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Jacket 16 — March 2002 — Contents page

Angel Hair — Joe Brainard — Overland magazine — New Zealand

Cover of Angel Hair anthology

Cover photo of Anne Waldman and Lewis Warsh (in front of Angelica and Tom Clark’s house, Nymph Road, Bolinas, 1968) © Tom Clark 2001

Angel Hair magazine:
The Sixties and Seventies

A sampler of writing selected by Jacket editor John Tranter from the 630-page Granary Books anthology of material from the collection of Angel Hair magazine and books edited by Lewis Warsh and Anne Waldman (photo, left) between 1966 and 1978.

Introduction — Anne Waldman
Introduction — Lewis Warsh
Jack Anderson, American Flag
John Ashbery, The Hod Carrier
Bill Bathurst, To Marthe
Bill Berkson, Sheer Strips
Ted Berrigan, from To Clear the Range
Ted Berrigan, Two prose poems
Ted Berrigan, For You
Clark Coolidge, ‘though in should’
Edwin Denby, ‘Out of Bronx subway...’
Robert Duncan, At the Poetry Conference: Berkeley / After the New York Style
Kenward Elmslie, Feathered Dancers
Larry Fagin, Little Hand
Mary Ferrari, Eternity
Barbara Guest, Homage
Dick Gallup, Guard Duty
Lee Harwood, The Seaside
Allan Kaplan, Hey

Denise Levertov, Eros
Frank O’Hara, Two poems: ‘A Raspberry Sweater’, and ‘To John Ashbery’
Tony Towle, Poem (‘The lead drains...’)
Anne Waldman, The De Carlo Lots
Lewis Warsh, Inside Long Treks
Philip Whalen, Coming Forth by Day

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Every effort has been made to trace the copyright holders of these materials. Please contact Jacket at this address.

Photo of Joe Brainard

Joe Brainard

Feature: Joe Brainard, 1942–1994

From Pressed Wafer:
Bill Corbett, Introduction
Anselm Berrigan, ‘I remember hearing Joe read’
Lee Ann Brown, ‘Joe Over Easy’
Tom Carey, ‘Joe B.’
Maxine Chernoff, ‘Sonnet: Some Things I Miss About Joe’
Tom Clark, ‘My Joe Brainards’
Elaine Equi, ‘A Freshly Painted Poem’
Paul Hoover, ‘Winter (Mirror)’
Nathan Kernan, ‘Premonition’
Wayne Koestenbaum, ‘Two Little Elegies for Joe Brainard’
David Lehman, ‘For Joe Brainard’
Ange Mlinko, ‘Boston Flower Market’
Eileen Myles, ‘Worst Seat in the House’
Charles North, ‘Romantic Note 1’
Ron Padgett, About S
Jerome Sala, ‘I’m Glad I Don’t Understand
            the Writing of Joe Brainard’
David Trinidad, ‘9 Cigarettes’
Anne Waldman, ‘& color changed...’

Other material:
Bill Berkson: Working with Joe
Kristin Prevallet: interviews Kenward Elmslie
Kristin Prevallet: Joe Brainard & Poetry

Overland logo

overland magazine feature — Guest Editor: Pam Brown


Pam Brown: Introduction
Ken Bolton reviews New and Selected Poems, by Tony Towle
Murray Edmond: No Paragraphs (Meditations on Noh, Poetry, Theatre and the Avant-garde)


Maxine Chernoff
Gillian Conoley
Lidija Cvetkovic
Mary di Michele
Linh Dinh
Laurie Duggan
Michael Farrell
Denis Gallagher
Jane Gibian
Kent Johnson: Photograph of Emily Dickinson — for John Wieners
Poet John Wieners died on 1 March 2002 in Boston, USA

Climate map of New Zealand

Feature: New Zealand

Smoking JacketPhilip Mead reviews the Big Smoke anthology, and books by Michele Leggott and David Howard

