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Jacket 6 — January 1999 — Contents page

Nathaniel Tarn Feature

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Photo: Indian prince with quetzal headdress mask, Dance of the Conquest, copyright © Nathaniel Tarn, 1979, 1999

link   Nathaniel Tarn: Based on a thirty-year span of fieldwork in Guatemala, Scandals in the House of Birds is a multi-voiced epic of a sacred crime, and its tangled mythic, religious, and political ramifications

link   Scandals reviewed : Shamoon Zamir

link  Nathaniel Tarn : on new poetic forms
‘I must confess in a belief that poetry represents . . . the ground and constitution of a perpetual opposition which is ill served by the depths of social isolationism into which we have allowed our vocation to sink’

link  Nathaniel Tarn : Poem : Ancestors


Photo of Frank O'Hara

Frank O’Hara

link   Frank O’Hara — WHAT’S WITH MODERN ART? — reviews of art shows from Art News, 1953–55 — and a rare O’Hara photo by Renate Ponsold Motherwell

link   Paul Hoover — THE PLOT AGAINST THE GIANT — a review of David Lehman’s ‘The Last Avant-Garde"

link  Eliot Weinberger : What Was Formalism?

link   John Kinsella: commentary on a poem by J.H.Prynne


Richard Caddel,   Maxine Chernoff,   Bill Griffiths,   Lisa Jarnot,   Robert Kelly,   John Kinsella,   Jennifer Moxley,   Sheila Murphy,   J.H. Prynne,   Michael  Rothenberg,   Douglas Rothschild,   Ron Silliman,   Nathaniel Tarn,   Adrian Wiggins.


You can read a report by Robert Archambeau on the Post-War American Poetry Conference in Liège, Belgium, held in March 1999

                . . . and check out the Women's Poetry conference at Barnard College in New York City April 8 to 10, 1999,

                                  . . . and the 9th Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry to be held at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, in late April 1999

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          . . . and the 22nd Festival Franco-anglais de Poésie in Paris from 10 to 15 May 1999 - the theme is LANGAGES DU TEMPS MOBILE and you can read all about it at "La Traductière", the Internet site for the literary translation magazine edited by the indefatigable Jacques Rancourt in Paris.

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