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Jacket 5 — October 1998 — Contents page

Mina Loy

Photo : Mina Loy, Paris, c. 1905

Mina Loy Feature


Kenneth Koch — Very Rapid Acceleration — an interview with Kenneth Koch. You can hear an 18-minute edited RealAudio recording of this interview. If you'd like to obtain the free RealAudio plug-in for your browser, go to and download the basic model.

On Larsen and YASUSADA : Kent Johnson interviewed by Norbert Francis (and see below)

Feature: Yasusada


Araki Yasusada

On YASUSADA : Eliot Weinberger’s original “exposé”, with a postscript

On YASUSADA : Kent Johnson : letter to American Book Review

Articles and Reviews

Charles Bernstein : The Value of Sulfur

David Lehman — Introduction to The Last Avant-Garde — on the New York School of poets

Douglas Oliver — The School of Bedlam, from “Whisper Louise”, a work-in-progress

Steve Evans reviews HOCQUARD and LUOMA

Dale Smith : Reading Philip Whalen

Poems : Thomas Bell  / Bill Berkson / Bill Freind / Pierre Joris / John Kinsella / Kate Lilley / Kevin Nolan / Alice Notley / Haki Pok / Chris Stroffolino

Notices : You can read a report by Robert Archambeau on the Post-War American Poetry Conference in Liège, Belgium, held in March 1999

                    ...and the 9th Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry in Cambridge, England, in late April 1999

Apparently the Jacket Quiz in issue # 4 has baffled the collective intelligence of the poetry community, as no correct answers have yet been received. The closing date has been extended indefinitely, so check the Green Quiz again. The prize: an unusual and stimulating contemporary poetry anthology. Here are a couple of clues: imagine Emily Dickinson writing a poem about the town in which Rimbaud was shot.
(This quiz has now closed — Editor, July 2001.)

Oh no! Not the Merlot again!

Feel like a snort from “a beaker full of the warm South, Full of the true, the blushful Hippocrene, With beaded bubbles winking at the brim, And purple stainéd mouth” (Keats)?
Check out the Wine Spectator’s informative Internet site

Image: detail from the cover of a recent Wine Spectator

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