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Jacket 20 — December 2002 — Contents page

*   Focus: Cambridge, England   *

Feature: Veronica Forrest-Thomson, 1947–1975

Veronica Forrest-Thomson

Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Cambridge, 1972, copyright © Jonathan Culler 1972, 2001

link Brian Kim Stefans: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and High Artifice — NOTE: This article is in Jacket 14

link J.H. Prynne: Veronica Forrest-Thomson: A Personal Memoir (1976)

link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: five poems

link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: Swinburne as Poet: a reconsideration (an unpublished essay)

link Swinburne Chronology — 1837 to 1909

link Veronica Forrest-Thomson: A letter to G.S. Fraser

link George Fraser: poem: A Napkin with Veronica’s Face, not Christ’s

link James Keery: ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and the Levels of Artifice: Veronica Forrest-Thomson on J.H. Prynne — a fifty-page analysis of VF-T’s analysis of J.H. Prynne’s poem ‘Of Sanguine Fire’

link Peter Robinson reviews Veronica Forrest-Thomson: On the Periphery (from Perfect Bound magazine, Cambridge, Number 1, 1976.)

link Robert Sheppard: poem: Parody and Pastoral

link Suzanne Raitt reviews Alison Mark, Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Language Poetry

link John Tranter: poem: Address to the Reader

The Aspidistra Cult: Articles and Reviews

link Andrew Duncan: A Various Art and the Cambridge Leisure Centre

link Andrew Duncan reviews Trevor Joyce, a body of work 1966–2000

Photo of William Empson

William Empson

link Andrew Duncan reviews Paul Holman, Helen Macdonald, and DS Marriott

link Paddy Fraser: G.S. Fraser, A Memoir... ‘Like many Scotsmen, George had strong appetites and an even stronger sense of guilt about indulging them.’

link Jérôme Game: Anti-Freeze, by Keston Sutherland

link John Kerrigan: Paul Muldoon’s Transits

link John Kinsella: Cambridge Notes (1996)

link Rod Mengham: Bourgeois News: Humphrey Jennings and Charles Madge (‘We are [...] working out a complete plan of campaign, which will be possible when we have not fifty but 5,000 observers. The following are a few examples of problems that will arise: Behaviour of people at war memorials. Shouts and gestures of motorists. The aspidistra cult...’)

link Kate Price: Experiment magazine, 1928–31 — William Empson, William Hare, Jacob Bronowski, Hugh Sykes Davies and Humphrey Jennings.

link Peter Quartermain: CADDEL

Photo of William Empson (detail, above, right) copyright © the Master and Fellows,
Magdalene College, Cambridge, courtesy the Pepys Library, Magdalene College

Hugh Sykes-Davies

Hugh Sykes-Davies

Hugh Sykes Davies —
‘a lioness in the sidecar’

link George Watson — ‘Remembering Prufrock’ — Hugh Sykes Davies 1909–1984

link Hugh Sykes Davies, Four Poems:

      ‘Decline of Phæthon’ (1929)

      ‘Sententiæ’ (1931)

      ‘In the stump of an old tree...’ (1936)

      ‘It doesn't look like a finger...’ (1938)

Hugh Sykes Davies, Prose:

link Sympathies with Surrealism (1936)

link Review of Narration, by Gertrude Stein (1936)

link Cambridge Poetry (1955)

link John Kerrigan: Checklist of the publications of Hugh Sykes Davies

Cambridge gargoyle

Cambridge gargoyle

Five poets and an essay
from link Quid magazine, Cambridge
Editor: Keston Sutherland

link Durs Grünbein, from ‘Variation auf kein Thema’

link Peter Manson, ‘Envoy’

link Tim Morris, ‘Dramatis Personæ’

link Keston Sutherland, ‘Ten Past Nine’

link John Wilkinson, ‘The Line of Definition’

link David Hess: Letter to Kent Shaw (on Li-Young Lee).

Tom Clark

Tom Clark

link Tom Clark:

Letters home from Cambridge (1963–65)


Feature: Parataxis magazine (Cambridge, UK)
Editors: Drew Milne & Simon Jarvis

link Andrea Brady: Song (for Florida)

link Clark Coolidge: Two poems

link Fanny Howe: excerpt from Reconstruction

link Simon Jarvis: Quality and the non-identical in J.H.Prynne’s ‘Aristeas, in seven years’

link Grace Lake: Three poems

link Rod Mengham: Down in the Mouth

link Drew Milne: Agoraphobia, and the embarrassment of manifestos

link Drew Milne reviews Poets on Writing: Britain, 1970–1991, Ed. Denise Riley

link Dell Olsen: from Corrupted by Showgirls

link Neil Reeve and Richard Kerridge: Deaf to Meaning: On J.H.Prynne's The Oval Window

link Denise Riley: Knowing in the real world

link Keston Sutherland: Ritalin Daiquiri

link John Wilkinson: Getting Shot Of It

Parataxis magazine feature: link Contemporary Chinese poetry

Poems:   link Che Qianzi   link Zhou Yaping   link Yi Cun link Huang Fan   link Hong Liu

Prose:     link Zhou Yaping: Letter to J.H. Prynne

link Huang Fan: Poetry’s new shore: Language

link Biographical Notes

link Jeff Twitchell: Note on the translations

link J.H. Prynne: Afterword

Feature: Perfect Bound magazine, 1976 to 1979

link Interview: Nate Dorward talks to editor Peter Robinson about Perfect Bound magazine, issued from Cambridge from 1976 to 1979

link Contents list: Over twenty pages of writing from Perfect Bound magazine:

Perfect Bound 4 cover

link J. H. Prynne: The Land of Saint Martin

link John James: After Christopher Wood

link Peter Robinson: Veronica Forrest-Thomson: On the Periphery

link Tom Raworth: Magnetic Water

link John Matthias: After the Death of Chekhov

link Rod Mengham: from Beds & Scrapings

link John Wilkinson: Political Health

link Aidan Semmens: The Strange Geometry
link Adam Clarke-Williams: The Ambassadors: Raymond Williams in Cambridge, Christmas in Portsmouth.

link Douglas Oliver: Fun House

link Wendy Mulford: Chinese Postcard Sequence

link J.H. Prynne: Reader’s Lockjaw

link Pierre Reverdy: Poem

link Peter Riley: Digest of the Poetical Works of Dora Oliver

link Denise Riley: A Nueva York

link Geoffrey Ward: It’s My Town (But I Had to Leave It)

link Elaine Feinstein: Two Lyrics From ‘An England Sequence’

link John Barrell: A Lyrical Ballad

link Marcus Perryman: from Outposts

link Peter Robinson: Looking Up

link Gael Turnbull: The Borders Revisited

link John Welch: Grieving Signal


link Bob Cobbing and Robert Sheppard: ‘Blatent blather/virulent whoops’

link Robert Hampson: ‘the beacon’, ‘no signal detected’, and ‘eroded marks’

link Lawrence Joseph, ‘Stop Me If I've Told You’

link David Kennedy, ‘Minster’, or ‘Liber Lathomorum’

link John Kinsella: Four (Cambridge) poems

link Tony Lopez, ‘About Cambridge’

link David Marriott, ‘De L’autocritique’

link Drew Milne, from ‘Ill at these numbers’

link Peter Robinson, ‘Pressure Cooker Noise’ and ‘Living in the Workroom’

*   Cambridge Scenic Vignettes by John Tranter   *

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