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Jacket 18 — August 2002 — Contents page

Diane Di Prima — Henry J.-M. Levet — Arthur Rainbow’s House

Diane di Prima book cover, trimmed

Photo: Diane di Prima at the Gas Light Café, June 18, 1959; photo © Fred McDarrah. link Visit his web site

Two nibs


link David Hadbawnik interviews Diane di Prima (photo, right)

link Corinna Hasofferet interviews
Vénus Khoury-Ghata

link Y. T. Wong interviews
Steven Ford Brown

Photo of Levet

Henry J.-M. Levet

Feature: Henry J.-M. Levet (1874–1906)

link Postcards: ten poems by Henry J.-M. Levet
translated by Kirby Olson


Articles and Reviews


link Charles Alexander: The Pretext by Rae Armantrout

link Aaron Belz, Flood Editions: The Conversation — brief reviews of Gone to Earth, by Pam Rehm; Shrubberies, by Ronald Johnson; On the Cave You Live In, by Philip Jenks; Hole in the Wall, by Tom Pickard; Winter (Mirror), by Paul Hoover and Economics, by Fanny Howe

link Brooke Bergan: A Book of the Book

link Joel Bettridge: On the Cave You Live In, by Philip Jenks

link Sharon Dolin: Darkling: A Poem, by Anna Rabinowitz

link David Hess: 4, by Noelle Kocot

link Tom Hibbard: Dovecote, by Heather Fuller

link Tom Hibbard: The Good House, by Rod Smith

link David Lehman: The Mysterious Romance of Murder

link Rachel Loden: World, by Maxine Chernoff

link Deborah Meadows: Revenants, by Mark Nowak

link Ramez Qureshi: Your Name Here by John Ashbery, and The Promises of Glass by Michael Palmer

link Jenny Penberthy: Introduction to Lorine Niedecker: Collected Works

link Marjorie Perloff: John Tranter and Paul Hoover

link Libbie Rifkin: Disobedience, by Alice Notley

link Linda Russo: Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde by Libbie Rifkin, and Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing by Ann Vickery

link Larry Sawyer: a purchase in the white botanica, by Piero Heliczer

link Larry Sawyer: Swimming in the Ground: Contemporary Hungarian Poetry

link John Wilkinson: Versary, by Kate Lilley

link Michelle Woods: The Good Soldier Švejk (Book One), trans. Sadlon and Joyce

Philip Whalen

Philip Whalen

I n   M e m o r i a m

link Michael Hrebeniak: In Memoriam Philip Whalen

link Murray Edmond: Alan Brunton, 1946–2002: A Memoir

link A Tribute to Agha Shahid Ali

Photo, left: Philip Whalen, 1960s, photo Ken Walden,
from the back cover of On Bear’s Head, 1969, courtesy Dale Smith


link Ingeborg Bachmann, Three poems, translated by Johannes Beilharz

link Miguel Barnet, Four poems, translated by Mark Weiss

link Erwin Einzinger, Six poems, translated by Johannes Beilharz

link Fred Johnston, Two poems

link Daniel Kane, Two poems

link José Kozer, Four poems, translated by Mark Weiss

link Sheila Murphy, Additional Rehearsals

link Philip Nikolayev, Lights Out

link Todd Swift, Two poems


link Hilton Obenzinger, From Satan’s Asshole, Chapter Three

Rimbaud in Harar, self-portrait

Rimbaud in Harar, self-portrait

link Postcard: Arthur Rainbow’s house
in Harar, Ethiopia

maple leaf

Some Canadian poets
edited by rob mclennan

link Rob Budde

link Stephen Cain

link Chris Chambers

link Gil McElroy

link rob mclennan

link George Murray

link K.I. Press

link nathalie stephens

link Julia Williams

link rob mclennan interviews Douglas Barbour

link Donato Mancini interviews Dorothy T.Lusk

link Shane Rhodes: The Natural Selection by Christopher Dewdney

Poetry: Structural Dynamics


link Professor Winkelschnippe’s diagram of the structural dynamics of the typical late-twentieth-century North American poetry career

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