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Jacket 4  — July 1998  — Contents page

Special ‘Regular’ Issue

Jacket Quiz: with a green theme

surreal elephant

link David Lehman — The Questions of Postmodernism
link Eliot Weinberger : Ísland

link Noel King interviews Pete Ayrton, publisher of Serpent’s Tail books

link Caddel and Quartermain : OTHER British and Irish Poetry since 1970
link Forrest Gander — review of Yasusada: Doubled Flowering
link Review of the 1998 Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry 
link H.M.Enzensberger’s Kiosk reviewed by Lawrence Joseph
link Tom Clark’s White Thought reviewed by Dale Smith

Experimental Prose
link Mr Rubenking’s ‘Breakdown’ — computers and writing (with a RealAudio recording of robot poet Joy H.Breshan reading a computer-generated poem)
link John Tranter — Carousel

Knick-knacks: link Pet of the Month — the Meerkat
link Photography — art, fine art, or prostitution?
link Great Moments in Literature # 4 — Kleist reduced to haiku
link Dangerous Liaisons # 91 — Jo and Meg in Mexico
link For our Sydney readers, an Octavio Paz evening at the NSW State Parliament House, on Wednesday, 30th September, 1998, at 6:30 p.m.

>> Maxine Chernoff  >> Keston Sutherland
>> M.T.C.Cronin  >> Gary Catalano  >> Roger Pellett  
>> Ian Patterson    >> Adam Aitken  >> Bernard Cohen  
>> Elaine Equi    >> Rod Mengham    >> Tony Lopez
>> David Lehman : three daily poems from ‘Poetry Daily’
>> Charles Alexander and Sheila Murphy — a collaboration    >> Gig Ryan    
>> Robert Vandermolen    >> Coral Hull    >> John Anderson  >> Emma Lew

Cognac Jacquet

Cognac Jacquet

Jacket # 4 is now stitched up and ready to wear. Reward yourself for your patience — top up your glass of Cognac Jacquet ‘Gateau Ivre’ 1871 and join self-styled ‘Engineer Poet’ >> Dieter Baumbeiter as he reduces Herr Kleist to a mere figment of the mechanical imagination . . .

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