket 8, ahead of the eight-ball again.
Below, a glimpse of our staff, busy gathering material:
...from a makeshift hut in the Australian Outback, researcher Dorothy Nudgebundle places a long-distance call to a certain number in Brooklyn...

Dorothy Nudgebundle, R.V.N.R., Ret.

Hello... Is that you, Mister Perchik? No?... Who is this? Well, can you get Mister Perchik? Mr Baratier would like to interview him, for Jacket magazine.
No, I said Jacket.
Jacket magazine, from Sydney, Australia.
Yes, I’ll hold.
(Oh, this is so exciting!)



Simon Perchik interviewed by David Baratier
Simon Perchik: eight poems
Pagan Kennedy interviewed by Noel King

Great Moments In Literature No. 8:

Sappho Sees the Light


Stephen Bett
Ken Bolton
Lee Ann Brown
Henry Gould
Griffin Hansbury
Hsia Yü
Garrie Hutchinson
John Latta

Katherine Lederer
David Lehman
Simon Perchik
David Prater
Rodney Pybus
Gerald Schwartz
Andrea Sherwood
Guy Shahar
Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Jaime Saenz

Bolivian poet Jaime Saenz (1921–1986) dressed in a beggar’s jacket.

Jaime Saenz

Jaime Saenz

Jaime Saenz

Five poems

Immanent Visitor — excerpts, translated by Kent Johnson and Forrest Gander

Saenz is Bolivia’s leading writer of the 20th century. Prolific as poet, novelist, and non-fiction writer, his baroque, propulsive syntax and dedication to themes of death, alcoholism, and otherness make his poetry among the most idiosyncratic in the Spanish-speaking world.


The 1999 Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry

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