Terence Diggory: The Red Wheelbarrow Goes Global — The Value of the Local in William Carlos Williams and Postmodern Art — featuring the art of German Wolfgang Kaiser and the video art of New Zealander Bridget Sutherland

Peter Robinson reviews Bill Manhire

Alan Brunton: In the Wilderness of Being

Mark Pirie: Alan Brunton as Publisher: A Personal Recollection (and two poems)


Janet Charman: Two Poems

Murray Edmond: Three Ballads

Michele Leggott: milk and honey taken far far away (i)

Pooja Mittal: Three poems

Ian Wedde: Epistle: to John Dickson

Yang Lian: Two poems

Mark Young: 3 Poems

Some New Zealand Internet Resources:

New Zealand Cicada image

The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) on the Internet at is an electronic gateway to poetry resources in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Pacific region, based in the University of Auckland. Developers: Michele Leggott (English Department) and Brian Flaherty (University Library, co-editor of Trout magazine), with the support of the University Library, Auckland University Press and the Faculty of Arts. Contact:

New Zealand Trout image

Trout on the Internet at: is a forum for the poetry, prose, reviews, interviews, photography and artwork of or about New Zealand and/or Pacific writers and artists. Editorial committee: Robert Sullivan at, Brian Flaherty at, and Tony Murrow at

New Zealand Turbine image

Turbine on the Internet at … a magazine for poetry, fiction, interviews and graphic experiments, from windy New Zealand, created for Victoria University’s International Institute of Modern Letters (Wellington, New Zealand). Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual works produced by students and graduates of the IIML, and others around Wellington, co-ordinated by former Landfall editor, Chris Price.

Ed Dorn: Epilogue – The Last Range

Excerpt from Tom Clark’s biography of Ed Dorn

Two nibs


Kent Johnson interviews Eliot Weinberger
Toh Hsien Min interviews Bob Perelman
John Tranter interviews Chris Emery, of Salt Publications
Nina Zivancevic in Paris interviews Jerome Rothenberg

Statue of Reading Man


George Evans: A Working Boy’s Whitman

‘ must question how it could be that a man who lived with his eyes and heart wide open, could have so little to say about certain matters that truly contradicted his notions of liberty and freedom.’

Sister Sites:

Ram Devineni interviews Ravi Shankar, editor of Drunken Boat

Michael Hrebeniak: — In Memoriam Fielding Dawson, 1930–2002


  •  Aaron Belz reviews I Used to Be Ashamed of My Striped Face, by Mike Topp
  •  Aaron Belz reviews Understanding Objects, by Vincent Katz
  •  Kevin Gallagher reviews All Prose, by William Corbett
  •  Tom Hibbard reviews HEKA, by Michael Basinski
  •  Tom Hibbard reviews Strange Things Begin to Happen When a Meteor Crashes into the Arizona Desert, by Michael Basinski
  •  Mark Neely reviews Mary Jo Bang and Ange Mlinko
  •  Philip Nikolayev reviews Michael Palmer and Brian Henry
  •  Sarah Rosenthal reviews Homeless at Home, by Gloria Frym
  •  Larry Sawyer reviews Poems From the Akashic Record by Ira Cohen
  •  Larry Sawyer reviews Goofbook: for Jack Kerouac by Philip Whalen
  •  Mark Scroggins reviews The Shrubberies by Ronald Johnson
  •  Dale Smith reviews Hymns of St. Bridget by Bill Berkson and Frank O’Hara


Miekal And

Johannes Beilharz

Tom Clark (i.m. Philip Whalen)

Maria Damon

Sharon Dolin

Chris Emery

Edwin Honig

Ron Koertge

Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Pura López-Colomé

Jeni Olin

Peter Porter

Spencer Selby

Andrzej Sosnowski

Thanks to Ange Mlinko, editor of the Poetry Project Newsletter, for publishing the original version of Kristin Prevallet’s essay on Joe Brainard in issue # 18 (December/January 2002).
Thanks also to Double Change magazine at, where this interview first appeared, translated into French.

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